Ji goblin situation is similar.
It seems that Sumo and Ji goblins are already two dead people.
What they should consider is to cut off Su Mo’s wrist and grab this bone in chaos!
At this time, a Guanghua suddenly fell to Su Mo’s body at the entrance of Ren Huang Temple.
A powerful sucking force tugged Su Mo to rise slowly.
"Go. If you can live, I hope … you will remember me."
Ji goblin lay with her head sideways in Su Mo’s arms. She was a weak girl. Her eyes showed a trace of sadness and disappointment, but she smiled freely.
Chapter four hundred and fifty-nine Ren Huang temple compromise
Su Mo said nothing but didn’t let go.
Since ancient times, people who come to the imperial palace will choose a person.
Now, if Sumo wants to release Ji goblin, it will be logical to enter the Ren Huang Temple.
But he knew he had to let go, and the goblin hoped to live again!
Sumo doesn’t want to take care of Ji Yao Xue, the demon, and he doesn’t want to think about anything.
He knew that he would have been killed by the old monk of Xiangsi Temple and the seal maker of Magic Sect, and he wouldn’t have survived until now!
Sumo some stubborn hug her goblins refused to let go.
This choice seems a bit silly in the eyes of many monks
Because of this, the two men paused in the middle of their figure. No, no, no
Ren Huang Temple will choose a person, which is an immutable rule.
Now Su Mo’s choice is to challenge the rules of Ren Huang Temple and the dignity of Ren Huang!
Seeing this, several seals were overjoyed.
If Su Mo enters the Ren Huang Temple smoothly, they will completely lose the chance to grab the bone!
"It’s really stupid!" A friar sneered.
Another monk shook his head and sighed, "I can’t believe that this crazy knife is a man who values friendship and righteousness."
"Yes, not everyone has the courage to make such a decision."
You know, if you want to enter Ren Huang Hall, you may not only live, but also get Ren Huang. Who can resist this temptation?
Snow Valley Ling Han looked complicated and looked at this scene and bit her lips.
What does this choice mean?
Means that at this moment, this man will save Ji goblin even if he abandons his life and Ren Huang!
Even if there is a glimmer of hope!
Female, but her heart envies her goblins.
"Let go!"
Ji goblin frowned and his eyelids were heavy. Some people couldn’t see Su Mo’s face clearly, and there was a trace of anxiety in his weak voice.