It is not unacceptable for Xu Xuan to make her own ink. After all, many literati have a good ink-making style, but the question is … Will it be better?
Although Xu Anqi said that she is not everyone in Mo Dao, she still has the ability to distinguish some things for many years. From her point of view, whether it is from the quality of color and fragrance, or from the set of ink in front of her hand and sculpture, it has reached a very high level … better than those in her impression.
When Xu Jiagang was in crisis, it was not that no one thought about working in this direction, but things like technological innovation, production innovation and so on were generally crossing the river by feeling the stones, which never guaranteed success, and finally gave up.
From this sight, Xu Anqi can see that there are some rough judgments in many things. She can see that ink, some precipitation, some atmospheric demeanor are beyond some cross-eyed ink orthodoxy-it is definitely not made on impulse, but when it comes to precipitation … How is it possible? Xu Anqi shook her head and wondered why this would happen. After all, she and Xu Xuan have a long blood relationship. Many branches of the Xu family have developed, except for her family.
Where did this life get the new formula? However, it is said that the sculptor did not look like a novice in the past. It is obviously impossible to say that he did not immerse himself for a long time
"Can you?" Xu Xuan didn’t particularly go to Xu Anqi’s idea at this time. He seems to have some kind of cognitive shock, but it is not acceptable to others. He waited a little and asked curiously
"Can" girl mywood should be 1 then to react … He is going to give this ink to hsu family?
Later, some ideas in my heart became active. Since Xu Xuan can master such skills, if the Hsu family is willing to pay the price, after all, he will not refuse to join him. Later, some people are glad that they have saved Xu Xuan from She Wenyi with a cavity of affection. Although it is not utilitarian, I still feel … feel a little lucky at this time.
"Although it is not a particularly good thing, it should be enough to solve the problem. The process is not complicated. I can give you a copy, but be careful not to leak it or there will be some trouble … and I don’t know how much you want to do … if you want to be better, you can … of course, you need to improve it a little … Oh, it’s all technology and tools … Well, I will copy these for you …"
The girl didn’t come out after listening to this. Then she took a look at Xu Xuan and blinked her head like a butterfly with long and lovely eyelashes. Her left hand was slightly punched and held by a slender white soft right hand. After a while, she changed her left hand slightly and held her right fist. It was so complicated that she didn’t know how to express it. Did this life give her the formula so easily?
She had a lot of ideas when she saw this ink before, but it was a little good. She paid close attention to it for a long time, but she also saw something on the surface-that was ability for formula and technology.
The leading companies in Huizhou ink industry have done a lot of business. The most important reason is that they all have their own main cards. The ink formula and technology behind this are all things that are self-treasured. After all, a mature formula will sometimes take years or decades to explore from groping to practice to maturity.
Thinking about the value of this piece of ink, the crisis of Hsu family, Cheng family, Shewenyi … Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
"This … should be very precious?" Girl so asked 1.
"This, of course, is a national treasure even after more than 450 years."
Xu Xuan tone some of course Xu Anqi feels that the law understands, although she also recognizes that if this ink develops smoothly, it should be able to flow to … four hundred and fifty years? What can be so sure? However, although I can’t figure it out, she is used to talking to this student occasionally inexplicably, and then she asks, "I don’t know … I don’t know what the conditions are?"
"Uh …" There is Barabara talking excitedly, hearing her hesitant voice slightly startled Xu Xuan dazed, then patted his head and said, "Ha … where did you want to go? This thing … "
"It’s for you."
Chapter 5 People grind ink and ink.
Xu Xuan doesn’t pay much attention to these things here, and his tone seems a little casual. After all, his vision and experience in ink system are beyond the eye pattern, even if Xu Anqi looks precious, the formula and technology are not particularly important to him.
But Xu Anqi is so calm and confused about Xu Xuan’s attitude, so he still can’t speak at this time.
"The ink merchants’ conference will be ready for you in the past few days … it doesn’t matter if your body is too much to eat … you just have to grasp the direction of the boss’s people’s congress … of course, you need to find reliable people to do these things … the process is not complicated, but it’s best to divide several processes into parts, so you don’t have to worry about being set by you for the time being … you can keep the ingredients in the actual operation well … it’s hard to be seen by people, but it’s not too much trouble. I’ll write more
"Wait …" Xu Anqi listened for a moment and interrupted Xu Xuan. Then he told the passers-by outside that something like pen, paper and ink would be ready soon.
"My body should be remembered …" The girl vomitted to stick out her tongue at Xu Xuanqiao and then reached for a pen and paper and was stopped by Xu Xuan.
"You are the patient … or I’ll do it." When Xu Xuan took the pen and paper, the inkstone got some water and brought the ink he had made.
"hey!" Xu Anqi quickly exclaimed, "Xu Gong can’t!"
Xu Xuan leng leng then some confused looked at Xu Anqi girl took another piece of ink aside. "Xu Gong, your ink is too good, so it’s a pity to write it … This is my family’s’ Adai Cloud’, although it’s not as good as your ink … if it’s used to record something, it’s enough." Speaking of which, I handed the ink over with some expectation.
Xu Xuan wanted to think to put the ink in his hand.
According to the history, I’m afraid the Hsu family died after this incident. "Daiyun" Xu Guzhu played cards, and Xu Xuanshen had never seen it before. At this time, some curious people brought it here and sniffed it gently at the bottom of the nose, and then their nails gently drew a light mark. They looked carefully for a moment by the fire and then nodded their heads.
Vivid makes Xu Anqi slightly happy in his heart. If Xu Xuan brought ink that was really his own, then Xu Anqi seems to have reached the level of his own Mo Dao accomplishments with this ink. Seeing Xu Xuan’s look seems to be somewhat satisfied with "Daiyun", after all, it is his own thing, so he has a slight pride in his heart.
Over there, Xu Xuan moved the ink mill and started writing something, and then made some necessary explanations to Xu Anqi.
Xu Anqi white right hand holding his right cheek looked at Xu Xuan lights casually wrote that she was curious about what Xu Xuan was going to write and was looking forward to it … It was not these that attracted her.
A Brief Analysis of the Ink Formulation Process of "Man Grinding Ink and Man Grinding Ink" —— Initial handwriting on the page
His handwriting is … very nice.
The girl’s beautiful eyes flashed and her face was a little surprised. Then Diane’s eyebrows Cu Cu glanced at Xu Xuan’s lights, and some serious faces were condensed before watching him write.
Because the family is engaged in ink business, ink and French things are closely linked, and the girl is no stranger to these things. She also writes beautifully in small letters, but Xu Xuanzi makes her feel a little trance.
The brushstroke is smooth and smooth, and the structure is compact and harmonious. Although each word is separated, some momentum in it is very coherent. What surprises her even more is that Xu Xuan’s words are good, but at first glance, there is nothing unusual. If you take a closer look, you can see that there is some kind of extreme momentum in the words, which gives people an unspeakable oppression.
Generally speaking, it takes a lot of time to accumulate to practice this temperature, but this is still possible, and it is extremely oppressive and imposing. If you have not experienced something to a certain extent, you can’t imagine it.
But he is so young and an ordinary student … The girl’s eyes looked at Xu Xuan’s cheek in a complicated way, but … If he is ordinary, he probably won’t be so good at ink.
Xu Xuan occasionally looked up to see the girl over there and looked at him positively. He raised his eyebrows slightly and sent a questioning look to the girl.
"Uh …" Xu Anqi quickly withdrew her eyes and stared at what he had written. She was a little nervous as if she had been caught doing something bad. After a while, her pale face was blushing … Then she tried to turn her mind to what Xu Xuan had written, forcing herself, but after a while she was really attracted by the paper.
Xu Xuan writes things after consideration, removing some things about chemical theory, from the principle to the actual system and post-processing, etc. Try to be detailed and easy to understand. Of course, there are some common sense things that girls should know, that is, just take a little money with them.
As the night slowly sinks, the lights are swaying, and there are some quiet clothes in the hall. Park Su-sheng writes something quickly. The girl stares at the occasional frown and points to a line of paper to ask a few words. Then the student patiently answers, and occasionally writes and draws on paper until the girl nods to show her understanding …
"Wrong Xu Gong …"
"This is … lard?"