Shimizu Yanlang laughed. "It’s not so easy to go."
The black man sneered at his arms, but suddenly he didn’t see him as if he were moving. Two short blades in his palm were radiant with sen cold light. He whispered, "It’s easy!"
Words a black dress person also don’t back to his right arm behind a wave of his hand immediately rolled up the wind will blow the three teenagers far away, then foot strength such as light jish close-fitting crashed into the water yan.
That moment clever posture let cen "yi" a surprised than this posture is so familiar and very similar to yourself, but she has been wrapped in the wind and involuntarily blown away by the feather and silent feather at the same time.
The snow hua is big, it’s raining, it’s raining, it’s bright, it’s biting your teeth and Cen is struggling, the mountains are thundering, the mountains are flying, Joan’s scenery is fine, the snow is flying, and the beautiful scenery is flying. They have no idea to enjoy it. They want to get out of here as soon as possible and find a place to release their horses. The two of them will work together to turn Mo Yu over the horse’s back, which is too tired to pant, hush and Cen’s injury is quite heavy. After some tossing, they will sit idly and refuse to
"Stop that now and go quickly."
"The sweet potato man is very familiar with you. Who is it?"
"That’s my dad."
Cen spent a stay looking back at the Jianshui Waterfall, but she thought that the identity of the man in black vaguely grasped something but consciously rejected it < d Chapter 10 I am not a philosopher.
Text] Chapter 10 I am not a philosopher-
Three horses are dragging a car on the road. The driving teenager is locked in a frown. He keeps a close eye on the fine snow on the road ahead. It doesn’t mean to stop now. dngjing’s spirits don’t care about other people’s feelings, and the teenager doesn’t care about the scenery along the road. He really wants to make the carriage run, but he is afraid of bumping. The two little nv in the carriage are sleeping like death. I can’t help crying at the thought of this.
The situation of silent feather is very strange. The injury is very heavy, but the face is actually invisible. There is a layer of black gas floating like a mask. The situation of Cen is not optimistic. After serious injury, he protected the faint feather and returned to Baishui. Finally, when he feathered and bought a carriage, he couldn’t stay weak.
The cold wind hits the face, the skin is dry and feathered, and I feel very distressed to buy a carriage. hua Guang’s last hundred silver baht is even more distressed by two little nv tragedies, and then he thinks of his father. He doesn’t know whether his father has been following him after he came out of the mountain, but he intuitively feels that his father won’t be the opponent of Shimizu Yan’s unfathomable strength, gentle appearance and ghostly means. It’s amazing that he doesn’t know his father’s strength, so he can compare it with Shimizu Yan’s master * * but he can’t draw a conclusion. These two people are generally
Don’t be busy. The more I think about it, the more I can’t help crying.
All the way to Yunzhong City Site, there was a horse pulling a vehicle. He sold his two horses in the middle, changed some dry food and clear water, and found a doctor to see two little nv injuries. There was no way to save the doctor. They couldn’t explain what they were not dead, but they were one of the doctors. They gave a little suggestion on how much ginseng soup to feed to maintain their physical function. Fortunately, she was able to wake up and transfer the feather body several times, and went to a lot of headaches, such as wiping her body and feeding soup.
Fortunately, these days, I didn’t find how much I put my heart in the pursuit of feather. My father blocked Qingshuiyan. On the afternoon of the fourth day, the teenagers finally returned to Yunzhong City Site to feather and drive to Yejia. The eccentric old man who swept the floor was sitting in front of Fu N, and hu Yan was still leisurely.
When the carriage stopped, dozens of soldiers gathered around and drew their swords. The unique iron temperament of the archer soldiers has already condensed Ye’s long-standing respect. Except for the number of royalty, who dares to drive and ride in front of the house for a hundred years? The situation is still a big mourning period.
Shake a piece of metal cold light and frighten the feather to enlarge and call "the old man is me!" "
The old man took a closer look at the young man with long hair and dusty clothes before squeezing, just like fighting with roadside wild dogs for food. He asked a little funny, "How did you get so embarrassed?" Did you fight with someone? "
It’s as if I saw my loved ones feathering and jumping, but I didn’t know that my feet were weak. I stumbled into the old man’s arms and didn’t speak. One mouthful blood first gushed out and dyed the old man’s front. The old man was scared by him, and his pulse N face S suddenly changed. This pulse condition is empty, and the DNG score is a precursor to exhaustion
"Go and find a doctor!"
Ye Zhiqiu, Ye Xia and Acacia Moon broke into the guest room, and several doctors had treated three young doctors. They were so worried that their hearts sank and sank that they didn’t speak for themselves.
Ye Zhiqiu grabbed a card shark and whispered, "What’s the situation?"
The doctor replied in fear, "The little brother, Chang Gong, has traveled a long way and hasn’t slept for a few days. He will be very tired and will be raised for a few days."
Ye Zhiqiu long breath sink a way "said".
"Back to Chang Gong, the two girls couldn’t find the symptoms."
"Chang Gong and I have seen many strange diseases and miscellaneous diseases, but it is the first time to see the silver-haired girl with a serious injury, but I don’t know that the injury seems to be strange in her internal organs, but it happened that the blood gas is not working well. This purple-haired girl is even more strange. We can ensure that she can cure her injury, but there seems to be something else attached to her body, which beats like a heart from time to time and impacts the girl’s nerves."
Ye Zhiqiu looked at him, and several practitioners nodded and rubbed their hands. They were all famous doctors jing Yunzhong City Site, but it was a shame that they were helpless today.
Ye Xia shouted angrily, "Does that mean there is nothing you can do?"
Contemporary householders are furious, and several practitioners are even more frightened and afraid of S.
Acacia Moon gently tugged at Ye Xia’s sleeve to signal him to calm down. Only then did he gently say, "Thank you, doctors, please go to the slant hall to serve tea and take a break. Please be careful."
Seemingly casual and polite to detain the whole world, several practitioners are calm and peaceful, and they surrender their guilt and walk out with ease as if they were much younger.
"This is so good? Even these card shark can’t see the tricks "Ye Xia anxious stamp.
Ye Zhiqiu a press he sat on the stool denounced "a situation is impatient ng calm down! See if acacia has any way to care about it again. "
Ye Xia Kenai grabbed the round teapot and poured it into it.
Acacia moon went to feather and lay down hung, bent down and took his pulse. Look carefully and suddenly ask, "Who will arrange it?" A boy and two nv children are put in the same room? Feather body weak for a few days and then a while to call a person to carry to another room. "
Yip’s brothers stare blankly before impatient which meeting scruples about these?
Acacia walked slowly to Cen’s side, listened carefully and smiled slightly. "Boy, I really touched the master."
Ye Xia asked urgently, "What happened?"
Acacia month withdrew his hand and laughed. "Ye’s military power is naturally different from the Jianghu duel. They probably met Jianghu experts. In my opinion, this man has little skill and can reach the realm of Tianshan devil’s wife-Mrs. Silk knot."
The two brothers broke out in a cold sweat. Although they are not Jianghu people, the name of Mrs. Tianshan Devil can be regarded as the great warrior of Kyushu. Who knows that these three people are called "outstanding heroes"? It is said that the three men once made a gambling agreement to steal treasures from the palace of Zhongzhou Apocalypse City in the daytime, and deliberately left them to annoy the emperor. The emperor was furious, so today’s people can arrest them for staying in Tianshan Mountain. The royal family sent troops to encircle the mountain and failed to attack the mountain, causing the royal family to lose face. Imagine that the two strange brothers were once carefree and fascinated by yn. How can they not lose heart when they hear the spirit nv talking like this?
Acacia month went on to say, "Cen’s injury was not bad, but she was spared. If you want to show that her body is covered with viscera, the strength of the little girl will be restored in ten and a half months."
Ye’s brothers have a little peace of mind. They naturally know the means of acacia month and know her god’s unpredictable ability. She dares to say so. Of course, she has great confidence. However, when acacia month’s silent feather feels the pulse, their hearts get up again. This evil spirit nv face S suddenly disappears, and it is as dignified as iron for the first time.