To the top of the mountain, the peak of Tailong Mountain is indeed as flat as a Ma Pingchuan plain. Looking around, it is nearly a thousand miles long. All schools and factions are gathered with flags and flags, and all factions are decorated with magic weapons. From time to time, there are greetings and laughter. Looking around, the sea of clouds at the end of the mountain is full of people, which makes people feel awe-inspiring.
There are a few less than 100 people in the location of the Five Elements Sect, and dozens of younger brothers follow them, except for the door chief, concubines and predecessors.
Almost everyone around the sects greeted them in the first five lines, and their eyes were full of strangeness.
Obviously, the jealousy of the five elements in the battle of Chongxuan Temple has not subsided yet.
Xuan Bing Sect of Canglan Sword Sect rose late, but in recent years, the inheritance of the two sects has been getting bigger and bigger, and gradually it has gained some fame. As soon as the two sects arrived, there were many sects who greeted the elders with their swords.
Zhao Yuanba looked at Li Feiyang from a distance, and their eyes exchanged a little and then nodded gently at the same time.
When they were exchanging pleasantries, they suddenly heard a loud Buddhist name ring, and then they saw three golden lights from a distance and blinked, and they reached the top of the heads of the monks present.
At the moment, the golden lotus flashed a majestic and magnificent meaning, and everyone unconsciously looked up and suddenly someone said, "It turns out that Zhiyuan Zhibo and Zhixing are three masters. No wonder they are so profound. I am afraid that the momentum of these three masters has greatly increased." I can’t believe that a disaster in Chongxuan Temple made the three masters practice harder. It’s really gratifying. "
The three masters obviously heard the dialect and looked down at Zhong Zhiyuan’s salute, saying, "Brother Yuyin is welcome. In recent years, my other disciples have worked hard to cultivate the poor monk and the Lord has made great progress. It is only natural to wait for the robbery. Now the two younger brothers are at the end of Mahayana, and they can enter the robbery period as soon as the waiting edge arrives. It can be said that the three of us have today as luck as well as luck."
Zhi Yuan’s words came out, and all the monks were even more shocked. This just happened that the three-person training had come to this point! Well, I’m afraid these three monks are the highest among the fellow monks today.
When I heard this, Li Feiyang’s eyebrows slightly jumped through the people’s community in Zhao Yuanba’s face, but now the other party is also looking at himself.
In the eyes of two people, the meaning is the same. Why are all the three monks in Xuansi so cultivated? Then today’s meeting may not be as easy as expected.
But they didn’t worry about color but smiled at one another.
It is also a blessing to have a rival with equal strength, which has been feared by the state now.
After the three monks finished speaking, they just sat in the middle of the class and closed their eyes as if they were sitting in a meditation. Generally, all the monks present were slightly surprised, so they stood in the middle and looked down at the crowd. Is it a bully?
Godsworn Tian is not stupid. What are the real people thinking? Everyone knows that everyone is wondering how the real people will achieve their goals. Seeing the three monks at this moment, everyone is secretly considering it. It seems that the real people of Stardust are determined to win for a while today. I’m afraid there will be more than soft words and thunder flashes.
At this time, a fairy sound came from the distant horizon, and a dense fragrance came with the wind, and everyone felt that their minds were shaking and they couldn’t say how comfortable they were. Looking up at the distance, they suddenly stared at each other and gave a light shout.
Four pure white horses rose in the clouds and slowly came with a silver-white incense board. The main board was about 100 meters long and tens of meters wide. Among them, all kinds of colorful gems were inlaid with jewels, jade, gold and agate. Around the incense board, hundreds of birds spread their wings and blended with the sweet songs to play a heart-warming fairy home.
Chapter 19 each show power
On the other hand, some guards are wearing beautiful women dressed in white, and they are hungry in the afternoon. Ling Boxian is dancing and dancing with the fragrant side slowly floating over everyone’s heads. ※
"It’s the Palace of Divorce!" They exclaimed a immediately comment in succession, while the three monks in the cloud opened their eyes to reveal a dignified and slightly surprised face.
There are several famous doors in the practice circle of Divorce Palace, but the Divorce Palace has always been mysterious, and it’s the first time that my younger brother doesn’t go out easily and hardly participates in the practice circle. Even if I travel, I always keep a low profile, and it’s the first time that I’ve come by air with such fanfare as today.
But this is not the reason that surprises everyone. It really surprises everyone. It is very shocking. Or does this strange fragrant side give people a feeling?
The rich aura of heaven seems to overflow in all directions uncontrollably. All schools and factions have their own foundations. Each faction is careful to manage its own foundations to make it full of aura. However, the aura of all schools of practice is naturally far from rich.
At this time, the aura released by this incense burner has reached a strong degree where one school is located. The whole Tailong Mountain seems to be enveloped by this incense boat and rejuvenated thousands of years ago, and it has become more beautiful.
How is that possible?
It’s just a fragrant boat, but it’s as good as a spiritual resort. The most important thing is how much time it takes to refine the materials needed for this incense burner. !
Li Feiyang’s face will frown with a strange look and think about it.
At first, Chongxuan Temple announced in public that it would not join the alliance. If Li Jingyao invaded, there was no need for other sects to help. Li Feiyang felt the mystery of Divorce Palace.
He also secretly estimated that the actual strength of the Divorce Palace is probably more than superficial.
During this period, Li Feiyang once talked with Zhao Yuanba and others about the Divorce Palace, but unexpectedly, almost every elder knew all about the Palace Master, as if to say that he had stayed in the Divorce Palace and never came out since it was founded.
No one knows what the strength of the palace master is, and no one has ever seen it.
But it doesn’t mean that the world really knows nothing about Divorce Palace.
There used to be many people who wanted to find out whether the Divorce Palace had the strength. The monk sneaked into the Divorce Palace alone and wanted to find out.
But one exception is that all the people who have entered the divorce palace have never left.
They seem to suddenly evaporate into the world and disappear clean.
After hearing about this, Li Feiyang didn’t have the idea of going into the Divorce Palace to find out what was going on, but his experience in the Dark Forest and the barbarian country made him know that there are many secrets in this world that can’t be easily snooped and many people can’t be easily provoked.
Li Feiyang dismissed the idea. He put his heart and soul into magic dragon’s own century-old appointment.
But Li Feiyang didn’t expect that it was at this special moment today that the imperial secretary would appear and it was such a surprising way.
The fragrant ship stopped at the top of everyone’s head, and a woman walked out of it and shouted at the three masters in the middle school. "The brothers in the Divorce Palace came to attend the yogi conference in the name of the temple master, and the three masters were polite."
The three monks returned a gift and asked, "Excuse me, does this Taoist friend know when he will leave the palace?"
The female brother replied, "Master, our palace master will come to the palace later and asked me to tell you Taoist friends that you don’t have to wait for your own party."
"Good" Zhiyuan breathed a sigh of relief. Since you don’t have to wait to come here, the palace master also wants to fight for the title of leader this day.
The three of them appeared in such a high-profile way today to help the real people of Stardust deter the four sides. They firmly believe that it is impossible for the spiritual world to find out a few people who are stronger than the three of them. The only thing that is somewhat fearful may be this divorced palace Lord, but now that the other party has made a statement, there is no need to worry about it.
At this time, all schools and factions have arrived, which is several times larger than the scale or potential of Chongxuan Temple in that day. At this time, the number of people gathered alone is less than 50,000, not only the top of Tailong Mountain is full of people, but also from the mountainside to the foot of the mountain, people are moving and crowded.
A white light roared from the distant horizon, and the real people of Stardust stepped on the flying sword and blinked around with white light. First, they greeted all the people in the Divorce Palace, and then they said with their fists to the surrounding lang, "You are polite. You are more happy to come to Tailongshan today than to be happy. Today will be a blessed man of practice!"