Hearing this, Lian Yan Jiing ordered the boat to slowly move closer to Taohua Mountain.
At this time, just after lunch, there are not many people who come out to play, and there are not many people who can meet Dong Yuling and Lian Yan Jing here.
Moreover, Lian Yan Jing knows Peach Blossom Mountain very well, so she pulls Dong Yong’s spirit and goes to a quiet place with few people. Some of them can’t be released to the outside world.
Dong Ling, the second director, was held by Lian Yan Jing after exposing the news of pregnancy. It’s not interesting to take a trip by herself.
No one nearby, Dong Yuling, feels very satisfied. Looking at the colorful pink petals of the fallen petal, it is rare to raise a little girl’s heart again.
"Do you think I can dance?" Dong Wei’s mind moved and asked
Lian Yan raised her eyebrows. "Are you going to dance for me?" The natural expectation of the heart is more than watching the dance, and everyone can enjoy themselves if they dance correctly.
Suo Lian Yan Jing never thought that it would be ugly if Dong Yong Ling jumped.
Of course, this is purely a person’s idea, which can’t represent everyone. After all, he doesn’t see dance but people.
Dong Yuling looked at Lian Yan Jiing with a shallow smile and didn’t say that he was humming a little music in his mouth and danced at will.
In a previous life, she was born into a medical family. Because she was a woman, her family was very casual about what she wanted to do, but when she was a child, she had to learn something.
Classical dance is a compulsory course, because it can add a kind of classical temperament and aesthetic feeling, which is the favorite tune of aristocratic brothers.
Dong Yuling practiced from childhood to adulthood, and later she found that the benefits of practicing dance and increasing the softness of the body were helpful for practicing martial arts, which was always adhered to.
Some things have been carved into the bone, and Dong Wei is clever, and an ethereal ancient charm is scattered together.
Dancing in a pink dress with pink petals is definitely a beautiful visual enjoyment picture.
It is not difficult for Dong Wei to be smart, but the charm is quite full. A look, a smile, and gestures are full of souls, as if she had strayed into the Peach Blossom House, and the fairy beauty became more and more unreal.
Lian Yan Jing has already held her breath and looked at Dong Wei with unblinkingly clever eyes, carving every beauty into her eyes and never wanting to forget it.
This dance is for Lotus Yan Jiing. The expression and eyes are directed at him. It is full of affection and enthusiasm. It is found that Lotus Yan Jiing is extremely attractive when she is short of breath, and even smiles with an invitation.
Lotus Yan jiing felt a rush of gas straight at the forehead, and the whole person’s thoughts became white, so silly to look at and reluctant to blink.
Suddenly, I looked back and smiled. Dong Yuling gave a wink instantly, and the past showed the softness and softness to the fullest.
Silly lotus Yan jiing was blown by a hot air in the chest at first sight, and some inexplicable air bodies strayed around with a strange feeling and the most hot air in the abdomen.
This lotus Yan Jing’s patient nerve in her brain is broken, and she can’t consider Dong Yuling’s failure to finish this dance. In the past, she will hold her arms tightly and her voice will be hoarse. "Mom …"
Dong Yuling saw a sly look in Lian Yan’s unbearable eyes. "I haven’t finished dancing yet!"
Lotus Yan Jiing has been staring at her at such a close distance. Naturally, she didn’t miss her eyes. The evil spirit smiled. "I don’t jump for the time being. I understand that Mom wants to express her meaning."
Said the picked up Dong Ling pace a whole person with the ghosting rushed to the heights.
Dong Ling became confused. "What do you mean? What do I want to express? " Isn’t that a dance charm? Why didn’t she know she had medicine?
"Rest assured, must do it. It seems that I’ve been busy lately and neglected my mother! But mother assured her husband that you wouldn’t have anyone else in mind, but if this kind of thing can come more often, she likes mother to take the initiative. "Lotus Yan Jiing’s evil smile just finished saying that people have reached the front of the house and stomped the door in with a thud."
Dong Yuling didn’t react until the whole person was embarrassed. The expression and eyes were just for the need to cooperate with the dance. Where is the invitation? And what the hell is that confidence and initiative? Why didn’t she know?
"That’s the need of dancing …" Dong Wei-ling realized that he had been put on the bed and was instantly crushed, and hurriedly said that he had no confidence.
Lian Yan Jing chuckled as if to say that I was a stupid girl. What’s the difference?
At the thought of just pink background, the whole heart is beating irregularly, and the eyes are dark and hot. Immediately, Dong Yuling’s soft lips are vague and he says, "If you need it, you need it! Niang can’t ignore … "
I heard that Dong Fengling was in distress situation, so it can be explained by God.
However, there is no room for refutation for Dong Yuling. In minutes, Lian Yan Jiing’s madness and gentleness are like a boat drifting to the end. I don’t know that it is a night, and it has been eaten and wiped out several times from the inside out.
When Dong Yuling woke up from hunger, it was already dark. When he looked at the synchronization, he must be embarrassed after eleven o’clock in the evening.
It’s just a dance. How do you know it will make people angry in some world? The most important thing is that her plan to walk by herself broke down again this time.
Moreover, Dong Yuling feels that the whole people are not happy at the moment, and they are quite indignant and kicked the people around them.
Lotus Yan jiing chuckled and looked at Dong Yuling with his eyes open. He rolled into the quilt himself, and he was not like me. He couldn’t help but feel his heart. It was another warm day in Chapter 44.
Lotus Yan Jing rolled over and pressed Dong Yuling’s skin again and again, which made people feel lamentable.
"So that’s it, mother. Is this not satisfied with her husband? Good husband, this will satisfy Niang … "Lotus Yan Jiing stared at Dong Ling’s blushing evil spirits and said.
At the same time, I reached out and felt that the situation was good. As soon as the figure was quite, I finally squeezed in.
Dong Yuling was shocked by Lian Yan’s words, and another man screamed for several times in a row and suddenly wanted to cry.
In Lian Yan Jing’s hard work, Dong Yuling soon gasped and then left a trace of silence and said, "I’m hungry … I want to eat …"