White Pearl looks terrible. "Woods, you are as cheap as your mother."
The face of the trees has changed greatly. This white pearl mouth is really not virtuous. She doesn’t even know who her real mother is, but she is sure that her mother didn’t mean to abandon her. How could she slander her mother?
Before tearing her mouth, the green shoots grabbed her. "Don’t get your hands dirty. You have to believe that what goes around comes around."
White Pearl, they dare not start work on her in prison. After all, the police are here to talk more arrogantly. Another time, her foster mother scratched herself. She hasn’t avenged it. "You don’t know that your mother was a fox at the beginning. This is from the roots. Otherwise, how could the mother and daughter be driven out of the house by the Chu family? Your mother married Bai Weah and had a baby. This is her nature, and she dared to entangle with other men. That’s why Bai Weah chose me to drive you out of the house. Didn’t he dare to tell you? It’s also his timid personality that even the old lady kept it from you. How could he tell you this or cuckold himself? "
I can’t blame her, but I can blame myself for provoking myself. Besides, there are people like her who are cuckolded by their husbands.
She threw the green shoots and approached her step by step, her hands crossed, and her eyes were filled with smiles, but White Pearl felt that fear appeared in her back, and she stepped back step by step, trembling and asked, "What do you want? I’m telling you, I’m here. "
Trees smile "you? Who is your man? Which reform-through-labour prisoner How long have you been together? No wonder you can mix the wine. It turned out to be a charm. Oh, you punished the wine and it was really bloody. "
Lin Shu directly misinterpreted her words, and the anger was white. The pearl was full of tears. "You shut up, Lin Shu, and you actually said that I ruined my reputation."
Section 364
"I’ve been putting up with you for a long time. If it weren’t for giving away copies for nothing, I would have hit you." The tree raised its right hand to make proofing, and the white pearl quickly covered her head and hid back.
Behind her was the stairs. I didn’t realize it. I screamed and fell. Although it was nine stories, it was enough to throw her badly
She lay on the ground and grinned for a long time. She just took a breath and wanted to shout for help. The trees and green shoots over there were already panicked and shouting, "Somebody, somebody accidentally fell down the stairs."
White Pearl "…"
Then the prisoners gathered around to watch the excitement, and then the trees and green shoots kindly helped the white pearl, and she threw it aside before she touched her sleeve. "No, you are pretending."
Two policemen pushed the crowd from behind the trees and green shoots and saw them both. After several steps, they steadied themselves and quickly said, "What are you doing?"
White Pearl complained that "I broke my waist because she pushed me and caused me to fall down the stairs."
The two policemen didn’t believe it at all. "How can you break your waist when you see you pushing them and have the strength to push people?"
The white pearl almost spat out one mouthful blood. You should have seen it, but you shouldn’t have seen it.
"When did you see me push them? I didn’t push them, they installed themselves. "
Trees is wrinkly to knit the brows "the aunt you bully the police eye flower? You look so well dressed that you should not lack medicine. Do you depend on our money? "
The police are impatient, and they have cheated medicine here. Hurry up and drive away. "Okay, okay, get up and go. We won’t pursue your blackmail."
White Pearl almost fainted. "I really broke my waist and couldn’t get up. I haven’t had a good accident yet." She knew that at this time, they couldn’t tell each other about the trees, so she took care of her desperate efforts first.
After looking for two people to settle accounts.
"That’s 12?" The policeman asked uncertainly
"Hurry up and fight."
"You want to pay?" Do medicines depend on other people’s 12 cars?
White Pearl has never felt so timid and shouted "I’m out, I’m out"
The police just hit 12 green shoots and trees to go in and watch the wine.
The wine was brought again, and she was still in a panic. She was aggressive when she fought back against the White Pearl, but afterwards she was afraid that there were so many people in the prison that she couldn’t hide and no one came to save her. It felt like this day was endless.
It’s a relief to die now, but White Pearl has someone to look after her. She doesn’t even have a chance to die.
She is at a loss. What should she do?
When I saw the forest, my eyes lit up and I knelt down directly at it. "You came to me, but you won’t come to me. I beg you. I know I’m wrong. Please leave me alone." She didn’t dare to pray for forgiveness from the forest and didn’t expect her to save her. She hoped to bypass her in Kerr’s affairs and stop putting pressure on her, or she would have to deal with the white pearl. She would become mentally ill sooner or later.
The trees looked at her with scorn. "Now you know you’re scared? Where are the means when doing bad things? "
"You shouldn’t kneel to me. You should kneel to Chloe."
"It’s too cheap for you to bring you to justice after you killed her for so many years."
The wine looked up and really came to settle accounts with her. She begged, "You arranged all those things, didn’t you?" Let me think about Chloe all the time. I killed her. Is this to avenge her? I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t have harmed her. Will you leave me alone? I’ll burn incense and recite Buddha for her every day, okay? Don’t dispute with me? I’m an asshole. I’m not a person. I’m a murderer … "Wine said, slapping his mouth.
"Do you really know you are wrong?" Asked the tree.