Listening to the screams outside in disgust …
"Chu less! ! !”
"Two little! ! !”
"Little shadow! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !”
It really is an authentic anthomaniac!
"Give me a horn," Mo Nai ordered angrily.
Ten seconds later, a horn appeared in her hand.
"You that call what handsome boy? I don’t think you’ve ever seen a handsome guy! Hey a wool! " She said a word lightly, but she turned the volume of the horn to the highest place, which was enlarged a lot …
Qiqi, it’s quiet outside
To tell the truth, Xingtianmo didn’t see what they were shouting, but they were really depressed, so they couldn’t help but spit out this sentence.
But Xingtianmo realized that she had never seen anyone more handsome than Xinglengyu and Yuexuan Yi.
Outside, the anthomaniac was really unable to react for a moment, and he was in a state of long-term sluggishness …
"Which idiot is in the plane? ! How dare you say that we are not handsome! ! !”
Finally, someone reacted and protested angrily at once!
And others finally came to their senses in this protest!
Who dares to be so arrogant? Who dares to scold them? ! !
Just as those flower addicts outside were indignant at their idols, two incomparable noble smells poured out of the plane and everyone was suddenly quiet again …
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9 gorgeous appearance
All eyes are on gold. Two people like noble kings got out of the plane …
On the right, the star Lengyu wears his baby sister personally. He designs a white suit that looks like a suit but is casual and chic. There are three star buttons and a wisp of silver mink hair hanging from the left collar. That wisp of silver mink hair is not much and a lot of embellishment is just right. When the snow drifts in the perfect sky, it brings everyone into the image of the fairy tale dream white horse king …
On the left, Yue Xuan Yi’s clothes are black and simple, but because of the silver moon on his chest, the whole person exudes a noble king’s breath, and the silver-white plaid scarf is lazy and charming.
While others are immersed in two different styles of Wang Zhong, they gradually don’t deny the sound just now in the plane.
These people are really handsome and should not be noble … just like what they say!
But then another person came out of the plane, a tall but petite girl.
She is wearing a pair of silver boots and lavender coat, which makes people feel warm, but this side is covered with a white cloak and a round and lovely white hat, which almost covers half of her head. This warm dress makes everyone look like a refined white face illuminated by a ray of warm sun in winter, which seems to be almost perfectly carved one by one, and her eyes are watery and her lips are as red as blood, which makes everyone stunned.
She kept pinching her hands to keep warm, and this cute little movement fascinated a bunch of grass idiots.
At first sight, everyone agreed that this season appeared, so that she was definitely an angel sent by heaven, not more beautiful than an angel.
"Is she Snow White?"
"It should be …"
When Xingtianmo walked out of the cabin, he saw that everyone looked at this side and looked around. Two people, one black and one white, looked like a goalkeeper.
"A-choo-choo …" Xing Tianmo doesn’t know if she doesn’t adapt to the cold here or someone misses her ~
Yue Xuan Yi Yi put the foam on the sky into his arms and she felt warmer.
The three men walked slowly forward, and everyone was still staring at them.
The first reaction was the three people farthest from the group of anthomaniac. That should be to pick up their representatives.
They must be something! Most people can see that …
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There is still a chance.
"Hello, welcome to Lingye College. I’m Oriental Chu." The most obvious and more leading boy spoke.
He was dressed in a gray suit and silver hair, which surprised Xingtianmo slightly. She always felt that she had seen it when she looked closely. His face was really handsome, white, with thick black eyebrows, high nose and dark green eyes …
"This is Oriental Bud Oriental Shadow." He then introduced that two people around him are both surnamed Dongfang, which seems to be a family.
Xingtianmo looked at the man on the right. His black hair was short and handsome, and some bangs were scattered. The same dark green eye pupil was dressed in a sky blue movement-Oriental Bud.
The oriental shadow on the left hand side is also silver hair, but the long-shouldered Oriental Chu is different. His silver hair is bohemian … and his eyes are dark green …
There is a strange feeling in Xingtianmo’s heart. Why do you feel that you have been seeing dark green eyes recently?
Shake hands, but the stars and the foam didn’t say anything, because she can always wear her cold mask in front of strangers