Say that finish the crowd surging falcon left people came out from different directions. Seeing this, Duanmu Tiger sneered, "You don’t seem to have brought enough sincerity, Yi Long. I gave you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it! Somebody! !”
"Stop it!" Duanmuhu’s voice fell to the ground, and a clear female voice rang. She saw a young woman coming out of the crowd. A seat of snow-white Tsing Yi white veils covered her face and her clothes were weak, and her perfect figure curve was outlined. Xuefeng * * * had no proud flesh and waists. At the moment when she appeared, everyone was stunned.
At the moment, they finally understand why someone will call her "goddess!" ! ! !”
It’s like the sound of nature is intoxicating when snow falls, but people ignore that the girl in front of her eyes is looking at each other, and she is not weak at all! ! !
Chapter one hundred and fifteen The talks broke down
"She is the goddess Snow Fall"
The appearance of "this figure" caused the whole desert to be crazy and exquisite, and the perfect figure shocked many men. Although I haven’t seen its appearance yet, it is crazy to show its plump and sexy figure and a pure white dress.
I knew at a glance that this was the woman I was looking for. She was in good shape but petite. Some Duanmu tigers snorted, "You are still the first woman who dared me to stop."
"Do you know what the consequences are?" Duanmuhu looked at the falling snow indifferently, and his eyes were full of looking at the falling snow, but his eyes and face were as calm as ever, which made people wonder what he was thinking.
The snow falls lightly and slowly, like an angel. People smile but people can see it, but her charming smile is like the music of nature. "The purpose of Duanmu Wang today is just to let the snow fall to the desert, but now I have come to help Wang, and it is difficult for others."
"The hero of the whole barren city is here. Isn’t it a laughing stock to let everyone see the joke? Does the status of Duanmu Wang need to be as knowledgeable as a mere adventure brigade?" Snowfall seemed to grow up that night, and now it is so watertight to talk and do things.
Her words really made Duanmu Tiger’s face change. This woman is not as simple as she thought. Not only is her medical skill good, but she is also delicate in her mind. Almost one sentence makes Duanmu Tiger fall into a passive position. But who is Duanmu Tiger? How can she be led by a little woman?
But Duanmu Tiger still smiled generously. "It’s true that Xueyuan Girl said that there is some truth in it. My Duanmu Tiger’s current position and falcon dispute are really shameful. Let the brothers tell jokes, but Xueyuan Girl is still short of something. Well, it seems that she is short of something." This old guy showed a sinister smile and looked at Xueyuan, although he looks so delicate.
"Beast, Nima," everyone knows that Duanmu Tiger is a bastard who has greater ambitions for power, but I heard that he not only likes to play with women, but also doesn’t let go of fine-boned men. Several women who have been ruined by him can’t stand his heart and commit suicide at the headquarters of heroes in the world. This is not a thing. They can’t bear the snow to fall so delicately. A beautiful woman was trampled by Duanmu Tiger, a bastard.
Of course, more people wish they were Duanmu Tiger.
Yi Long’s face sank. It is unknown whether Duanmu Tiger will let them go, but he must not let his guard down, because this guy is so eccentric that he can’t understand it clearly.
"Ha ha, so what price does Duanmu Wang want my daughter to pay?" Generally, women can recognize that the snow falls on their bodies, and it is no exception, but she is very clever and kicked the ball to Duanmu Tiger. She wants to see what Duanmu Tiger says. After all, Duanmu Tiger is a public figure and a celebrity. If you say those flowing words, you will even know that Duanmu Tiger’s face will never be too demanding.
"Ha ha ha ha, I like that you are as straightforward as Duanmu Tiger, so I’ll be blunt. First, you will join me from now on, and I will help the elders." Duanmu Tiger said that because everyone noticed one thing, that was the first.
That is to say, his request did not come to fruition. After that, Duanmu Hu was observing the snow fall reaction, but to her disappointment, the woman was calmer than she expected.
Duanmuhu didn’t say much, but he said, "In the second place." He deliberately dragged his tone and attracted people to look at him with bated breath. It seems that everyone wants to know what the second requirement of Duanmuhu is.
"Let me see the snow girl’s veil." Duanmu Hu showed a faint smile but surprised everyone present. No one thought that he should make such a simple request.
"There’s a gap between the sleeping trough and Duanmu Tiger, so I’ll let him take off his clothes."
"Idiot, even if you take off, it’s not a Duanmu tiger here. You don’t know that the goddess went to the headquarters of heroes on earth. Hehehe." A player sneered at it with regret, but everyone can guess what it is waiting for the snow to fall.
"Damn it, if my goddess can kill Duanmu Tiger, the labor can take it away." People’s faces are full of regrets. It’s a pity that you can’t drink Duanmu Tiger.
Snow falls without words or words.
There was a strange smell in the silent field. After a long time, I saw a breeze blowing for a second. People saw the swaying and dancing of soft white gauze. In an instant, people looked not at the silky white veil, but at how beautiful that face was.
It’s a sight that everyone froze in place. Blowing a bomb can break the glittering skin. Liu Yedai’s eyebrows are smart, her eyes are tilted, her nose is rosy, her lips are red, and a wink has fascinated a lot.
"Goddess is not a goddess"
It is really beautiful for a man to see that a certain part is as hard as iron, and for a woman to see that she is ashamed to look straight at it, especially when she smiles in Zhan Yan.
It’s a glance
For women, it is a vent tool, and the heart is as hard as a stone, as if it were broken, and it is peeling off layer by layer, and it is as hot as entering the warmth.
This type
No, maybe it was because of the snow that he found his favorite type, so Duanmu Hu made a bold decision, "It’s really worthy that the goddess said that women like you deserve Duanmu Hu."
His speech once again caused a big shock, especially when the snow fell calmly. She was actually afraid, but she made plans to become stronger and had to make herself stronger, but Duanmu Hu’s words disturbed her heart. Only in this way, she would never agree, even if she told lies.
Because I can be alone in the heart of falling snow
That man has already slowly filled her heart.
Yi Long first looked at the falling snow, and Duanmu Tiger had already exposed his ambition when he saw her. At this time, he had clenched his weapon in his hand.
"Duanmu Wang is a dragon and phoenix girl among the people, but an ordinary person is afraid that it will drag down Wang’s ability to join the heroes of the earth. My daughter is very satisfied with Wang’s happiness. I believe there will be better girls than me." Snowfall still detours from it, and she must never be influenced by Duanmu Tiger. The fact is that Yi Long did not intend to return to the heroes of the earth with Duanmu Tiger as soon as they left the snow.
"And Duanmu Wang, I have done what you said, and now I hope Duanmu Wang can keep his promise." Snowfall bluntly surprised many people by facing Duanmu Tiger, but few people dared to say so to him.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, good, good. Somebody let them come." He waved his hand and Lushun let them go.
"Go ahead as planned." Snowfall sent Duan Muhu a short message, which was a close-up private chat.
"You have your own way to escape when you leave, and I can tie them all in an instant." The snow has no psychological bottom, but only when Yi Long leaves her can they find a chance to escape.
When Yi Long gritted his teeth, he must not live up to the falling snow. It was a big deal to transfer them. When they came back, they almost made a decision without hesitation. But just as they were about to leave, Duanmu Hu shouted, "Yi Long, I didn’t say you can go."
Smell speech Falcon people show angry color Yi Long is watching Duanmu Tiger drink coldly "What do you say we have done Duanmu Wang?" The last four words are extremely pronounced.
"Duanmu Wang should keep his word." Snow fell and Diane frowned. She didn’t believe Duanmu Hu denied what he had said in front of so many people.
But they just didn’t expect Duan Muhu to be so ashamed to see him laughing at the sky. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, you are not too underestimate me."
"Bitch, you’d better shut up. What qualifications do you have to negotiate with Duanmu Tiger? I’m the king in this city. Everything has to be listened to by me. Somebody bring me the Falcon Team." Duanmu Tiger’s sudden face is staggering.
However, the people present were angry and didn’t feel wrong, because they had long known that Duanmu Tiger Root was a dictator and he would never care about other people’s feelings.
The most worrying thing still happened.