Listening to Mark’s remark once again, Leslie was even more annoyed, especially when she saw Allen smirking.
Lai Lisi looked over there and ate Cerberus, a face-hugging worm.
Cerberus knowing directly like flash mouth big bite Allen waist.
Allen’s face is silly and dull.
One second
"Ah, let go, silly dog."
At that time, Riley looked at and chased Cerberus and Allen and couldn’t help but show a very amazing smile.
in ten minutes
Ground pyramid face-hugging insect incubation room
Coulson looked at it and filled the whole room. Rows and rows of face-hugging worms involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of water.
An egg can hatch an alien.
So what’s the quantity here?
Jesus Christ
If this is not handled properly, the earth will explode instantly.
Mark looked at the eggs one by one and looked at everyone, eager to try, smiling at Coulson next to him. "Are you sure SHIELD won’t buy one and go back to study?"
Coulson quickly shook his head.
It’s better to get rid of this kind of thing and take it back for study. Coulson has no doubt that if this face-hugging bug is taken back, the crazy scientists in the bureau will make SHIELD a sinner of the whole world.
Mark didn’t force it.
He just said it casually.
One second
Mark stretched out his right hand and slowly lifted it.
Pluto’s psychic force exploded in the blink of an eye, and gradually formed a perfect white jade hand, and the palm vein was clearly visible.
soon afterwards
Mark pressed with his right hand.
This palm should be wiped out. All the eggs are wiped out.
Mark clapped his hands and turned to walk outside, saying, "I can’t get leisure anywhere these days. I have already considered emigrating to other planets."