Section 151
"Honest recognition planted? The human brain is not as good as the brain! " Wei Liao teases
Xie Mingcheng ignored his eyes staring at the computer and muttered to himself, "I can’t test the production of our Tianying team. This is really amazing. How many things do you have to save?"
Lift the wrist looked at the cold owl like breathed a sigh of relief air-cooled said
"there will be"
"Hey hey, that’s good. Thank you first!" With eyes watching his cold face Xie Mingcheng wanted to think, and from the uniform pocket to pay a box of cigarettes to prepare for several captains in the control room.
Took his cigarette cold owl eyes slightly condensed "I remember you don’t smoke"
"Ah when the zodiac? !” Look complicated smile Xie Mingcheng lit a fire for him with a thoughtful face and didn’t pick it up again.
With a cigarette in his nose, he sniffed it clearly. A pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes gathered and smiled.
At the end of the acting, he no longer called the leader with a smirk, but called the nickname and said, "What are you busy with all day, Xiao?" Don’t you know that I’m going back to my hometown to marry my wife? I’m in a good mood and naturally have to smoke two ribs. "
Get married?
Cu frown Lengxiao seems a little touched in his heart.
"Getting married?"
"Well, it’s over."
According to the topic of Lengxiao’s personality, it should be over here. I will never ask again, but he didn’t see any wedding joy in Xie Mingcheng’s face for a few seconds. He still couldn’t help but ask.
"Where is the object?"
"Ha ha, my servant, I haven’t met my parents yet. I’ve been helping to take care of the family for a long time, and it’s almost over." The words made him laugh, but the sense of choking in his tone made people feel that this man was crying.
Cold lips slightly sip cold owl sharp eyes swept to his face.
Finally nodded and said nothing.
No matter how close he is to his comrades-in-arms, he can’t interfere in other people’s private affairs. He still knows something about Xie Mingcheng’s family situation. He has no foundation to get to this position. This man is very strong-willed and incomparable.
But is this marriage too hasty?
For a long time …
He got up and patted him on the shoulder and said simply, "The wedding leave will be granted for two more months."
"Ah, ah, no, I’ll go back and get a marriage certificate and go through the motions without asking for marriage leave." Xie Mingcheng took a drag on his cigarette and hurriedly refused.
Does anyone not like wedding leave? What’s his hurry? I was so anxious that all my cigarettes fell to the ground.
Lengxiao frowned and said nothing.
And the whole control room knows that he and Xing Xiaojiu are not sighing in their hearts, but they don’t know that people look at him, but they all feel puzzled.
For a long time, slowly squat down and Xie Mingcheng picked up the cigarette and sniffed it with his nose and closed his eyes.
Look at him. Wei Liao shook his head angrily and sighed.
"I’m sorry for your loss."
Is there anyone who is newly married and wishes for my condolences?
Don’t get involved in these things anymore. Lengxiao removed his desk and glanced at the attack and defense diagram in the control room. They solemnly announced that
"The exercise is over. Dismissed."
In a word, the tense atmosphere at the scene was solved. Everyone stood up straight, loosened their arms and legs, and raised their heads.
Eyebrow to pick the pick who liao light say with smile "you guys sincere skyhawk brigade made a big cannon fodder today thank you for your courage to sacrifice I find a place to be happy tonight? By the way, give us a horse to be the groom’s pre-marital education class for Comrade Xie Mingcheng. "
"Good good together!"
"You go" took the desk cap buckle in the head cold owl lightly say that finish strode away.
After thinking about it, he turned and glanced at them again. "I’ll reimburse you when you get the bill back."
Accustomed to his solo personality, people don’t force him to have Wei Liao. Knowing that this matter has no score or is unwilling to give up, they asked, "I said that leaders really don’t play together?"
With the wave, Lengxiao’s expression left.