"Terror that’s not le! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 》
This is the headline of Gazzetta dello Sport on the second day after the end of the Moreti Cup Triangle.
Two-to-one victory over Juventus and three-to-two victory over AC Milan and Naples won the third triangle championship.
In fact, it is not surprising for Napoli, the new Serie A champion, to win the two giants at home. What the Italian media exclaimed was that Rhea won the game because of two different teams.
In the first game against Juventus Rhea, a 3-4-1-2 formation defender, San Crauser, Rinaudo Cannavaro midfielder Ma Chogyal Gano, Hamsik, grava’s front waist Qinan and striker Gilardino Lavezzi completely dominated Juventus in the 45-minute match. Gilardino Zinan scored a goal to save face at the last minute of the game.
In the second game against AC Milan, Rirea changed his formation, which surprised many people who are familiar with the formation of Rirea. The coach actually discharged a four-guard, zhirkov Grand Cannavaro maldonado de Silvestre, three midfielders, Zenan Brasi Hamsik, three strikers Dennis and Gilardino, who had never used the 4-3 formation this season. Ravizi in this battle, Napoli fell behind left-back zhirkov and big Cannavaro by one goal only three minutes after the unfamiliar match, but Kaka drove straight into the restricted area and shot successfully. However, after surviving the chaos of the first ten points, Naples introduced several players and old players in the summer and gradually formed a certain degree of tacit understanding, and Naples gradually mastered the initiative.
In the 25th point, Napoli equalized the score. Brasi, the midfielder scavenger, broke Ronaldinho’s ball. Qinan made a series of subtle cooperation with the trident in the first time and the frontcourt. Finally, Lavezzi broke into the left cross gate of the penalty area. Gilardino and Dennis formed a double-ghost shot. Finally, Dennis scored from the back point.
Two minutes before AC Milan came out of the shadow of conceding the goal, Lavezzi threw a handful of salt on their wounds in Naples, and zhirkov assisted them.
Although AC Milan equalized the score in the 35 th minute, Zinan scored in the 42 nd minute, which made Naples have the last laugh.
Two victories in two sets made the Italian media have to sigh that Napoli was stronger than Ma Zhuang in the season, especially in the second game against AC Milan. The three reinforcements Gilardino zhirkov de Silvestre who joined this summer all played well. Gilardino scored a goal after 45 minutes of the game and also had an assist after the game. zhirkov performed amazingly throughout the game, except for the mismatch with the big Cannavaro after the game. In the game, he defended him steadily. Lavezzi scored the second goal of the team thanks to his bold pressure on the left, and De Silvestre’s performance on the right was also remarkable. Although he didn’t have zhirkov’s strong assist ability, he did a watertight job in defending the right, and against Ronaldinho Kaka, De Silvestre showed that he was completely out of line with his age. He also showed that he was not worthy of the name of the wave to be selected for the Italian national team.
Let the media notice that there is one person who participated in these two games from beginning to end, that is, Qinan, as Rhea said at the post-match press conference, "Domenica, well, yes, in Naples, Domenica will be the core of how I arrange my troops. No coach will be stupid enough to put his players on the bench so perfectly. If I do this one day, then I must be crazy that day! ! Yeah, it’s crazy. For me, if Monica can still move, I won’t hesitate to send him.
After winning the Moreti Cup Triangle, Napoli continued to run in and played a warm-up match with two second-division teams. As a result, they beat Verona and Brescia with a high score of 116 respectively.
In these two games, Duan Tian didn’t get a chance to play in the Moreti Cup. As a result, his performance made the coach happy, and he simply kept his mouth shut. In the match against Verona, he replaced grava and played on the left avant-garde. In 30 minutes, he not only assisted twice, but also scored the first goal in the first team. Such excellent performance made him get the first chance in the game against Brescia. As a result, he rewarded Rhea’s excellent performance again. His sharp breakthrough on the left created a Brescia defender. A few days of trouble with zhirkov became a nightmare for Brescia defenders. The two echoed back and forth, turning the right side of Brescia into the "back garden" of Naples, which completely overshadowed the right side of Marjorie’s side. This performance also made grava, who was the main force of this position, lament that his position was not guaranteed. After these two wars, he also established his position in Naples in one fell swoop. Now he has become the "new favorite" of Rhea’s hand because he is still 19 years old and has outstanding speed. Excellent dribbling and coming out of the youth training camp in Naples, Naples fans affectionately called him "a teenager chasing the wind in Naples", while the media in Naples called him and Qinan "two stars in China". The media in China even exaggerated what the loud nicknames of "China Luo" and "Giggs in Naples" made Duan Tian sometimes feel embarrassed. As time went by, the curtain day of the new season was getting closer and closer. The first round of the Naples League was about to start on September 3, 2001, but there was still a hard match in Naples on the 27 th of this week.
Fight hard, absolutely fight hard! ! ! That is the Italian Super Cup match with Inter Milan.
The season league champion and the season Italian Cup champion meet! ! This strong collision is definitely worth everyone’s expectation! ! ! ! !
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and fifty-one The battle ended in the thirty-fifth minute
Rome Olympic Stadium, the venue of the Italian Super Cup.
After a day of raging in the sky, the sun finally put away its raging enthusiasm, dragged slowly and reluctantly to throw the last touch of waste heat on the earth, and then gradually the earth began to tilt westward. At last, there were a few breezes with coolness and slowly and leisurely to take away the suffocating hot breath in the ground air, but this wind was far from enough. The temperature in the air was as hot and sultry as a volcano just erupted, and it smelled suffocating. In this weather, people would sweat as soon as they moved a little.
The weather in Italy is still so hot in the month, and the air seems to have such a hot feeling, but it is the enthusiasm of the fans to be hotter than the air! ! ! !
A thunderous cheer rang out in the southeast west stand of Rome Olympic Stadium, in stark contrast to the silence of the fans watching the game in the north stand.
Most of the stands in the east, south and west are Naples fans, while the north stand is occupied by Inter Milan fans.
Because Naples is close to Rome, it takes more than two hours by train. Actually, today, the Rome Olympic Stadium has become the "Sao Paulo" of Rome. More than 30,000 Naples fans who came to Rome have become the "owners" of the Olympic Stadium, while only more than 5,000 Inter Milan fans who came to Rome with the team jumped up from the coach’s seat excitedly after the situation was over. The members of the Naples coaching team and the players on the bench clapped and hugged each other excitedly.
Say "again" because this is the third time he has done this in this game, which means that Naples has broken the goal of Inter Milan at least three times in this game. At this time, the scoreboard of the Olympic Stadium is eye-catching, and Naples 3 is very good. Inter Milan is pitiful.
Seventy-five minutes have passed since the game, and no one in Italy and the world would have thought that what should have been a close game would be such a one-sided situation.
Mourinho looked at the game that was still going on with a grim expression on his face, and a twitch appeared from time to time in his mouth, which exposed his heart and sadness at this time.
It’s over! ! ! The game is over! ! ! The game actually ended from the 35th minute! ! ! Mourinho couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing when he saw Ibrahimovic complaining to the referee in the frontcourt that the Neapolitan had just fouled and the referee waved his hand to indicate that it was a good goal just now. Lin Lei was called the "madman coach" and he had to lower his head today.
What is Dommonica again? What, so the talented club president Moratti can’t bring it to him? Mourinho tilted his head and looked at it. Last season, he struggled with him for a season. Rhea’s eyes were full of envy.
As Mourinho said from the bottom of his heart, the victory or defeat of the game was actually decided from the 35 th minute, which was an important turning point of the game! ! ! !
In fact, inter Milan were not as passive and helpful as they are now 35 minutes before the game. On the contrary, no major players left this summer, and they still occupied a certain advantage in the scene. In the face of Naples, Mourinho’s team took the initiative 30 minutes before the game.
But! ! ! It was in such a good situation that a breakthrough in the thirty-fifth minute of Qinan changed everything.
With the ball, breakthrough, feint, breakthrough again, acceleration, emergency stop, high-speed start, lane change and dazzling cycling, a series of movements are perfect and gorgeous, just like a football aesthetic art film. Inter Milan Brazilian defender Mai Kong has to sigh that Domenica’s footwork is even more "Brazilian" than authentic Brazilians. Is this the fourth or fifth time that Domenica has performed this performance in front of himself? Enough! ! ! I’ve had enough! ! ! Mai Kong shouted in his mind, and then he thought he was "decisive"
But he didn’t find that Qinan had taken the ball across the white penalty line. One second after Mai Kong stepped out of the ball, Qinan fell into the penalty area. The Brazilian was glad that the ball that was broken from Domenica’s foot had sent him to hell.
Penalty and red card! ! ! ! How controversial! ! ! !
Mourinho’s heart "thumped" when Qinan personally scored a penalty created by himself-a very ominous premonition completely occupied his whole heart at that time.
The fact that the next game also proved that he had a hunch that he entered the dressing room with a score of one, and then came out again. The Naples team specially adjusted the formation of field 4,231 and suddenly changed it to 433. Brasi formed three midfielders for gargano and Qinan Hamsik, which made Qinan’s position more flexible and free. Brasi took on most of the defensive responsibilities for him, thus liberating him from the defense. Naples attacked more and helped the original left and right avant-garde Ravi Zimacho to be pushed by Rhea and Gilardino to form a three striker.
433! ! Oh, no, maybe 4213 is more appropriate. Qinan is more like a front waist.
In the face of one less person, Inter Milan already has a goal lead in hand, and the coach is not conservative. "It will also be brave enough to chase after the poor, and you can’t sell it as a overlord." Although Rhea doesn’t know the poem of Chairman Mao, a great man in China, he really thinks so at this time.
Rhea’s bold soldiers soon received good results. In the 61st minute, he was honored as "Russian Ronaldinho" and won the title of "Russian Footballer of the Year" for two consecutive years on February 29. zhirkov made a long drive on the left. After passing Cordoba in Cambiaso, the Russians outflanked three strikers in the middle of the road near the baseline and sent a beautiful shot. Gilardino deliberately missed and then nodded Marjorie’s flattery and shot to break the Inter Milan goal again.
In the 73rd minute, Napoli once again found the opportunity. Brasi relied on his strong body and tenacious fighting spirit to break the ball from Montari’s foot. Qinan caught the ball and quickly pushed it across the half court.
Naples strikes back quickly! ! ! !
This is a local formation of four dozen four! ! ! Inter Milan’s defense line is aligned with the south and pushed into a dilemma. Qinan is like a sharp sword, and it seems that the air is full of "filar silk", while the three strikers in Naples are like three "one inch short and one inch dangerous" daggers, which are so sharp that Inter Milan goalkeeper Cesar can see his reflection from the surface.