Yan Ruyu got up and smiled, and the violet around her swayed with the aura.
"My friend from Gulu told me that there was a violet vision here, so I thought of Miss Yan to come here."
Lu Chen explained that I don’t know that I always feel a bit embarrassed.
"oh? The Liu Gong … "
Yan Ruyu paused finger to chaos violet beside "is to find it? Or come to me? "
Lu Chen became more and more embarrassed. "To be honest, this trip is really to borrow the emperor’s soldiers from Miss Yan."
Yan Ruyu’s eyes flashed a trace of emotion and quipped, "Which bad luck provoked our Eastern Wilderness Emperor this time?"
She Liu Chen met the emperor soldiers who could not solve the strong enemy and came to bring up the rear.
Liu Chen shook his head. "This time it’s not selfish, but the whole world."
Yan Ruyu saw that Lu Chen looked serious and stopped laughing. "Is it Beidou?"
"Chengxian Road will not know whether it is true or not, but the ancient people in the forbidden area of life have already made a movement. I am afraid that there will be an ancient statue born in this world. If it fails, it will be a cosmic curse."
Lu Chen sighed.
Yan Ruyu look serious also show eyebrow slightly wrinkled "immortal road things I have heard that the ancient road past tianjiao also have much discussion about the original Beidou there is already such a state? It seems that the road to immortality is really starting soon. "
She raised her hand lightly to recover the imaginary image, and the chaotic violet was finally three feet high. She held it in her hand. "Although the ancestors’ soldiers are magical, they are not as good as the real ancient emperors. If you want to rely on it as a card, I’m afraid it’s not enough."
Her heart is worried, and at the same time, she has some admiration for Liu Chen. She is still practicing and practicing each other, but she has reached a higher level.
She is a descendant of Qing Di. She knows more than the average monk. There should be some ancient statues in the forbidden area. I am afraid that at the peak, it was the great power.
If those people are chaotic, it is definitely a disaster in the universe.
"There are times when my realm will not stagnate. Qing Di’s imperial soldiers are a part of it. I will make more preparations in these years."
Lu Chen explained that even if he was in a state of great strength, even the ultimate life-burning method could defeat the quasi-emperor Chongtian at best, but he could not compete with the quasi-emperor Chongtian and those who would become enlightened, let alone fight against the real ancient deities.
The quasi-emperor ascended to heaven, and there is a difference between those who become enlightened and those who become enlightened. On that side, there is also a first-class combat power of alternative enlightenment. It is not a level to understand the law of Huangdao.
If his realistic power is against the ancient statue, even if he is armed with Qing Di emperor soldiers, there will be no good field. If the other party is serious, I’m afraid it will still be a trick to death.
And those who cut themselves off in the forbidden area can burst into real emperor-level strength if they are extremely sublimated for a short time. Unless Qing Di’s emperor recovers, there will be no way out on his own.
"Emperor soldiers can be lent to Liu Gong, but Liu Gong should remember to return …"
Yan Ruyu paused "… also in person"
Lu Chen smiled silently. "I promise Miss Yan, can you still believe me?"
Yan Ruyu’s beautiful smile dimmed the stars. "Naturally, I don’t believe it because someone has broken his promise once, but Emperor Donghuang can’t always break his word, can he?"
Liu Chen’s heart changed the subject when he knew that the other party was saying that he had disappeared twice. "There is one more thing that needs Yan’s help."
"Do you want it?"
Yan Ruyu turned over a good-looking white eye and saw through Lu Chen’s mind. This guy didn’t come to find himself as a tool for the emperor.
She took out a heart, and it was Qing Di who left the heart on the vast edge of vitality.
"Miss Yan, I really need this heart key, and maybe it will give me life."
Lu Chen thanked him
"It takes a lot of mental energy to urge the emperor soldier, but don’t squeeze it too much or it will run back."
Yan Ruyu Lu Chen wanted to borrow Qing Di’s heart power to fuel the emperor’s soldiers to wake up.
"I didn’t ask it to do this. Now it’s nothing to me to urge the emperor soldiers. Qing Di has another heart."
Lu Chen explained that he is now a quasi-emperor, but his basic attributes are close to the peak of the quasi-emperor, and the liberation of the quasi-emperor’s six-day combat force is comparable to that of the quasi-emperor, and it is certainly not a problem.
"Duke Lu … you are already an emperor?"
Although there has been speculation, it is ridiculous to hear that Lu Chen said so.
When I was young, everyone was a few big realms short of strength, which was nothing. After the great changes in heaven and earth, Tianjiao could catch up in a few years, but after arriving at the Great Sage, every small step had to be broken through in more than ten years. This is still the standard of Tianjiao of all ethnic groups.
But I haven’t seen Lu Chen for more than a hundred years. When she saw Lu Chen, the other party also crossed the quadrupole robbery!
Yan Ruyu look at Lu Chen as if he were watching a monster.
"In my physique, Yan girl may be short-lived if she doesn’t practice faster, but there is really no way out."
Liu Chen laughed and said that he can find a reason for his practice openly now because of his martial body.
"It’s also … it’s understandable to practice faster for Wu Shen’s life course, and it’s like jade. I’ve seen someone in ancient books who revised the emperor’s cloud nine for two hundred years but failed to take the last step for a generation."
Yan Ruyu sighed that Lu Chen’s practice speed is not the most outrageous, and there are even more outrageous examples in ancient books.