It seems that this time, the dreamer team of Jingwu Tianshen League once again lost the championship.
Just like the elite cup, the dreamer team has so many dreams, but it always meets a difficult opponent in the championship competition.
Is this the fate of the dreamer team?
Several dream friends have sighed at this time.
And this time
The second speed of the field, if the water makes a wave, makes everyone feel confused.
The bait hides the hook. daughter village? ? ?
"Lying trough? What the hell is this? "
I haven’t waited for my dream friends to react before I saw Fang Xiang’s third speed and second speed in the other field, which is also a joke. I lost my card opposite.
Everyone was in a trance when they saw this wave of C.
Is this giving up?
How come no one can see the intention of the dreamer team? ? ?
When I saw the flu on the opposite side of the dreamer team C, I frowned tightly. In the first round, I didn’t know the flu of the dreamer team C, but at this time, when I saw the flu on the other side of the dreamer team C, I found myself unable to see through the intention at this moment.
What the hell is this guy trying to do?
It’s not just the flu, even if we fought side by side with Fang Xiang in the new urk, everyone is now puzzled.
"What tricks do you want to play over there this time?"
"We also watched his games before, and his strength recovered to 60% or 70% at most, but the flu team thought that 60% or 70% strength should not be able to cope with it, right? At a time like this, he still underestimates his enemy? In a double smile? If I guess correctly, he and Ruoshui will be killed after the second round, right? So the dreamer team has three players gg, so what are you laughing at … "
Words are here, and the sound in the mouth of the new urk will come to an abrupt end.
A few people, you look at me, I look at you, and an extraordinary excitement emerges on everyone’s face.
After all, no matter how to say it, it’s also the former teammates who fought side by side. Everyone thinks it’s not the kind of person who will give up easily and knows that his side will be killed again in the second round. Wouldn’t it mean that Fang wants to be ready for the cause?
The trick of hiding the knife in the smile is to control the anger value of the other sp, so that means the speaker wants to avoid them being laughed at here?
Thought of here has been finished.
"One of the two people who are tired of love and ending must be carrying a kind voyage?"
"These guys are really hiding deep!"
Lao Wei couldn’t help but say that he didn’t expect Fang Xiang to be able to play such a routine. It was also at this time that everyone’s eyes were on the flu team. The second speed and card speed quickly controlled Fang Xiang and Ruoshui.
The two great lost souls have laid the foundation for Fang Xiang and Ruoshui to be killed in the second round.
It is also at this time that the flu can’t help but send a look to Fang Xiang. At this time, Fang Xiang’s mouth is still slightly raised
It seems that there is no worry about being killed at all.
It was also when I saw this scene that I was shocked by the flu, and my eyelids trembled wildly. He suddenly felt that the dreamer team in the second round had some abnormal performance.
It’s like giving them a routine?
Chapter four hundred and eleven The ups and downs
What the hell went wrong …
I asked myself again and again about the flu, but he found that there was nothing wrong.
He may know a little less about the information at the end of the curtain. After all, the dreamer and the missing account have never seen each other several times, and he is tired of love. The flu there is that he knows that this guy was a guy who insisted on playing with power before when the second round ended.
Fang Xiang and Ruoshui fell in love with each other, and the younger sister of the flu team here has also been pulled up and ended, and a total annihilation directly took away the flu team with three knives. Although this wave of output is dazzling, the dreamer team has completely fallen into a disadvantageous situation, but there are still not many dream friends who make a good sound. Everyone is anxious and waiting for a miracle to appear!
"Set the lost souls for the two people left over there."
"Straight ahead"
The best way to solve this anxiety is to end it quickly.
I’m not going to play with the flu anymore.
When he made this instruction, there was still an inexplicable panic in his heart.
What the hell are you worried about …
It is also at this time that the dreamer team has finished the third round C.
The third round collision is official!
Because both sides have died quickly, the flu team directly chose double lost souls to control the dreamer team, only tired of love and ending.
It is also after the flu team’s second-speed and card-speed shots are completed
The dreamer team is tired of love.
Special effects—
Cihang Purdue!
When that word Cihang Purdue appear on the big screen
Dream friends are boiling!
“? ? ?”