Lilith exclaimed, "Two doctorates at the age of seventeen?"
Gwen nodded and looked at Ms. Hill and asked, "When will Dr. Simmons come over? I have several questions to ask her."
Hill looked at his wrist watch and said, "Gemma has an experiment to be conducted today, and you should meet until noon. By the way, the left-hand room on the first and second floors is Gemma."
For Xueba,
Only Xueba will arouse their interest.
Gwen has already had a strange story with Dr. Gemma Simmons, Riley Sip.
Skye, wearing a spear, has a sentence without a word.
Once neglected, Mark made a signal with the lips and said to Kate lightly, "There were only two smelly fart monkeys at the age of seventeen, and at the age of fifteen, they had obtained the third doctorate in their lives at California Institute of Technology."
Kate smiled at Mark and said, "Are you jealous? Dear? "
Mark ha ha a smile "me? Jealous? Are you kidding? I can do dozens of doctoral studies at any time if I want to. "
Kate said faintly without hesitation, "buying it doesn’t count."
Mark "…"
half an hour later
Villa second floor
Knock, knock!
Lailisi knocked on the door and then changed it to prepare the door.
Mark directly reached out and stopped it.
Lailisi gave up her arms around Mark and said, "I haven’t forgiven you yet."
"I know," Mark said at the door with a cool face, "because I’m not at all wrong."
Leslie glared at Mark directly.
Mark smiled and said, "Because I know that if my daughter’s IQ exceeds 100, she will know that I am good for her."
The temperature around lilith is getting colder.
Does this mean that she is making trouble by herself?
Lailisi’s eyes are slightly narrowed, and her eyes are very bad. She has already planned to ask Mark to say one more word, and she will … she will never see Mark again.
One second
Mark looked at Leslie and said, "You are ten years old and have the ability to decide for yourself. I will ask you a simple question."
"… ask"
"Should Bob die?"
"His name is not Bob. His name is Boog."
"Whatever, I’ll ask you, should he die after he slaughtered so many people?"
"… this is different"
"What’s different?"
None of this would have happened if you hadn’t sent Bug to Texas.
"… is it? Are you sure? "
"I’m sure"
"This answer has not changed?"
"… what do you want?" Leslie looked puzzled at Mark and said, "This is not a bug bug problem. This is a problem that you don’t believe me and interfere in my privacy. This is a serious problem, Mark."
Mark sighed in his heart.
Will have been pulled to the door of the mirror to plug back into the innermost.
all right
Mark himself was able to lead the core of the problem to whether Bob should kill it or not.
Who would have thought …
Riley looked at Mark’s right hand and frowned again.
What did he just want to do?
Riley thought curiously in her heart.
quite a while
Mark hesitated for a moment and said, "Well, I apologize again, but you should understand that Julia will do it even if I don’t do it."
"… it’s impossible"
"Ha …"
Mark’s mouth curved. "In fact, Julia wanted Bob to be sent to a Cuban prison instead of being sent to Texas by me."
Lailisi has grown up her mouth.
Mark shrugged.
That’s exactly what Julia said at the time.
But Julia said it was a detention center, not a prison.
But it hurts