Luo Tian Mundus hoarse light way
"In that case, I’ll show you my birth and death and the cycle of heaven and earth!"
Su Ying snorted cold and suddenly turned into a giant. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s body was angry at the middle edge, mixed with gloom and lifelessness, and a huge sea eye swallowed up everything in heaven and earth, destroying all avenues.
His other punch is full of vitality, and all magical powers can be derived from the collapse, and the world can be evolved from HarmonyOS!
He is a three-in-one man, completely perfecting the way of birth and death, and the way of birth and death is perfect!
The doomsday robbery he showed was many times larger than that of Emperor Feather, and it was even more subtle. When he blasted out with one punch, he enveloped the Great Buddha.
While his other punch to Luo Tian Mundus speaks the magic!
The war lasted for 33 days, and the three men fought overseas and crossed several worlds. The virtual collapse avenue was still.
Everything seems to be completely changed.
The great Buddha Luo Tian Mundus became more and more frightened, but Su Ying became stronger and stronger!
"ten thousand days!"
Su Ying drummed up the charm and suddenly hit a avenue. The roar of the avenue in the sky shook the world, and all the great Luo Tian avenues poured in and poured into his body, and Yuan Shen merged into the reincarnation Tianmen.
At the same time, an ancient virtual shadow emerges, which is a virtual shadow of the immortal emperor Mundus. Throughout the ages, thousands of avenues of Taoist gods and demons have formed Taoist treasures, and at the same time, there are several sounds roaring, which seems to praise Su Ying’s greatness!
What’s more, there are Emperor Haotian and Zu Seraphim’s shadow, and there are some ancient ones, all of which are witnesses in the fairy court era. When they branded the road in China and the Soviet Union, they activated their road branding to make their posture reappear in the world!
He staggered and sat down to realize a statue of the elder sages’ enlightenment experience and merged his own avenue into heaven and earth. At this moment, even the Great Buddha and Luo Tian Mundus also tried to stop him!
"Is it all predestined?" The Great Buddha looked at everything in sight and muttered to himself.
Luo Tian Mundus sullenly Su Ying has stopped him and completely surpassed them.
Su Yingdao is all-encompassing, ten hell, thirty-three days, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and so on.
At this moment, his verve began to change qualitatively, and the avenue-shaped avenue of heaven and earth sensed its own way, that is, the way of heaven and earth should brand its own way into heaven and earth forever!
All this theory is that the Great Buddha and Luo Monti’s Imperial Capital Law prevented Su Ying from fighting against the Avenue of Heaven and Earth, and the result was self-destruction!
"When you preach, you will be immortal, immortal, immortal, immortal, immortal, immortal, immortal, immortal, immortal, immortal and immortal;"
The Heavenly Emperor, Mundus and the Immortal Emperor all over the sky have forged a false seal, and the golden lotus has poured out. The dragon and the phoenix have fallen one after another, and the vision is auspicious. The transpiration is different. The same mouth shouted, "When you prove the Tao, you will be born and die, and the eternal god will be eternal."
The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, which was refined by Su Ying in the reincarnation Tianmen, began to turn slowly, while pieces of ancient The six great divisions in the wheel of karma flew up and several runes shone quietly into the reincarnation Tianmen.
The Heavenly Emperor, Mundus, and the Immortal Emperor opened their mouths and praised, "When you prove the Tao, the six paths of recovery are immortal;"
"When you preach the Tao, six paths of complete revival of the remnant souls and ancient deaths reappear one by one;"
"When you prove the truth, you will set the outline of heaven and earth, and we will resurrect the fairy gods and the world …"
"Shut up!"
Su Ying suddenly thundered and the six paths in the Tianmen of reincarnation whirled rapidly. At this moment, several creatures in the heavens, the Ten Hell Days Market and the Three Thousand Worlds felt that their Yuan gods were ready to move, as if they were pulled by a great force, and there was a faint tendency to fly out of their own flesh, and they were scared out of their wits one by one!
Even the Xuan Tongtian has stopped fighting, and the Yuan God has a faint sight of flying out of the body!
At this moment, the Great Buddha, Luo Tian Mundus, the Emperor of the Dark Source, almost at the same time, sensed a great fluctuation, which spread from the void and spread all over the three realms like a great shadow!
This is the reincarnation of the Tao. Su Ying should be pregnant with the disillusionment of heaven and earth. When testifying to the two major truths, the six doctrines will inevitably recover.
Ask him to prove that those who are already dead and lost in the world will inevitably be resurrected one by one, and the jade emperor, Buddha, Daojun, Zumo, Haotian Emperor and so on will reappear in the world one by one!
Su Ying is about to prove the reincarnation of Tao, and Tianmen is about to become a Taoist treasure. In Tianmen, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma begins to recover all kinds of wonders, and his power begins to cover the heavens and the earth. Millions of people will cover all living things with the six masters.
Even the ancestral fiend’s soul in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma fragments began to recover, and a shocking throb of heaven and earth slowly spread out. This is the resurrection of the ancestral demon in the Six Ways!
"When you prove the truth, conan the destroyer incarnates HarmonyOS Yuan Shen’s epoch-making merits …"
A statue of Heaven Emperor, Mundus, and Immortal Emperor’s virtual shadow is still full of praise, and the sound becomes more and more grand. "When you prove the truth, the fairy court reappears the dead and resurrects the ghosts and gods to re-establish the orthodoxy …"
"Shut up! Shut up all of you! "
Su Ying’s eyes suddenly became red, and she got up and opened her mouth and roared, and the door of Dragon and Han Xiao was blown open all over the sky. It was hundreds of millions of miles away, and the dragon and Han Da disaster broke all over the sky, Mundus and Xiandi!
The avenue of the heavens and the earth is once again condensed and still turned into an ancient statue, and the gods and demons praise endlessly. "When you prove the Tao …"
"It is impossible to resurrect when you want to borrow my teachings!"
Su Ying snorted and forcibly cut off her body from the avenue of heaven and earth, shattered the blood flow in her mouth, and kept looking up at many ancient "I prove myself when I prove the Tao, God proves me, Heaven proves heaven and earth proves all beings!"
"When I was preaching, I was born and died in the palm of my hand. The old is dead and cannot be resurrected!"
"When I preach, I respect heaven and earth, and there is no fairy fight!"