Lu Chen himself has no reference. Mysterious blood is a powerful lineage. According to the world view of covering the sky, it is constitution.
But actually, even the Wu Shen body in everyone’s mouth, that is, the mysterious blood owner, changed thousands of snows to want the quasi-emperor ascended a comprehensive attribute state and the Sun Emperor to fight a decisive battle, which is unrealistic.
Go to Liu Chenxian this step, he has some insight into the mystery of the mysterious blood, not the atavism, the achievement of the secret blood fighters after all is weak, and you will see the difference.
Of course, the strength of Qianxue is not in her blood. She still has many other opportunities. If she becomes enlightened, she can defeat the Sun Emperor like a mortal world.
It is Lu Chen’s accurate assessment of everyone’s combat power. Most of the snow in the same world is a little weaker than the world of mortals.
The falling world of mortals and the thousand snows are both pioneers. They have done a lot of things, but they have not completely covered the sky, so that they can become a different kind of Tao, that is, the attribute seems that it is difficult for the situation to defeat the Sun Emperor and his arrogance.
Even if the fighting skills are not lost, the protracted war will be consumed to death by the Sun Emperor with the seal of heavenly heart.
"So I have a goal."
Daoyan offered a glass of wine to Liu Chen. When he was in dark turmoil, he took out his own emperor soldiers and gave them to Ye Fan. They were broken in World War I, and now the emperor road has come to an end.
A group of old friends talked about everything and finally said that the problem of becoming immortal was all about Lu Chen. "Brother Lu made them immortal that day. Are you really going to wait a million years for an immortal enlightenment?"
Ye Fan also has some concerns about watching Lu Chen because Lu Chen and he have been self-styled and the second fairy road is too long ago
This is Lu Chen’s greatest enemy, that is, time.
"Wait, but I don’t want to wait that long."
Lu Chen is ambiguous. Even if he stays in this world for a long time and the follow-up batch hasn’t finished killing the statue, at most, he will live about 700 thousand years like the original Ye Fan, and he can’t wait for the second fairy road.
He must achieve the realm of the world of mortals in order to enter the realm of immortals.
And this time, of course, the shorter the better. It’s only been thousands of years since we parted, and he misses it very much.
Only at this time can he realize the mood of Ye Fan in the original work. He can still be sure that they are painting pears and clothes. From time to time, he can chat on the team channel. However, Ye Fan’s heart is bottomless and can be supported by a firm heart.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and forty-two Great World Fading
While everyone was chatting and talking, there was a turbulent and powerful thunder in the universe, which was comparable to the thunder when the Sun Emperor became a Taoist that day.
All the thunder and the sea gather in the flood, and the heaven hangs high and the breath is suffocating all over the universe.
"Who is Du Jie! ? Is anyone going to prove the truth against the sky? ?”
Cosmic creatures are shocked to look at the direction of the universe.
The tianjiao in heaven is also surprised. Look at Lei Hai and want to know who Du Jie is.
"It seems that she also wants to try …"
Liu Chen looked at Lei Hai, where there was a petite woman dressed in black, Du Jie, who was pounding the walls with thunder to go against the fate.
It’s Leng Yue. She didn’t go to the celestial world with them because the number of places was really not enough. It’s just Liu Chen’s improvisation to send the dragon lady in.
Of course, an adjudicator, Leng Yue, has a lot of backbone and has not complained at all. Rather, he has earned too much when he has stayed for so long.
She wants to try to cover up the sky and improve herself, so that she can go further and hunt down more powerful violators after the referee.
"It’s her! The god of death in Emperor Wu’s palace! "
Di Lu Tianjiao recognized Leng Yue, and Leng Yue has been very low-key since she entered the world of covering the sky, but that doesn’t mean she is not strong.
Several moves have helped Emperor Wudi’s Palace to kill powerful enemies, and all of them have killed them with one blow, so that the other side can fight back.
Some imperial capitals have commented that Leng Yue will never lose, and they are confirmed today.
The woman in the thunder sea can still be smart in the face of the siege of the three emperors’ humanoid flash, and the silver short blade will fall apart when it crosses the humanoid flash.
The robbery lasted for nine days, and Lu Chen’s eyes glanced around, and there was no forbidden area to dare to move.
In the end, Leng Yue failed, trying to leap into heaven, but he was suppressed by heaven and coughed up blood.
Because she practiced the method of combining the snow and moon peaks and the jade pools, she was also rejected by heaven. Even if she did not pursue the imprint of the heavenly heart on the world, the so-called great fruit position, she would still achieve the world immortal realm of Lu Chen’s hometown in the same way.
It can be said that the accumulation is not enough. Leng Yue is too impatient
Well, in the end, she tightened her mind and calmly spent the last day, and the world was another way to become a Taoist.
After Du Jie’s success, she absorbed Lei Jie liquid to repair the injured body and changed her clothes. She came to the back of Liu Chen in heaven to pay a respectful tribute to "Lu Xie’s eldest brother’s dharma."