"Black-hearted" lotus system seems to be particularly puzzled to ask about Xu Taotao’s practice with a little sneer.
Xu Taotao doesn’t really want to talk to this brain-sick, black-hearted lotus system.
But maybe she is in a good mood and willing to talk to it today.
She said, "Being stupid or not will not only threaten your position, but also help you do more things. There are a group of elites and a group of idiots who know how to choose."
I can’t believe you asked this question, Lian. I have reason to suspect that your brain is really not working well.
Otherwise, normal people wouldn’t think about those intrigues all day!
Are you despising me? 】
Xu Taotao was surprised [Oh, you heard it? 】
Black-hearted lotus series
It feels like being attacked by a virus to be burned by the host chip in minutes.
Black-hearted lotus series is now a little dedicated and spicy
After all, no matter how rubbish it is, it has been suffering for a while at the bottom of this poisonous tongue host.
I’m afraid it suffers every day. Think about it and feel sorry for it.
Unlike it waiting for PK, it broke up with the host and walked on both sides of the road and never looked at this broken woman again!
Xu Taotao still doesn’t know that the "black-hearted lotus" is condescending to her. She is riding a bicycle and she is in a good mood on her way back. She also hummed two lyrics.
"Today is a good day, and everything can be achieved. Today is a good day-"
Hum, hum, hump, hump, hump, hump, hump, hump.
Looking at the state-run hotel in front, a mother and daughter, Xu Taotao, looked at it again and again. "Am I right?"
Chapter 85 Chapter one hundred and four
There was a silence at the other end of the words.
Then Xu Taotao heard that Charles said in an extremely depressed and unwilling tone
"I admit that Charles supermarket can’t live without Great Wall food, but I apologize for my recklessness, but don’t push your luck!
You know, you betrayed me first. You have lost my trust in you!
I regard you as a friend, but you hook up with Allen behind your back. It’s so disappointing that we can continue our friendship! "
Xu Taotao ""
Tell me who betrayed you.
It’s outrageous!
In the end, the stubborn Mr. Charles apologized for the previous unilateral contract, and after asking for a lot of compensation, the two sides put aside their differences and continued the previous contract.
However, Mr. Charles’s business attitude is obviously still bitter about Xu Taotao and Allen’s cooperation
If Xu Taotao didn’t look at the order, he wanted to roll his eyes.
A big-tailed wolf has the nerve to accuse her of finding another partner, and it is still legal and legal. Why should Great Wall Food be hanged in one of your crooked-necked trees?
It’s obvious that you want to eat the Great Wall, okay?
Unless she Xu Taotao is a fool!
We’re half as good as each other, and now she seems to be the ungrateful one
Xu Taotao really wants to laugh.
"But since Mr. Charles thinks that I personally don’t deserve to be your friend, then we are simply engaged in business and hope that Mr. Charles will stop slandering me for breaking the contract and hooking up with other guests after remembering the contract.
We Great Wall Food can negotiate with whoever we want! "
Xu Taotao is particularly car-scrapping this time.
Charles was probably angry at her tone and hung up directly.
Successfully relieved Xu Taotao felt a lot better.
She put her lips up and called Xu Jingya "Prepare for a meeting"
Xu Jingya nodded "Good Factory Director"
When I went back to Xu Taotao late, I saw that Brother Xu’s expression was not quite right for her.