(NND people with impure thoughts go to the wall)
"Wow, Master, I dare not do it again."
"It hurts, master. Please leave me alone."
"Meowed, I dare not, master. Don’t hit Zi Xuan. Zi Xuan’s ass is swollen."
"Hum, this is a small lesson. In this way, your little ass will be beaten red and swollen." Meng Qi took a bite out of his heart and let his little face cry like Xiaohua Mall Zi Xuan, and then took out the panacea for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis to Zi Xuan.
Zi Xuan felt that the cool ointment was rubbed on his little ass, which was so painful that the little ass suddenly stopped hurting. Soon Zi Xuan was in good condition and jumped up again.
But at this time, she never dared to provoke Meng Qi to come to the lake to wash her face.
"Ah, it’s so cool." Zi Xuan took off his shoes and socks after washing his face, put the small jade foot in the lake, kicked the lake up and snorted. "Smelly master and bad master actually beat Zi Xuan’s little ass. I hate it."
Meng Qi saw Zi Xuan having a good time and simply took off his clothes and jumped into the water.
"Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" Meng inspired a burst of * * * "Good cool water and good comfort". How long has it been since Meng Qishen swam in the water?
Meng Qi swam in the middle of the lake while thinking about it while swimming in the water, and then Meng Qi lay lazily on the water in the sun.
Suddenly Meng Qi felt that an important part of himself was bitten by something, and there was some dull pain. When I looked up, I made a grass and a fish that grew at least half a meter was biting Meng Qi’s thing and tearing it hard.
Meng Qi can even see that there are tiny pieces of meat left in his Bai Sensen teeth. This guy is obviously a carnivore. Meng Qi reached out and grabbed it angrily, then threw it on the shore and shouted, "Girl, fix that fish and eat it for a while!"
Seeing that the fish fell on the grass and struggled constantly, but without the water fish, it was Fa Sheng who struggled for too long, gradually weakened and then stopped.
Meng Qi didn’t look back until he saw that there was no movement. He thought, "NND, it’s a good thing my body is hard, or I can’t cut off my grandson. I dare to bite my little JJ and treat you like a dining table."
And Zi Xuan saw that before the big fish no longer struggled, he skillfully pulled out the dirty belly, hung the scales and took out the gills and asked, "Master! How do you want to eat? "
Meng Qi did not hesitate to call out, "Let’s roast the soup from head to tail." I have to say that this guy is quite good at eating.
Then Meng Qi came to the shore, spread a piece of cotton cloth on the grass, and then lay comfortably in the sun bath, waiting for Zi Xuan to cook. Because he was too comfortable, Meng Qi gradually fell asleep.
After a while, Meng Qi felt a little strange when she heard the woman talk about it. It didn’t sound like Zi Xuan’s girl. When she opened her eyes, Meng Qi was shocked.
"You you why are you here? !” Looking at sitting on the shore, eating grilled fish and drinking fish soup, Meng Qi suddenly felt his brain crashed. How did this guy find himself?
Seeing Meng Qi wake up, the neon stopped the fish soup and said to Meng Qi, "Fish soup is good."
While Zi Xuan looked at Meng Qisheng with some fear, fearing that his little ass would suffer again.
After a while, Meng Qi took a piece of fish and bit it hard before he reacted. He looked at the neon mercilessly and seemed to bite it himself.
Neon drank the fish soup very calmly and then touched Zi Xuan and said, "If you are bullying Zi Xuan, I will not stop with you."
"What can I do for you? Girl is my apprentice and not your apprentice "Meng Qi a pull Zi Xuan didn’t good the spirit said.
"What do you mean it’s none of my business? Zi Xuan, but I found "Neon" at that time, and it was very easy for me to find a reason to mind my own business.
Meng Qi’s language is a struggle. I don’t know what this guy has experienced. After this meeting, Meng Qi is almost finished. Her opponent is often driven crazy.
"Elder sister, what do you want?" Meng Qizhen doesn’t know what neon is doing with himself all day.
"Nothing, I just like to follow you." Neon looked at Meng Qi with admiration.
"Ahhh! You’re not going to finish your magic door? Go, go, follow me? " Meng Qi can’t stand it.
Neon heard Meng Qi suddenly silent and said nothing. Meng Qi looked at the neon, but her face was expressionless.
Meng Qi always felt that something was wrong and asked softly, "What happened?"
"Nothing," replied the neon light, and his face lost the look of teasing Meng Qi.
In this way, Meng Qi felt that something was wrong. She persisted in asking, and finally Neon finally told Meng Qi …
Chapter seventy-nine Distraught (the first more)
"At that time, we went back to the road and met a brother of mine. He told me that an elder in our clan had coveted me for a long time and wanted to make a fuss about it. Now he is arresting me everywhere and my master is not living because of some things. I have plans to wait until the master returns to the clan."
Meng Qi bowed his head and thought for a moment and said, "Because of Zi Xuan?"
Neon nodded Meng Qi was silent. He didn’t expect things to develop like this.
"Why didn’t you say so earlier?" Meng Qi frowned. If Neon had said earlier, Meng Qi would not have done so.
After hearing Meng Qi’s words, Neon curled her mouth and said, "Who are you? Why should I tell you?"
Meng Qi didn’t answer her. Now that she knows the truth, Meng Qi is naturally not in the mood to joke with her again. After thinking for a while, she said, "Well, just follow me when the time comes. If it’s really not good, I’ll take you back to Heihuangzong. There will always be a way."
Looking at Meng Qi’s serious neon, I felt a little sweet in my heart.
"In that case, we’d better go back to Wucheng, but it seems that we have to make some preparations." Once something happens, Meng Qi will change his laziness and seriously think about ways to deal with it.
I don’t know if neon suddenly feels uncomfortable and feels much better.
"Since I’m going to stay for a while, this small courtyard is not enough. I’ll rent a bigger neon for a while, so you can stay at home and have nothing to do." Back to the small courtyard, Meng Qi felt that it was not suitable here and decided to change places.
Meng Qi has been in Wucheng for some time, but he still doesn’t know much about this place, but there is one person who must know.
So Meng Qi came to Yang Dayan House.
"Brother, why did you come to see your brother today?" Yang Dayan looked at Meng Qi and said smilingly.
Meng Qiyi gave up his hand and didn’t talk nonsense. "In fact, I have something to trouble my brother today."
Yang Dayan said with a wave of his hand, "Brother has helped me so much. If there is anything, don’t say that there are still some ways to do it."
"In fact, it’s nothing but I want to change to a bigger hospital, but I don’t know about Wucheng. I want to have trouble with my brother."
Yang Dayan ha ha a smile and said, "It’s a small matter. A brother happens to have a house. Now, if the younger brother doesn’t abandon it, he will send you." This thing is really a piece of cake for Yang Dayan.
Meng Qi also said rudely, "Thank you, brother. I wonder where the house is?" Meng Qi hopes to be quiet. After all, he is hiding from people.
"Ah, just next door to my brother for a while, I’ll ask someone to pick up my brother. I can move here at any time, and then everyone will be close." Yang Dayan seems to be in a good mood and kept laughing.
Meng Qi didn’t think it was better next to other Yang Dayan mansions. After all, who will come around this malefic if nothing happens?
So Meng Qi got up and said, "In this case, the younger brother will go back and tidy up for a day and then move here."