Ming! In the dark days, the sudden ringing of the star’s unique braking skill and the destruction of the sword in the sky met the powerful braking skill for the first time. The green light sword and the two swords struck the sky, and a spark flashed, and a dazzling white light spread out suddenly and violently.
The powerful two flashing crosses are frightening, and the white light is even more invisible than the green light and the red light, but with the powerful eyes shining suddenly and violently, the stars in the white light are strange and green, and both of them cling to their teeth.
Xingqi is holding the pale yellow sword and Qingming is holding the silver soul hook in both hands, and the thick blue aura is directly merged into the pale yellow sword through Xingqi’s hands, but the pale yellow sword doesn’t light up because those aura are moved in waves and are merged into the pale yellow sword and the silver soul hook touches a little.
And the green body of the green ghost is good at fighting rapidly towards the silver soul hook, and it is filled with blue aura, and the green spirit is fighting with the extreme intention to fight against the white light.
Poop-poop! With the blue reiki of Xingqi sword fluctuating, Xingqi’s face became paler with each fluctuation, and the fluctuation was extremely huge. Xingqi’s mouth vomited a mouthful of blood.
With the light black mind of Xingqi body, it defends a kind of strange meaning potential silk from the silver soul hook and constantly impacts Xingqi soul along the light yellow spirit sword. Even Xingqi shoulders haha are shaking in waves.
Xingqi’s roots can’t return the pale yellow spirit sword. If he is discouraged, his opponent’s pressure accumulation momentum will explode and attack himself. This evil stick hook has a mental attack through the weapon, just like his own boxing. If he is hit, Xingqi will definitely die.
The stars and wonders are locked in a stalemate, and the green flame is also defending the stars and wonders sword. The sword is firm but gentle, and the two of them are like falling into a persistent battle of perseverance.
【 Chapter 23 Both sides lose 】
A slope in the sunset mountain range is lit up, and the second round of dazzling white light can be seen for hundreds of miles, and the powerful people of the king level can feel the powerful energy fluctuation of the white light! Falling into the river, Staffa, two people came to the royal palace rapidly.
Hurry up, two people are eager to speed up the landing of the river, and they have already felt a strong momentum. Soon I saw the other one called Qing Ming Dou Huang, of course, the one called Xing Yun Tian Scar.
From this situation, it seems that both of them are fighting to the death, far from feeling strong energy fluctuation, or let the landing Hestaf lose their hearts. The white light is still fierce. Is it necessary to decide the outcome? Of course, both of them hope that Xingqi Qingming will fight for both sides and then benefit themselves.
When I fell into the river valley and besieged Xuantu, I heard that Qing Ming said that seeing Scar and Star Wonder decided that Qing Ming would follow behind three people, and Sittaf was also afraid of falling into the river and being found by the three brothers of Qing Ming. Two people followed Qing Ming far away and suddenly lost them by a huge bonfire.
When I fell into the river, Stafford was depressed and didn’t know what to do. Suddenly I felt that Baili had five powerful momentum and ended. Both of them were excited. Instead of rushing to it, they slowly moved forward and wanted to make a lose-lose performance. Two people appeared in pink again.
Boo boo! The two figures are rushing to the dense forest, and the speed is too fast, which causes the emperor’s momentum to sound like two parallel lines, which scares many strong people in Lin.
Poof! Xingqi vomited an one mouthful blood again, and the mind was rapidly attacked and retreated, and the strange meaning potential fluctuated like a tiger, and the frequency was getting faster and faster. I really couldn’t hold it.
This weird meaning is too strong. It’s not the same level as your own mind. Your own heart can’t burn out. The purple mansion has a deep flame of ice fruit flow, which makes this meaning dare not jump into your own purple mansion, otherwise you will be even more dangerous.
Xingqi is more eager in his heart, constantly increasing his attack on Qing Ming, thinking quickly about countermeasures, and the fluctuation of aura slowly begins to cause the deep flame of ice fruit to dry up.
Hum! Suddenly, Xingqi’s face showed a resolute and light black mind, such as letting go and sticking to it, and quickly retreated to the eyebrow to defend, sweeping away and destroying his meridians with that strange intention.
Om a light black mind also high-speed violence up straight wrapped to the green ghost "high-frequency violence" star * * hum a suit and began to hurry back towards the back.
Hmm! Focus on correcting the green flame and erasing the weird body, but the shock wave is as old as thousands of needles! Like a thousand insects singing their ears.
Poof! A painstaking effort also straight throat mind a dreamy almost let the strange firm but gentle body and.
It’s not good to drag a bloody arc back and throw it away in the nebula with a twisted face and a scar face! As ignorant as Qing Ming knew that the crisis was coming, he burst into a strong green light and dazzling white light, which was severely hit by Qing Ming and flew to Xingqi.
Boom Boom! Compared with just adding a huge explosion, Skyquake Lin rang again, and the whole earth suddenly moved, dazzling white light scattered and the ground raised a cloud of dust.
Bang! Starkey landed on the ground with a pale face, but was suddenly thrown backwards by the ground. Instead, he escaped the most powerful explosion. Starkey’s eyes were wide open or passed out.
And just as Xingqi passed out, a purple flash suddenly flashed again, and a dazzling white light appeared again in this forest.
Boom A green jade-like stone flashed away, and a weak noise exploded again, and the earth moved again.
Hey! The blade roared and passed out, and Xingqi didn’t find a light silver hook towards the soaring * *! A young man in tattered blue is walking with blood on his face from the thick dust. The young man’s face shows a grim smile. The silver hook with green eyes is slowly going to lie still in the hole, like a scar.
Ding! When the silver hook was about to plunge into Scar’s body, Scar’s body suddenly gave out a light green light and hit the silver hook.
Whew! A bright green firm but gentle came out from the scar cuff in a hurry * *, and the firm but gentle shone like a little light, but it was like breaking the air body too fast. The firm but gentle has just captured its front facade.
Sniff! Green ghost roots don’t hide from the wall, so he can avoid the heavy weight. He wrapped himself in quarrelling lightly, and his left arm blocked the firm but gentle face. It was green and firm but gentle, like entering the human environment. His quarrelling was a relief. Fortunately, he was blocked by a chain with his hand and a deep sword mark, and hot blood poured out.
What’s this? hidden weapons is so quick, Qing Ming’s quarrelling is so quick, and the scar is so sharp and fast. When Qing Ming thinks about the potential to see what hidden weapons is, he finds that the dizzy star is separated by another potential.
Suddenly, it was dark, dazzling white light was on, and I felt something was wrong in two days. I have seen that black flash in the dark several times in two days. It is Mr. Xing Qi’s most powerful skill.
However, the dazzling white light said that the blue bucket emperor actually blocked the Star Wonder Brake, and he had seen the Star Wonder’s hand, and he knew it in two days, and the sword was destroyed in the sky. The green ghost actually blocked it and realized that the plan had changed in two days.
Mr. Xingqi was in danger and was seriously injured before he recovered. There are still two troubles that have not been solved for so long, and the war will be unfavorable. I feel that I am coming at a high speed in the distance, and I know that I am desperate. The time is coming again.
Ah! The sky is rising * * and a four-Dan flower flows through the body like a clear spring, and sparks suddenly gather around the body and tremble, and sparks also appear in his eyes.
It’s not good for a huge explosion to flash the white light and collect a powerful shock wave! Green light is very surprised to see the green ghost body suddenly swinging * *. Just now, green light died, but I saw it with my own eyes. No matter who wins or loses the green light in the green ghost scar nebula, I already have some escape.
Although the green is the same as the green, the two brothers * * are very different. The two sides of the Qing Dynasty’s dying brothers * * are as timid as a mouse, but the green is not green, and it is impossible to grow up without the green cover.
Since I was a child, I have protected my eldest brother from death and the roar of shopping. The fighting scenes have made the fighting spirit fade away long ago, and I feel that the momentum of the two days has suddenly exploded. I turned my head to see that the expression of the two days is not good, and the green light consciously tried to escape.
Boom The two corners of the sky burst into a real flash, which was much weaker than the siege of the second thousand strong men, but it was more than enough to deal with the green light without fighting spirit
In their ears, of course, the double-day storm * * came out, and the blue purple was shining with green light, and it hit the body before taking a step.
Zi zi’s green light flashes like superman, his head stands on end with sparks, and his quarrelling is like a sudden trembling, shaking up and losing control, which makes the green light fear even worse. A pair of green wings suddenly appeared on his back, and a piece of them screamed like a blue flash.
After the imperial flying soul beast is transformed, it is like the rebirth of human beings. Generally, it will not have the wings before the transformation. This is also one of the things in nature’s heaven. The soul beast has obtained the body that can be practiced quickly like human beings. Of course, the unique talent of the former soul beast has been collected or weakened by nature.
Just as the * * in the past has reached the imperial level, but it is easy to hit Nabelin with talent, but after taxiing, the talent of the * * vertical earth is much weaker, but there are exceptions. Even though it is transformed into a * * shape, it still retains its wings.
When the green light still comes without screaming, the two days go straight through the body, and the green light directly turns into a shining flower.
Bang! It’s a good thing that the green light just now didn’t have the strength to fight for courage, but it wouldn’t be so easy if he wanted to know him himself.
Two days later, a four-Dan physical strength broke out and Tian Wu attacked and sent * * to be cleaned up rapidly.
Bang! I dare not rest for two days, and my wings are once again turned into a blue flash across more than 100 meters. The young man in blue walked towards Xingqi with that strange stick hook in his hand.
Whew! Thinking about launching the silver soul hook attack again, Qing Ming heard the two days break and gave up the Qing Ming to have the opportunity to attack, but Qing Ming was very concerned about the green light of Xing Qi’s hand, hidden weapons, and Xing Qi’s body shrouded in another kind of disagreement.
Hum! You’re lucky that the green ghost * * * has looked at the five Dan himself for more than two miles. Two masters who are breaking rapidly and coming to the emperor level are very reluctant to give up and shoulder the green body to one side and quickly leave from the other side.
Hum! As soon as Qing Ming retreated from the cloud and wrapped up the Star Wonder Emperor’s level of intention, it collapsed. Haha also fainted with a light green spirit sword, and there was a trace of blood in her mouth.
Two days to see the dust and smoke battlefield, two imperial masters are getting closer and closer, and their faces are dignified. Four of them have finished fighting, and most of them have recovered. It is inevitable that there will be no problem running alone, but the speed will be affected if you want to find strange words. Of course, you don’t give up the stars. Haha.
Boo boo! Then haha fainted and actually rolled out two four Dan’s from the claw, which made it urgent. Two days and two eyes lit up. It was not beneficial to stay here for a long time. Two four Dan’s howls flew directly to the two days, and one of them turned into a clean stream to nourish the quarrelling.
Hum consumes 50% of quarrelling, and it’s even better to recover from violence and fullness. It’s great to have Dan Shi’s companion! See anxious * * and two meteors come for two days, but they are no longer eager to fight and suddenly spread their wings. Don’t you believe that you can’t outrun me?