As everyone can see, Li Qi’s martial arts are strange and weird. I can’t see that the road doesn’t come from today’s major sects, nor did it come from the Li family’s martial arts in those days. You will surely notice that something is wrong. Li Qi also has the intention to put an end to the Tianwu Nerve. Today is a good opportunity.
"Yes, Li Huashan was once good at Qin Jin, but who would have thought that being so close to Huashan could have achieved nothing? It’s really necessary to get rid of the secret of martial arts!"
Kung fu cheats?
As soon as Li Qi’s words come out, everyone has a dispute in their hearts, which will make Huashan owners covet martial arts cheats. What is it?
Li Qi will look at the people’s faces in his eyes and sneer at the bottom of his heart. Then he will take out a letter from his sleeve and write the words "Tianwu Nerve" in vain.
At that time, everyone was talking about the long-lost Wulin Juexue, such as "Tianwu Nerve". No wonder the Chinese leaders tried their best to get it, even they were very jealous.
At the moment, everyone regards Tianwu Nerve as a treasure, but Li Qi took it out and ruined it in front of everyone!
The secret book was made instantaneous by Li Qi’s urging power. There was a wind blowing outside the window, which took away this piece of dust and blew it into the river.
Chapter 81 Chapter 81
In the past, the head of China also gave several disciples a homemade antidote to the secret poison to prevent one thousand. At this time, he just sent a field to drink the rain and immediately handed the antidote to Li Qi.
Su Yinyu had never seen her master in such a mess, and she was distressed and angry, but she couldn’t figure out why the master would become like this.
Sue drink rain carefully help Huashan owners will he sat aside, himself in front of everyone, presumably to carry this behind.
Li Qi had to know the medicine and immediately gave it to Lu Xiaofeng. Let him leave with the antidote and flowers all over the building to treat Qilang poison. It can’t be delayed. She has to solve these things quickly.
Li Qimu’s understanding of medicine is not inevitable, but she can still be a good person and have a good name. Is she happy? I think, Qilang, he will also be satisfied with her practice.
However, it is a good thing that Huashan can have such a white man as Su Yinyu.
"My daughter is willing to make a settlement today, and it is China’s boss who still wants our lives. This is the storm. Since Huashan gave the antidote, this matter is even over. My family’s Qilang always said that he wants to make peace with you. Today, please present me as a witness."
"Li Huashan faction’s former enmity and old hatred will be written off, and then everyone will return to the bridge and return to the road. If someone tries to make trouble again, Li Qi is a weak woman, but she is not a timid guy."
Li Qiyin’s tactfulness and femininity are like sounds of nature, but it’s a word that people can’t underestimate.
Li Qi, an orphan girl, can avenge a family by herself. The martial arts skill is high, which can make a group of leaders end up in such an awkward position. Everyone in Huashan Field looks at it and sighs and is angry. Li Qi is not a good person to provoke.
Su Yinyu made a ceremony with his Wulin colleagues and Li Qi in front of the Huashan Sect. "My family teacher was old and confused, but my five brothers also lost their girls’ hands. Although they deserved it, it was also a disaster."
"It’s time for revenge. Sue drinks rain here for master to apologize to Miss Li for Huashan, and to write off the past. In the future, Huashan School will reflect on itself, and it will never be difficult for Miss Li to be present today. All the people in the Wulin are witnesses to Sue drinking rain. If you violate this statement, it is like this sword."
Speaking, Sue picked up a sword and held it in her hand. The sword broke into several pieces and fell to the ground with a few crunches.
Li Qi took a deep look at Sue’s drinking rain, and then they all said goodbye and turned away regardless of other things.
It’s just that Qilang always said that we should leave more room for people to leave a way out. With this person in Huashan, maybe we can make a comeback one day!
Today, Wangjianglou was once honored by Huashan School for a hundred years, and lost a clean place with the face of this Chinese leader. However, Su’s words of drinking rain saved Huashan a few minutes and let people know that Huashan still has a reasonable person.
In fact, the head of China doesn’t admit those things, but does it admit that the people in the Wulin who are present don’t talk to the mirror face to face and despise Huashan behind their backs? Su Yinyu’s initiative to admit it has made people look up.
It’s not hard to make a mistake, but it’s hard to know that you have made a mistake and have the courage to admit it to your face and have the heart to correct it. It’s not easy to see that Su Yinyu can do this, and it’s time for a change of blood.
The senior disciples of the major sects are right about each other, and they already have disputes about their eyes.
At the beginning, the head of China tried to stop Su from drinking rain, but the matter is a foregone conclusion. It has not changed for a long time. Perhaps, although the head of China is old, his eyes have not been spent yet. Li Qi was awakened this time. He also saw the faces of these people clearly.
I can’t get the secret book, and he’s made enough mistakes. It’s time to think about the future for Huashan Sect.
China’s head held up strongly, and Sue drank rain to help him, but he ordered her to kneel down and drink rain as she said.
Some people were tired of seeing it at that time, but they were stopped by their parents, teachers and uncles and shook their heads to signal that they should just hold their horses and look at it.
The head of China should not be in a coma here, should he?
"Being original and caring about the number of Huashan Sect leaders was confused at eleven o’clock, which actually brought trouble to Huashan Sect’s century-old reputation. Even though it died, it is hard to blame. Today, being original will give the position of the leader to his younger brother Su Yinyu, who will lead Huashan Sect to be original behind closed doors and never leave Huashan again."
Everyone heard that a delay in China’s leader’s move at this time was also a stop loss. It was a clever move, and it could be seen that in the past, it was a master’s tolerance
Sue drink rain on the spot was brought to Huashan owners immediately set out to clean up the mess.
Let’s not talk about the follow-up matters here at Wangjiang Tower for the time being. After Li Qi left Wangjiang Tower, she had enough flying skills and hurried back to the building.
At this time, Lu Xiaofeng has been told by the Taoist priest to feed the flowers and drink the antidote, and learned from the Taoist priest that it takes less than half an hour to wake up and rest assured.
"Thank you for your help, Taoist." Lu Xiaofeng rushed to thank the Taoist priest, but the flowers were full of nothing.
"Lu Xiaofeng, you being original and saying such a thing would be heretical. Although this side is nursed back to health, the solution can be delayed for some time, and the arm injury still needs a lot of rest." The Taoist priest stroked his beard and smiled slowly.
Lu Xiaofeng took the prescription, remembered the Taoist priest’s words, and was ready to send him out. He happened to touch Li Qi and hurried back.
When Lu Xiaofeng saw Li Qi, he knew that the matter of Wangjianglou had been completely solved. Knowing that she was worried that the flowers were full of buildings and she was worried, he relieved that "the poison of flowers was solved for a while and you can wake up and rest assured."
Li Qiwen felt a little relieved and thanked the Taoist priest. Although the other party was helping Lu Xiaofeng, she still had to thank him.
"The Taoist priest saved Qilang’s life. Li Qi thanked the Taoist priest here. If he gets Li Qi’s place in the future, Li Qi will do his best."
The Taoist priest didn’t refuse to nod and accept Li Qi’s gratitude, so he was redundant.
Lu Xiaofeng sent the Taoist priest out, and by the way, he went to get the medicine full of flowers. Li Qize stayed in the small building and watched the flowers full.
Li Qi sat on the bed and sighed casually, holding her hands in her palm, unwilling to let go of her eyes and staring at him all the time. She was still unconscious at the moment.
Things have been solved, and the truth has been solved, and Tianhua Mountain has also been rewarded, but Li Qi is not happy at the moment. If only Qilang had not been injured.