At this time, Liancheng’s eyes turned nifty and said, "Brother, what should you do if a girl climbs you after you say it?" Before Gu Qi answered her, she added, "Are you sitting still or …" Gu Ning covered her mouth and held her smile and looked at the eldest brother being teased by the second sister.
Gu Qi blushed and coughed a few times before pretending to be serious. "Is Big Brother that kind of ridiculous person?"
"What kind of person? What kind of ridiculous person did Big Brother say? " Liancheng chuckled with interest at Chapter 6. What did she think?
"Well, it’s pleasing to the eye. You are what you say." Gu Qi smiled lightly.
As soon as Qiu Shuiju’s mother entered Yang’s room, she was busy saluting and confessing. "Madam, the old slave didn’t finish the errand, so please punish me!" With the sound, she knelt down before Yang’s face and didn’t dare to look up at Yang.
"Why? That bitch didn’t ask me to call the maid and maid? "
Yang’s eyebrows staring at the mother asked.
"The maid left a few maids, but the lady arranged that a few maids were not picked by the main hospital." Yu Ma knelt down and truthfully reported.
"Oh?" Yang’s face became dignified and said, "Tell me what she was doing at that time."
Yu Ma should be, and then Liancheng will pick out the situation of those maids and maids, and Yang will report back again.
"What does she think?" Yang seems to be talking to himself and asking Yu Ma.
"The old slave also feels strange that the five girls who were singled out were all born to be sycophantic and asked them to wait on them in the future. But the main hospital chose them without any consideration." I didn’t feel angry with Yang’s mother, and slowly raised my head and looked at the line of sight relatively tentatively. "Madam, why don’t we send those * good girls directly to the past and say it’s the master who is compassionate to the younger generation …"
Yang’s hand to stop to say displeasure "confused! Master has always ignored the back house. If you really do as you say, you will let that bitch know that there is a ghost in it. "
"It’s a lady’s lesson and an old slave’s damn it. I didn’t expect this." I slapped my mouth lightly for two slaps, and my mother apologized.
"Well, you get up." Yang’s light glance said, "Let’s just let it be."
"Madam …" Get up and ask Ma Yang to do this today. I can’t help wondering.
Laughing coldly, Yang said, "Just now, Dagong has come to see me and said that let that bitch, sister and brother live in his house first, and he will care about it slowly." Yu Ma has arranged people to inquire about the situation of three Gu Qi sisters and brothers in Liancheng in the street according to Yang’s orders, while Gu Yan has inquired about the news first.
As soon as he got the leave, he went to Yang’s yard and told Yang what he knew.
Hearing what he said, Yang’s light sigh andao has never heard from Gu Qi. The three brothers and sisters in the main hospital really pose no threat to them.
Thanks to Liancheng’s previous consideration, the driver who sent their brother and sister back to the house collected her and gave her silver. After not staying in Beijing for half an hour, he drove the carriage out of Beijing in a hurry.
So Gu Yanren naturally didn’t find him, so he went from snooping to Liancheng’s sister Gu Qi.
Gu Yan, a beggar in Gu Qi, dressed up and entered the capital, sent someone to find out by secret-the disabled beggar who went to the capital more than half a month ago was special except walking around the streets every day to make a living.
From this, it is said that Gu Qilian’s three brothers and sisters are now encores. Chapter 61 of Enron Day after a while.
Speaking of this, what happened in Ningyuan Houfu has been gradually in Beijing since the night fell yesterday, and it has been well known this noon.
"Hey, I heard that the second daughter of Ningyuan has returned to the house with her sister and younger brother!"
"What I heard? This is a real fact. I passed by Houfu Outer Street in Ningyuan yesterday afternoon, but I saw a carriage stop in front of Houfu and four people came. "
"Four people? How can it be four people? Isn’t it three brothers and sisters? "
"Don’t you know what happened in the main street yesterday?"
"I heard, I heard, and I saw it with my own eyes."
"Then don’t get it. I’ll tell you. The teenager who risked his life to save from the bright prince is Ningyuan’s second daughter. She not only saved people but also brought them back to Hou Fu."
"What a living Buddha! But … but three years ago, Miss Jing Zhong didn’t always take care that Miss Er was not only dumb but also stupid. It’s amazing that she and her younger sister and brother not only didn’t die tragically that night! "
"Look at your shallow knowledge. Don’t believe it. Haven’t you heard of it?"
Two intimate friends were sitting in the teahouse, listening to others talking about Ningyuan Houfu’s affairs and whispering their ears.
"Ha ha, don’t believe everything you say. How can I not have heard of this sentence?" With a smile, I leaned up at first and leaned across the table to my friends and whispered, "You can’t believe everything you say, so do you know if Xinyang Houfu’s big business is true or not?"
"It shouldn’t be fake." My friend shook his head with a low sigh and said, "Before he was five years old, Duke Hou of Xinyang was the first child prodigy in Beijing. When he was a child, Duke Cen of Xiangfu couldn’t compare with him. If nothing special happened to him, how could he become famous after he was five years old? Instead, he became dumb and deaf, so everyone in Beijing knew it.
"Well, maybe this is life! God gave him wealth and thought it was too extravagant to give others wisdom, so … "
"Forget it, don’t say this, let’s take this fragrant tea!"
The palace Huangfuqing heard that Liancheng’s three brothers and sisters had returned to the palace, and immediately after a thrill, he took Liang Rong to Ningyuan Houfu to announce that Liancheng had been summoned to the palace.
Ning Yuan waited for Gu Tian, but he relied most on the minister to lead troops to fight and never lost.
But such a humeral minister suffered such a terrible thing three years ago.
If you die in battle, it’s a disaster not to mention your wife, children and family.
But he and the monarch of this country have not found out the murderer so many dead souls to seek justice today.