It seems that this fat bird has bigger doubts in his heart? !
However, after the development of the situation, Zhou Xiaolong and Bai Mo could not predict it.
Because at this moment, a sudden gust of wind blew up the sand on the roof.
Chapter 47 Two troublemakers
The rectangular cover on the roof, with a black symbol on the front, suddenly "crashed" and a black smoke came out from the surface.
It’s black smoke, but you can’t see what’s inside. !
Zhou Xiaolong hurriedly made a blind eye of Yin and Yang and saw that there was a man in the black fog who was sometimes illusory and sometimes clear and similar.
You can see two arms and two legs, but you can’t see your hands and feet, but that face is very clear
It’s a face with blue face and fangs. It looks like some witchcraft. It’s wearing a terrible mask and it feels like let the right one in.
This is the first time that Zhou Xiaolong has seen the spirit of "evil spirit", which may become so terrible after the evil spirit turns into evil spirit.
On the 29th floor, this horrible evil spirit saw that it had long hair, which had merged with the black fog.
The end of the long hair floats like a claw fish, which sets off the horror face more pale.
The evil face color is a kind of blue, green and pale, which is very terrible.
To tell the truth, Zhou Xiaolong is very nervous, and his consciousness has taken a step back.
Nervousness is not due to timidity, but mainly because Zhou Xiaolong has no implements or weapons in his hand.
If the evil spirit really pounced on himself, Zhou Xiaolong really didn’t know how to deal with it? !
Met the nemesis Zhou Xiaolong this just feel is their negligence.
Zhou Xiaolong always followed Master’s disciples when he was trying to catch monsters.
Then Zhou Xiaolong was asleep in the frozen Xuan Bing for a hundred years. When he woke up, he met some simple characters who were easy to deal with.
Because the difficulty is too low, Zhou Xiaolong is a little proud in his heart, and he becomes fearless and dares to challenge evil with his bare hands.
It seems that if you can’t be careful tonight, I’m afraid you will suffer.
Zhou Xiaolong thought about those things at the same time. Besides, the evil spirit’s mouth was hissing, which sounded a bit like a horse braying.
Fortunately, the evil spirit did not attack Zhou Xiaolong immediately, but looked behind Zhou Xiaolong.
Strange to say, the black fog across the street flashed a few times and disappeared
Bai Mo, the hovering party, can see clearly that it is not gone, but an extremely fast moving speed.
Bai Mo immediately woke Zhou Xiaolong and said, "You should be careful when that thing moves to the little dragon behind you! ! !”
Zhou Xiaolong quickly turned a somersault in the opposite direction. Looking back, the evil spirit did appear behind him.
But it seems that the target is not Zhou Xiaolong? !
Shit! ! !
Zhang Long and Zhao Hu, the two troublemakers, didn’t listen to Zhou Xiaolong’s orders and climbed the roof quietly.
What these two little security guards see is a mass of black fog.
The more you can’t see clearly, the more curious you are, the closer you get, and the more you can’t help kicking the roof. As a result, the evil spirit finds out that it has become the target of the evil spirit.
Everything in the world generally likes to bully the weak and fear the hard.
Bai Mo’s semi-evil spirit can’t catch up with Zhou Xiaolong. He is an authentic Xuan disciple. He has a strong aura and the evil spirit doesn’t want to play hardball.
However, Zhang Long and Zhao Hu are ordinary people. Obviously, it is easiest to attack these two people first.
The terrible image of the evil spirit can only be seen in the eyes of Yin and Yang, and Zhang Long and Zhao Hu can see a mass of black fog in their eyes.
So these two little security guards are not so frightened, but they are still silly to watch the excitement.
The black fog flashed a few times and it was close to Zhao Hu’s body.
It is important to save lives. Zhou Xiaolong must act. He stretched out his right hand and drew an exorcism in front of his eyes. He took a deep breath and breathed a lot of qi, hitting the exorcism at the evil spirit.
In the eyes of evil spirits, it is a golden palm, and all evil substances will be afraid.
However, the evil spirit is by no means a simple character. He did not dodge because of fear, but spit out a stream of black gas from his mouth.
That black gas shot at Zhou Xiaolong’s heart like a black sword.
Zhou Xiaolong immediately turned over a somersault and dodged, but he wanted to make it simple. The black gas was not a direct past, but a turn.
Xiao-long Zhou has just landed his feet and his body has not stabilized yet. That black gas actually came around behind him and continued to hit Xiao-long Zhou’s back.
At this critical juncture, Bai Mo, a fat bird in the sky, flew rapidly towards Zhou Xiaolong.
Because that black fog is too fast, it’s obvious that there won’t be anything to wake Zhou Xiaolong up.
I came to Bai Mo to push Zhou Xiaolong, but the speed of the black fog was too fast.
Although Bai Mo pushed Zhou Xiaolong’s body half a step, Bai Mo’s belly was facing the black fog, and as a result, it was hit hard by the black fog.
Bai Mo immediately spit out one mouthful blood and fell to the ground.
"ShiShu, are you okay? ? ? ! ! !”
"Don’t leave me alone and quickly lead the evil spirit into the large array of mahjong tiles, or we will all die! ! !”
It’s simple to say, but it’s even more difficult to practice.
The evil spirit moves so fast that Zhou Xiaolong is not sure if he can attract the evil spirit into the set trap.
Xiao-long Zhou is a bitter solution. Zhang Long and Zhao Hu have already called for help. Zhang Long shouted stupidly, "Look at the black fog coming. What’s in it? !”
Zhao Hu also shouted, "Yes, my mother seems to be coming after us. Let’s run!"
Zhou Xiaolong shouted to Zhang Long and Zhao Hu while inspiring his true spirit, "You two Aauto Quicker cover your nose and mouth and hold your breath, then don’t move your face to the ground!"
Zhang Long and Zhao Hu don’t know what happened, so they can do it. They both put their hands over their faces and lay down together.
Zhou Xiaolong, this method is still effective. Generally, spirits or monsters want to attack the living, but they are usually angry and judge the position.
It’s like mosquitoes bite people, not their eyes, but the human body emits certain smells to determine the direction.
Zhang Long and Zhao Hu breathed less, their anger weakened, and the evil spirits hesitated to find their targets.
Zhou Xiaolong jumped up from the ground and turned over a high somersault with this little bit.