Invite the moon to smile. What the hell are these two women doing? It seems that this meaning is not as simple as assistant minister, right? Inviting the moon to move is very happy. "Really? Since it’s the best intentions of the imperial sisters, it’s better to be respectful than obedient. "
San huang’s ex-wife grabbed the hand that invited the moon and said hypocritically, "Sister Huang has some friction with our sisters. I hope you don’t worry and don’t care about the past with her. Her sisters are all ignorant."
"san huang’s sister is serious. Everyone is a sister. I don’t know what it means to care about the past. After this life and death robbery, Huang Jie deeply felt that nothing is more important than family."
Inviting the moon is meaningful, saying, "Whether the emperor is competing for favor or not, let us not forget that we are born from the same root."
"Ah?" Yincui gorge didn’t expect the invitation to the moon to suddenly say this awkward smile, "Yes, the palace never knew that Sister Huang was so reasonable."
"Yes, Sister Huang looks much more sensible!" Four emperors female this other words that call a veiled just one export was glared at san huang female bowed their heads and lesbian skirts.
Inviting the moon to smile didn’t put that sentence in my heart
"It’s rare that our sisters can get together today. It’s better to have a drink and have fun together tonight, or let us perform a song first." san huang said, "I heard that the meaning is not only outstanding in appearance, but also superb in piano skills. I want to listen to the four emperors for several times!"
"Really?" Inviting the moon to take a contemptuous look at the meaning, "That’s really worth appreciating, but … The palace has some headaches today, even though the wound hasn’t finished recovering. It’s not as good as the second time. The second time the palace invited all the sisters to enjoy the situation together. It’s the first time I’ve seen the meaning today, and it takes more time to understand it."
Inviting the moon to say it with a vague smile.
Chapter 7 "Man’s Meter"
San huang and the Four Emperors immediately understood what she meant. "Since Sister Huang is not feeling well, we can’t bother her to have a good rest. Don’t be too tired!" Said san huang female glanced at the meaning that eyes with a hint of unwilling.
"Your sisters heart! Xuan Lin sent two imperial sisters for me! "
"It’s a temple!" Xuan Lin always maintained a facial expression as if it were a moving stone statue. When he saw the facial expression, Xuan Lin invited Yue Xue to smile unconsciously. The smile was very bright and pure. It was invisible to the palace, so he invited Yue Yuan to have a good face.
Inviting the moon to look back and see that the meaning is staring at yourself. Sneer Hum is indeed a fool with appearance. When he sees a woman, he can’t wait to rush at once, but … It’s a pity that she has seen many men and many handsome men. Although he is beautiful, she is still not interested in inviting the moon.
When I was invited to the moon, I was surprised and immediately bowed my head and felt that my ears were hot. The eyes of inviting the moon were like a flame, which made him feel hiding and looked up again only to find that the invitation to the moon had gone elsewhere, and his face unconsciously revealed disappointment.
Italy quietly watched the invitation to the moon, and he was quiet as if he had disappeared from the world, and the invitation to the moon seemed to have no heart for him as if he had disappeared from the world
Xuan Lin passed by Italy and gave him a cold look. Although it was a quick glance, he was also beautiful and amazing. He also had to admit that this man was really amazing and beautiful enough to capture a woman. I really don’t know where the four emperors got such a person.
"Temple!" Xuan Lin invites the moon behind him.
Inviting the moon and saying in a coquetry tone, "It’s easy to talk and send them away?"
Hin neighbors nodded and bared their teeth when they heard the invitation to the moon. "A song and dance in the Hall of Desire!"
"You?" Inviting the moon to turn around and look at him remembered that he casually asked, "No, I’m not interested. How old are you?"
"Italy is sixteen this year!"
"Sixteen … is one year older than me?" Invited the moon to take a look at Xuan Lin. No wonder it looks so small.
I looked up at the invitation of the moon and expected to see what expression I could see in her face, but I saw the invitation of the moon and smiled at the porch neighbor. Then I suddenly lowered my eyes and heard that the cold invitation of the moon was very fond of an assistant minister named porch neighbor. Today, it seems that it really happened.
Xuanlin beckoned two footmen to "arrange a room for Yigong!"
"It’s a slave!" The footman went to Italy and said, "Please!" I bowed my head and knelt down to invite the moon. After a long walk with two footmen, I looked back and invited the moon to see him. I didn’t see him leave in the shade.
Invite the moon to go to the front of the garden, stretch out your hand and break a branch, raise your eyebrows and smile with evil. "Do you think san huang and the Four Emperors will simply send me a man?"
"No!" Xuan Lin answered simply.
"Then you know why they want to send me so much blood. I can see that they are very reluctant!" Invite the moon to look up at Xuan Lin and smile very innocently.
Xuan Lin bowed their heads and pondered for a moment. "san huang women have always been thoughtful. Her mind is not so easy to guess."
"thoughtful? It seems just how clever a girl of ten or nine years old can be. "Invite the moon to hold her chest with both hands." Do you think it’s because they want to woo me to overthrow the status of Lengying? "
"You don’t underestimate the second princess too much. It shows that san huang woman can stand upright in the DPRK by herself, which shows that she is talented and the queen appreciates her." Xuan Lin is very rude to poke the paper. "And you are just relying on your mother. Now you are nothing without the care of the former queen."
Inviting the moon to learn from Tusky made an exaggerated wipe sweat and looked at Xuan Lin. "Really, can’t you be subtle?" You this outspoken character ah no wonder to suffer. "
Invite the moon to sweep away the robe and sit on the stone bench. "It’s not a honey trap to send such a beautiful person. They don’t want to confuse me with beauty to monitor my actions or let Italy blow some pillow talk to me so that I can do whatever he wants. Then I will become their chess."