Just as he was flying backwards, it turned out that the giant tail shot was a quick dodge and a hard block! What made him feel lost most was that he didn’t see when Zulong secretly threw his tail over.
After all, fighting in Tianlan demon world is too bad for him.
In my heart, I scolded him. He could crustily skin of head and fold his arms in front of the ancestors’ giant family.
He has rich combat experience. To tell the truth, he was bitten by Zulong, and he didn’t want to be patted by that tail, because the strength of the dragon beast was really great when it flicked its tail …
"bang! !”
ZuLong giant tail smoke in the purple Yan arms and easily pressed his arms hit him!
Dragon continued to move forward, while Purple Yan flew out in a straight line, so fast that even those robbers didn’t chase him …
"boom! ! ! !”
Purple Yan flew thousands of miles straight away and then slammed into a mountain, leaving a huge hole on the surface of the mountain!
I don’t know what to say when I look at the purple Yan Xiao who has no shadow. Even my brain doesn’t turn around.
Then something even more disgusting happened, because the mountain was not too big. When Ziyan blasted a big hole in the middle of the mountain, the outside part of the big hole was a little unbearable …
Add the road robbery and then see the mountain tremble for two times and then suddenly fall down for more than ten miles, which naturally puts the purple Yan on the surface.
Xiao asked that although he knew there must be something fishy about Zi Yan, after all, Zi Yan came to save them in the most dangerous place, but he was still worried about Zi Yan’s safety.
That guy’s not dead, is he?
Only when the idea came to mind did he ignore the purple Yan again because his own crisis had not been lifted!
Zulong is still eyeing them!
Although the metal disc is gone, it is necessary to deal with these small-angle Se Zulong again.
This time ZuLong finally the most direct way mouth slightly open directly toward xiao asked them!
"boomed! ! !”
Suddenly there was a loud noise in the northwest, and with this loud noise, the whole world seemed to shake. It felt like the Tianlan demon world was made of two thin layers, one layer at a time, and something just slammed into the Tianlan demon world!
Holy white light immediately spilled from the northwest and instantly filled the whole world, which changed the demon world of Tianlan!
A faint huge figure appeared in the white light, showing that it was in a rush!
Xiao asked them to be far away with a wave of his hand, but that distance was really nothing in Zulong’s eyes. In a blink of an eye, it passed through most of the distance and could swallow the front Xiao asked.
But at that moment, when the holy white light filled the heavens and the earth, not to mention the ancestor dragon, even the horse would die. Xiao Wen looked at the white light because all creatures felt the majesty of the true God coming from the holy white light!
Dragon god? Is it really a god?
Everyone used to be a dragon god, but when the holy white light appeared, those creatures found that the existence in the holy white light was the only true god!
I’m coming!
Take my world!
The figure in the white light can really be said to have come with his own world. Those white lights have changed the material of Tianlan demon world!
At that moment, Zulong was like being pulled out of the lamella eyes and turned around, regardless of Xiao Wen and others in front of him. The body swung directly towards the figure in the white light!
Zulong took out the fastest speed after it came to Tianlan demon world! !
When it rushed obliquely, it also stretched its neck and opened its mouth to the figure in the white light and sent a foot to shatter everyone’s eardrums and growl!
"Ang! ! ! ! !”
In that roar, there was anger, resentment and oath, and life was fierce! ! !
No, it’s not just a life fight or a soul fight, a dignity fight and a power fight! They are not the most cherished things in their lives!
Come on!
I’ve bet everything I have! !
"Xuanyuan emperor! ! ! !”
God remembered that Zulong had rushed close to the white light explosion. Until then, they found that the figure that was about to fall was not much smaller than Zulong!
Zulong is more than a thousand miles long, and that figure has to be close to a thousand miles!
That’s either a giant or a god! !
When he heard the word "Xuanyuan Emperor", Xiao Wen’s thinking was almost stagnant. He had long heard that Xuanyuan Emperor wanted to kill him for various reasons, but he never thought that the first meeting between the two was such a way …
The two sides are getting closer and closer. After all, the figure of Emperor Xuanyuan gradually becomes clear. Normal yellow skin and normal eyebrows are not handsome …
But he has great power, which makes people want to bow down at first sight.
A light armor is very untidy, as if just returned from the battlefield …
He is in some strange posture, and seems to have just fallen from a high platform. He holds a beam of white light with his hands, and the white light shows the shape of a trident in one minute and three minutes.
Holding white light?
Can you hold the light?
Or is that actually covering the weapon body with white light?