Chapter two hundred and ninety-two Auction
"So many people?"
Ji Yaoxue looked at the dense crowd in front of him with some surprise.
Although she had heard about the name of MoLing Refining Factory, she didn’t expect that the auction would attract so many monks at the beginning of a month!
"Yao Xue, you don’t know something. It is said that this auction will probably be the last time."
The speaker is dressed in a spotless white shirt, but Bai Yuhan is the commander of the white harrier.
The two people are very good at calling each other casually in private.
"The last time?" Ji Yaoxue’s face is puzzled.
Bai Yuhan explained, "Well, I heard that Zongmen is bigger than Houmo and Mr. Mo left the city. It is estimated that these real people are worried that it will be difficult for them to have such an opportunity after Mr. Mo left."
After a white rain and cold eyes, I swept the crowd not far away and said, "Look at the Bixia Palace, Nanyue Sect and your Qingshuangmen then real people are here. I estimate that this auction will be particularly fierce!"
Ji Yaoxue nodded his head a little absent-minded with a wisp of sadness on his brow.
Bai Yuhan noticed that Ji Yaoxue whispered strangely, "Why are you worried?"
Ji Yaoxue bowed his head and said nothing.
"Did you quarrel with the King or because of that Sumo?" Bai Yu cold ask again
Ji Yaoxue should have done nothing to hide.
Ji Yaoxue told Bai Yuhan about this a few years ago.
Bai Yuhan said, "Your Majesty, I’m afraid it’s a good idea for you to get to know Mr. Mo."
Ji Yaoxue nodded and hesitated before asking, "Sister Bai, what do you think?"
Bai Yuhan laughed. "Although I haven’t seen that Su Mo, I have seen Mr. Mo. I’m sure that Su Mo is absolutely inferior to Mr. Mo."
Listening to the blue monk in Yuxuan’s supercilious face to the pressure of the real fire gate and the red vulture guard, the scene of reversing Gankun in a few words is still very impressive to Bai Yuhan.
Ji Yaoxue frowned.
Bai Yuhan said, "Yao Xue, you may not believe me when I say this, but when you meet him, you will definitely feel that Mr. Mo is different."
Ji Yaoxue said simply, "We’ll see."
Canglang reality shoulders his hands and holds his head high, his eyes are cold, and his two brothers, Si Yutang and Shen Mengqi, walk towards the crowd, faintly emitting a sharp breath.
Many people are aware of it and look sideways.
The five gates of Bixia Palace have repeatedly added surging waves, and the real person is a well-known malicious character.
Although the crowd was crowded, many monks had scruples and gave way to a passage.
Soon canglang reality three people have already walked to the front of the crowd.
The first rule out the later Canglang reality three and Nanyue Zongyunshan reality his real brother Shi Jian, and the last one is Qingshuangmen Yining reality.
"I’m bound to get two Taoist friends this time, so don’t argue." Canglang reality raised eyebrows slightly, but it has an unquestionable meaning.
Yunshan real person smiled and laughed. "Canglang, this is boring. You are bound to get it, so am I!"
Then the real Yunshan turned and asked, "What did the Taoist friends in Yining say?"
"Nothing. Since it is an auction, there is nothing to say about fair competition."
Yining real auction this extremely clever device has also been prepared for a long time. Naturally, it is impossible to retreat because of a word from Canglang real person.
Canglang reality slightly sneer at no longer speak.
At this moment, the door of MoLing Refiner Square suddenly cracked a gap.
Shua shua shua!
Several eyes fell in unison, and the door of the refining workshop looked excited and looked forward to it.
A woman came out of the gate with yellow hair and curly hair, but she was so beautiful that people would ignore that flaw
"You can figure out how to read Qi Daoyou."
"You’ve become beautiful again when you’re a good friend," said a real person, then, with the cheek.
"It’s me who read Qi Daoyou. Cough, I’m coming again."
Anyone who has stayed in the city for a year and a half knows that Mr. Mo will not show up at every auction, and it has always been presided over by Nianqi.
Although Nianqi is a maid, she dresses up and builds a foundation, but the real person in the field dares to despise her.
Read march first don’t talk hands virtual press to press the pressure.
The original noisy scene was instantly quiet.
You know, there are thousands of monks at the scene, and there are thousands of real people, but the little maid is a simple gesture that makes everyone quiet!
Seeing this, Shen Mengqi’s eyes showed a touch of envy.
A maid has such energy. What kind of extraordinary person is her master?
"I think many strangers have come today, so I will simply repeat the rules of the auction. The bidder will need to prepare 30 materials to receive a number. The reserve price of 500,000 Lingshi shall not be less than 10,000 each time."
Say that finish read qi pulled out a handful of jade token from the bag marked with numbers scattered in half.