Yao Ji is a very powerful true fairy, but before Zhu Ganglie, it is still not enough to see Zhu Ganglie display the limit speed. Yao Ji can’t even touch his skirts.
When the two true fairies see Yao Ji, they have to chase her and stop her at once.
Purple hair true fairy sneered, "Princess Yunhua, your opponent is our two brothers."
Yao Ji eyes with ShaQi jiao drink a "kill".
The three true immortals met and immediately destroyed the whole Yang House.
Yang Tianyou and yangfu were killed by those heavenly soldiers.
The Jade Emperor’s will is that no chickens or dogs will be left in Yao Ji and yangfu.
They dare not kill Yao Ji directly, but they will not be soft on others in yangfu.
Wang Yue’s heart is full of worries. No matter whether he takes Jocelyn Yang, Yang Jian and Yang Chan with him, it seems that they are all shrouded in a form of energy.
"Even if you go like this, you can’t escape." Wang Yue said that it is not Wang Yue who can guess.
Yang Jian was the most careful. When he saw Wang Yue’s face with worry, he knew that the situation was critical.
"Wang Yue, your speed with the three of us has been greatly affected. We can’t escape if we go like this. Let me go. You take my eldest brother and my third sister away. Yang Jian is not afraid of death." Yang Jian said to Wang Yue.
Yang Jiao and Yang Chan agree that "no"
Wang Yue roared, "Well, all of you shut up. I won’t leave you alone. Don’t worry, I will take you out. Wang Yue is a genius fighter!"
Compared with Wang Yue’s strength, the weight of three people is negligible, but Wang Yue’s speed is greatly affected if he wants to move at high speed without any harm.
Wang Yue’s speed can be doubled if the safety of Jocelyn Yang, Yang Jian and Yang Chan is ignored.
When Yang Jian sighed, he broke out in Heaven, and the fighters earned the bondage of Wang Yue’s qi and blood energy. It is impossible to break Wang Yue’s qi and blood energy protection when he came to Yang Jian Heaven, but now almost all of Wang Yue’s qi and blood energy is to increase the speed. He left Wang Yue’s qi and blood protection as soon as he broke out.
Wang Yue roared, "Yang Jian, what are you doing?"
Yang Jian Avenue "Wang Yue took my eldest brother and third sister away, leave me alone!"
"Second brother" Jocelyn Yang shouted anxiously.
"Second Brother" Yang Chan has tears on his face.
"In that case, Yang Erge, take care of yourself." Wang Yue took a look at Yang Jian and then gritted his teeth and shouted at Yang Jiao and Yang Chan, "Yang Dage Chan, let’s go."
Without one person, Wang Yue’s speed has risen a lot again.
Yang Jian was born with strong luck, and Wang Yue believed that even if he left this time, he might not die.
What Wang Yue is really worried about is Yang Jiao and Yang Chan.
Wang Yue took Yang Jiao and Yang Chan to fly for less than half a column of incense when they were blocked by a light.
Wang Yue’s high-speed movement directly hit this light. Wang Yue’s blood was scattered and he vomited one mouthful blood. He tried his best to protect Yang Jiao and Yang Chan.
Wang Yue took Yang Jiao in one hand and Yang Chan in the other.
They would have died if Wang Yue hadn’t tried to protect them just now.