It’s so ungrateful!
"Xia Tong, why don’t you pull it like this-I’ll treat you to ice cream. Is it the most expensive Haagen-Dazs?" LanFeiLin pulling summer pupil a face she knew was wrong.
But I really can’t blame her
At that time, Yi Haochen smelled of danger like a cheetah! Yeah, cheetah with anger!
Fortunately, at that time, there were not many darling daughter and young masters at that time, otherwise they would know that Xia Pupil had left Yi Haochen’ qi’. I wonder if Xia Pupil would be pulled to besiege Xia Pupil?
"Haagen-Dazs?" Xia Tong likes ice cream very much, but it’s very expensive, and Xia Jia doesn’t allow Xia Tong to eat some. Is there anything to spend on Xia Tong? It’s very little.
And Haagen-Dazs is so expensive to see Lanfeilin with a sincere face, and Xia Pupil is also happy, but it is still delayed. "If Feilin has one time, I really ignore you."
"Yes, yes, yes, yes." Seeing that this trick worked, Lanfeilin took Xia Pupil to the ice cream parlor next to Sakura Noble College and asked for two copies of Haagen-Dazs, and Xia Pupil was ready to eat.
The afternoon sun is limited
At this time, I came here for dessert, and the little girls screamed
Summer pupil and LanFeiLin both looked up and saw a Uber teenager dressed in a casual shirt who was lazy. Summer pupil remembered that guy yesterday.
"Summer pupil is him! Have you forgotten our school? That Nangong law school grass! " LanFeiLin excited again.
He’s really Cherry Orchid Noble College …?
I haven’t heard of it before Xia Pupil, although I did meet a perverted master at Sakura College yesterday.
"I didn’t know everything about him when you didn’t come on the day of school. He never came to the college again except for the opening ceremony, but he was automatically defined as a school grass the day he came to Sakura," Lanfeilin explained.
Xia Tong found that she really didn’t keep up with the times, and a lot of news was known through Lanfeilin.
But! Now is not the time to consider the summer pupil a reaction to come over, she gave this Nangong law mobile phone number yesterday … Will he beat him for cheating him?
It is still possible that Xia Tong felt it necessary to leave when he thought of it.
If you don’t leave, you may be caught. "Let’s take the ice cream to other places, Feline."
"What?" Lan Feilin wondered if it was nice to enjoy the handsome man while eating.
Summer pupil is a little girl. I don’t know how to enjoy this kind of thing. Lanfeilin shook her head and shook her head desperately. "Don’t don’t."
"If you don’t go, I’ll go first, Filene. Thank you, Haagen-Dazs." Xia Tong picked up the table and Haagen-Dazs didn’t know that Nangong Law came here because she saw her little figure.
She gave him a number!
Nangong Law saw that she was packing up to leave the table quickly and smiled a face of charm. "Little sister, we meet again."
13 be his partner
What if she doesn’t want to meet him?
LanFeiLin is shocked how summer pupil and so many beautiful men? And this Nangong law seems to recognize Xia Pupil and call Xia Pupil so intimate.
Was discovered-Xia pupil put things on the table again and turned to look at Nangong Law and barely smiled "hi~"
Seeing Xia Pupil’s face corrected, Nangong Law disappeared because of Xia Pupil’s unhappy mood.
And compared with yesterday, Xia Tong ignored him. He prefers to dodge like a deer in Xia Tong today. So Nangong Law laughed. "Little sister, I haven’t seen you for a long time. You are still so cute."
What long time no see? They only met yesterday.
Xia Tong feels that there are many unlucky things recently.
"But my little sister, although you are cute, I can’t break my principles." Nangong Law holds a table near Xia Pupil. He is lazy and particularly Uber, especially the peach blossom eyes can stun a group of little girls with a blink of an eye, but this kind of man will know at a glance that it is not a good thing.
"What principle?" Xia Tong opened her beautiful eyes wide.
Xia Tong’s eyes are very beautiful, shining like gems and more crystal clear than gems.
"Don’t be deceived, especially the principle of women." Xia Tong was the first woman to reject him. Of course, there was only one time. He wouldn’t let Xia Tong reject him for the second time.
Although he is very affectionate and patient, he just can’t be rejected by others.
"Give you two choices." Nangong Law’s slender fingers appeared in front of Xia Pupil, smiling at Xia Pupil. It’s a bit like an old fox is not more cunning than an old fox. "The first choice is to be my partner to accompany me to the dance; The second choice-be my girlfriend until I am tired! "
"If I don’t choose, you won’t hit a girl, will you?" What two choices? No matter which choice is made, Xia Tong will suffer a lot, so it’s a super loss, okay?
What principle is that he forced her to do things? Xia Tong swore in the name of Yi Jia that the wrong root was not in her.
Nangong Law noticed that Xia pupil was nervous and laughed. Although he never hit a woman again, it was a gentleman’s manner, even if it was a particularly difficult woman, such as yesterday, but now he might lie-this little girl is stubborn and soft, thinking of this Nangong Law, she said, "What do you think?"
"I’m sure I can’t beat a girl?" Summer pupil must nod.
"My little sister is wrong. If the principle is broken, I will not only be violent to you, but also-"Nangong Law Laughs even more glaringly.
Summer pupil incredible looked at the nangongshan law.
Finally, I took Lanfeilin’s hand. "Why don’t she go with you?"
LanFeiLin see summer pupil presented himself a face of attentive nod.
"The curse of little sister is that you have to bear it yourself. How can you let such a lovely and beautiful woman take your place?" Nangong Law is so unwilling to go with him as his partner?
What world?
LanFeiLin again by the nangongshan law fan seven dizzy element and nodded "uh-huh, yeah, that’s right, summer pupil is responsible for"
"Lanfeilin!" Xia Tong is really going crazy.
And the nangongshan law has taken the summer pupil hand holding the summer pupil, and went to his roadster not far away. The summer pupil couldn’t break free, and beautiful big eyes looked at the nangongshan law angrily.
Nangong law is a carrot and stick. "Little sister, you must be my partner today. You have to do it if you don’t want to."
What time is it now? He doesn’t want to find another woman, and he is very satisfied with Xia Tong.
14 charming little girl
The combination of coercion and coercion, plus the cheating and punishment mentioned by Nangong Law, made Xia Tong feel compelled to take Nangong Law Car. She was really a thief’s car.
"How about a sports car and a beautiful man? Are you very proud?" Nangong Law didn’t forget to boast that Xia Pupil didn’t care that she was forced to cry and couldn’t be proud of what?
Finally, Nangong Law car stopped at a high-class club, and Nangong Law told Xia Tong that "the dance is a solemn occasion, little sister. I will take you to dress up for the evening ceremony. You are a princess tonight."
Now that we have agreed, although we are forced to agree to Xia Pupil, we can let ourselves designate a makeup artist Anna to dress up Xia Pupil at the door with the Nangong Law.
Anna saw Xia Tong’s eyes shine and smiled and said to Xia Tong, "Come with me, Miss."
After half an hour, the pupil looked in the mirror.
This dress is more exposed than her dress with suspenders when she goes to lk! Xia Tong is one meter long and five people are dressed in a long skirt, and they are as red as roses. The evening ceremony is off-the-shoulder and off-back. Xia Tong’s skin is very white and red, which is especially suitable for her. She looks so childish and red adds femininity to her! All kinds of enchanting! Although the evening ceremony is a simple lace style, there is another feeling in Xia Pupil. Xia Pupil is like a demon who is not charming again.
"Little sister, don’t dawdle and come out quickly." The Nangong Law outside is obviously impatient.
Anna is 100% confident of her taste. There is a goblin hidden in this little girl, which is enough to make men fall for it. The goblin can be so charming with a little dress.
"Miss Nangong Master wants you," Anna said with a smile.