Li Fei hurriedly with the wave trying to say Lin Jing "no, no, no, no, you listen to me, it’s not appropriate! Let me go! "
Lin said slowly, "Hugh, think! We are good brothers, so can’t we share weal and woe? "
Li Fei shouted, "But I don’t want to be a light bulb!"
"Don’t talk nonsense about the light bulb. Don’t forget to say it again when I’m here. Or did you give me the idea? How can you run?" Lin Jing stepped up his efforts to hold Li Fei, and he was sure that Li Fei was definitely gaining weight, so he could hardly hold back after such a struggle.
Li Fei wanted to cry. "Please, I’m your military adviser. Military advisers usually plan behind the scenes. Have you ever seen the battlefield of military advisers?" As he spoke, Li Fei tried hard in the opposite direction.
Lin Jing once again stepped up his efforts to "see you today"
Li Fei is jumpy. "Farewell is really inappropriate!"
Just as the two men were deadlocked, a low magnetic male voice suddenly sounded behind them. "Excuse me, what are you doing in front of my house?"
Li Fei and Lin Jing both paused and looked back stiffly. Boy, it was Ningjinyu.
Li Fei suddenly raised his hand and buried his face in it. He was ashamed to be found by his host family. They shirked their duties at the door.
Lin Jing’s eyes flashed a pre-emptive way: "Hello, President Ning, I was invited by Lan Xin to come to Azhou and say anything with me."
Li Fei’s pupil earthquake. Hey, hey, hey. When did he say he was coming? ! It was Lin Jing who dragged him over by a high-speed train, saying that he was asked to send a ride and all the fruits were delivered to people’s doorsteps, but he was not allowed to go and wanted him to send the Buddha to the west!
Li Fei retorted, "When will I well-"Lin Jing covered his mouth as soon as he opened his mouth. He could stare big eyes and issue a "well-well" to protest.
Ning Jinyu is not stupid, but he can see at a glance that there is something fishy about it. "Li Zhou, if you don’t mind, come home for dinner together. You saved Lan Xin’s life. We haven’t thanked you yet. It’s just that my father, mother and grandfather are here today. We want to thank you and invite you to dinner. This is the most basic thing."
Lin Jing beat us to it. "Ah Zhou, do you think people are so kind to invite you? Are you not bashful to refuse? Excuse me, right? Then we will disturb! " The first two sentences were directed at Li Fei, and the second sentence was directed at Ning Jinyu, directly blocking Li Fei’s retreat.
Ning Jinyu let the housekeeper open the iron gate, and Lin Jingze restrained Li Fei and forgot to bring him.
At the moment of the iron gate, Li Fei finally resigned and gave up his resistance. It seems that he will pigeon Jiang Lianqi again today. He pigeon Jiang Lianqi twice in a row and I don’t know if Jiang Lianqi will settle accounts with him afterwards.
Ning Jin Yu just opened the door and Ning Lanxin greeted her and kept her waist. "Brother, you are back!"
NingJinYu heart rubbed his NingLanXin head gently pushed her away "how old don’t keep some distance with my brother? When your guests arrive, don’t let them see the joke. "Say it and show your face slightly sideways. Laugh at Lin Jing and Li Fei with embarrassment and courtesy.
Ning Lanxin suddenly felt her face burning panic and ran back to the bedroom and shouted, "Brother, you went too far and didn’t say so earlier!" " She’s still unkempt in her pajamas … She’s humiliated in front of Lin Jing! Will it leave a bad impression?
Li Fei knows well that the speed of women’s dressing is a mystery. He once saw Jiang Ming change a suit in less than one minute and finish painting a makeup in less than five minutes.
Today, he saw that Ning Lanxin had changed her makeup and hairstyle for three minutes compared with Jiang Ming.
Li Fei is very skeptical that she has a professional makeup team waiting for her in the bedroom, otherwise this speed is too fast, right? !
Ning Lanxin’s face flushed and didn’t disappear. "Let the two teachers laugh … I, I don’t do this at home at ordinary times. Today is an accident." Although such a weak explanation may not be convincing, she still holds a chance.
Chapter DiErWuLiu Work haven’t finished processing.
In the dark, Li Fei crept to open the door and looked around carefully and went in.
Suddenly blunt come over from a distance a shadow Li Fei heart melted and held it in her arms Meng a drag on the trail "Horus! I want to die! "
Horus’s tail is also shaking wildly. It’s obvious that he is happy to see Li Fei, and there is a "whoop" in his throat.
Li Fei quickly than a "shh" move "don’t out! If Lian Qi finds out, I’m finished! "
Suddenly the light was turned on and the surroundings became bright. Li Fei was a tingle directly.
Jiang Lian Qi Yin came from behind him. "Don’t be hard on it. It’s a dog and I’ve found it."
Li Fei’s face froze, and then an embarrassed smile appeared. "Ah … What a coincidence! Are you here?"
Jiang Lianqi said, "… it’s quite a coincidence. This is my home."
Li Fei was dismantled and silently turned away, and his brain was running rapidly.
Horus round eyes looked at Li Fei sticking out his tongue and licking his face.
Li Fei was tickled by this move and could not help laughing.
Jiang Lianqi sighed "Horus went back and forth to his nest."
Horus obedient jumped back and forth from Li Fei’s arms to his nest.
Li Fei looked at Horus’s ass and felt a little incredible. At the same time, he pointed to Horus and asked Jiang Lianqi, "Why does it listen to you so much?"
Jiang Lianqi said, "I feed it when you are away. Can it not listen to me?"