Chen Yandai learned some Persian martial arts, but I always feel that I want to thoroughly understand the concept of Persian martial arts through a layer of gauze. How do you stimulate human potential? You still have to get "The Great Move of Gan Kun"
See doing promised Zhou Zhiruo and Diane yee silk eyes are a joy.
Chen Yanshen is like a "living bodhisattva", where he is haunted and naturally afraid to approach.
I don’t even have a shot.
What is the state of Chen Yan’s martial arts cultivation? Daisy doesn’t even know
A few days later
Sun Yan was wearing a gray linen coarse cloth and barefoot with Zhou Zhiruo, Dai Qisi and Yin Li on his way.
Daisy wore a veil and kept a sense of mystery.
Zhou Zhiruo asked, "Brother, don’t you even wear shoes?"
Dai Qisi and Yin Li are not surprised at all, as if it is normal for Yan Yan not to wear shoes.
Chen Yanxiao said, "I like the down-to-earth feeling."
Chen Yan’s control and perception of muscles and skin have already reached the realm, let alone walking barefoot, even if he dances with a blade, Chen Yan’s feet will not be cut.
Four people walked for two days and finally joined the Emei Sect.
Chen Yan found that a familiar figure in the Emei school crowd was Ji Xiaofu.
Compared with ten years ago, Ji Xiaofu has matured a lot in martial arts, and she has also advanced a lot. She is now a master.
When the extinction teacher saw Ulrich’s face changed, he shouted at Zhou Zhiruo, "Zhi, if you said to invite an expert, would you please him? When did you and Chen Yan meet? "
Zhou Zhiruo and Ji Xiaofu have kept their mouths shut for ten years. They just didn’t let the extinction teacher know about Zhou Zhiruo and Ulrich.
Zhou Zhiruo said, "When my brother was seven years old, I knew with my brother that it was too dangerous to encircle the magic religion. Although there were five Wudang Seven Heroes left, they were all masters. Shaolin sent out several monks. We Emei Sect was the weakest, and we had a master. In case my brother went back without telling my master, he asked my brother to come out of the mountain and ask him to forgive me."
Ulrich gave Ji Xiaofu a surprised look.
Ji Xiaofu is a great master, and the teacher and Zhou Zhiruo didn’t know it. It seems that she has been hiding it from everyone.
He wouldn’t have known that Ji Xiaofu had become a master if he hadn’t discovered the surging spirit of her body because of her keen perception.
Although the extinction teacher is a master, her perception is at least ten times worse than that of Yan Yan.
Ji Xiaofu intentionally hide from her, of course, can’t find it.
Zhou Zhiruo is not even a master. Of course, it is impossible to find Ji Xiaofu’s true repair.
The extinction teacher stared at Ulrich and suddenly felt cold all over.
Is zhi if Chen Yan enters Emei undercover?
If so, it would be terrible.
Extinction teacher pulled out the sword and pointed at the Yan Yan with red eyes and said, "If Zhi lets Yan Yan go! Even if my Emei Sect died in this siege, Chen Yanlai didn’t need his help. Besides, there are teachers who rely on the heavenly sword. Who dares to underestimate my Emei Sect? "
Zhou Zhiruo looked difficult.
Ulrich came out before she spoke.
Daiqisi sneered, "You’re not a big killer, but your temper is not small. Among the martial arts masters, your martial arts are the most mediocre. If you don’t rely on the sword, few people will sell your face. My husband’s repair is as unfathomable as the sea. He doesn’t want to see you. Don’t be ungrateful."
Chapter 122 Let them play
Daisy is veiled, but her hair and eyes are still somewhat different from those of Han Chinese.
The exterminator saw at a glance that she was a foreign woman
"Are you from? It’s really bold to dare to speak out against the poor, "said the extinct teacher coldly.
Daiqisi smiled and said, "I’m a maid around my husband. It’s not worth mentioning."
Daisy’s self-deprecating words are very unpleasant to listen to. She thinks Daisy is mocking herself.
Teacher extinction secretly hates me. I’m no match for Chen Yan. Can’t I still get you, a foreign woman?
"You want to die!"
Extinction and drinking, one by one, the sword came at Daiqisi.
Eternal Sword is too sharp and has a unique shock wave blessing, even if it is no matter how powerful, the master must be cautious enough in the face of the extinction master, otherwise he will be injured if he is not careful.
Daisy cold hum a display posture to avoid firm but gentle attack.
Ulrich waved to Yin Li and took her to one side.
Zhou Zhiruo hurriedly shouted, "Master, stop fighting."
Elwyn stepped aside and sat cross-legged on the grass to repose.
Ji Xiaofu walked beside Chen Yan and asked, "Chen Yan, how is my daughter?"
Ji Xiaofu, who hasn’t seen her daughter for ten years, is eager to know her condition.
Chen Yan said, "Yang Buhui was picked up by her father. You will definitely see her when you go to the top of the light, but I want to wake you up. Then Wudang Yin Liuxia, Jiao Yang Xiao, and you, a woman of Emei Sect, will meet together and even have a good show to perform."
Ji Xiaofu facial expression, a body becomes stiff.
She thought this would happen, but she hasn’t thought about how to face it.
She can take it one step at a time.
Ding Minjun see Ji Xiaofu walked beside the photo chat heart dark hate it was dog men and women just bored together as soon as they met, don’t they when these people don’t?
This is outrageous.
Ulrich closed his eyes, but his perception didn’t drop at all. He felt that Ding Minjun’s hostile eyes suddenly opened their eyes and looked at Ding Minjun.
There seems to be a magic in the black-and-white eyes of Yan Yan. Although there is no negative emotion in his eyes, it is enough to make Ding Minjun jumpy and almost lose his mind
Ding Minjun’s martial arts swordsmanship is first-class, but his willpower is weak. Roots dare not look at Chen Yan.
The fight between the extinction teacher and Daiqisi has reached a white-hot level.
The extinction master has the advantage of relying on the heavenly sword.
Daisy is not weak either.
After ten years of following Chen Yan, you will learn a lot if you are not stupid. What’s worse, Daisy is still ice and snow, and many reasons are clear.
Daisy’s strength hasn’t increased much in the past ten years, but her control of strength and lightness skill posture have reached a subtle level. Her wonderful posture and the fight with the exterminator have been constantly avoiding the attack of the sword.