Looking at Khan’s arrogant reply to this sentence, I am very puzzled. "Does’ Wang Daqian’ have other plans?"
At the same time, Khan qq flashed a message
"Khan is really a hook with your guy!"
Khan watched the man suddenly send a message and clicked on it, then typed back "Happy"
"Haha, I should thank you very much. It is estimated that the sky can be evil!"
"Weiwu, what are you talking about? I really belong to other provinces now, and the people in Shandong are not so exclusive. I apologize for the overlord and hope you have a good time in the game." Khan typed back.
"Ah, if only there were more people like you in the game," sighed the arrogant typing.
"I can’t help it. It’s not for us to decide."
"Well, I hope the sky will make me have a good fight!"
Chapter 984 Horn smoke
"…" Has been quietly note the horn war judge frowned thoughtfully.
"It seems that Khan is really going to make money through the horn. I heard the overlord say that he and Weiwu each brushed 10,000 horns, and Khan should have sold a lot."
"If I didn’t guess wrong, Khan should still have a horn in his hand now," the judge analyzed in his heart.
Although the second judge missed the battle between the mighty and the overlord, several sets of horns in the auction house were still very conspicuous
Although the judge didn’t see those groups of speakers with his own eyes, there were many friends in the judge’s game, and some of them were businessmen’s friends. "Did you deliberately provoke the two local tyrants to fight with each other?" Then you can sit back and reap the benefits? "
The judge looked at several friends and teased himself like this, and immediately thought of this guy Khan.
There are a few people in the district who have the strength to’ have sex’ with 10,000 speakers at a time, but it is clear to the judge that he just asked a speaker. Everyone said that if there is no consumption in the horn market recently, even if they speculate, they will not make any profit.
But who would have thought that at this time, the big local tyrants in the two districts would have such a large-scale horn war, and they also regretted not hoarding more horns
On the contrary, it was some small horn merchants who found it cheap, of course, including Khan’s 10 thousand horns
Therefore, the judge intuitively told him that the guy who handled nearly 10,000 horns at a time should be Khan.
It is precisely because of this that the judge decided to take his own funds from the auction house for a few days on and off and set off a horn just in case.
The judge has a wonderful hand.
I’m not optimistic about the horn market here, and it’s very unfavorable for Bibei to deal with the loss of goods in case of a large number of stocks.
Since you hoard a lot of goods by yourself, you can change the normal curve to save the country. If you can’t increase your profits, you will reduce your opponent’s sales and curb your opponent’s profit growth.
This is market competition.
The judge watched the two of them fight for horns and planned to build their own horns, but when he opened the auction house, one of the cheapest horns id was that the judge knew a business friend.
"Is it a smoke bomb? There are still big moves to be put behind? " The judge stared at the auction house for a long time. At this time, the two speakers only brushed one.
However, after brushing several times, I didn’t see any strange id speakers, so the judge never had one.
The judge didn’t find any suspicious id speakers in the auction house until he finished painting 1000 khans and said stop.
But the judge’s business friends sold a lot of speakers.
"It’s no wonder that Khan left a cause …" The judge looked at Khan’s last few speakers and clearly realized that it was a "shock" to the law
But he didn’t come forward to stop it, because once his horn suddenly revealed his identity, Khan would definitely not ask the bully to brush his horn again.
"My goal now is to keep a large number of horns in Khan’s hands at least," the judge muttered in his heart.
In the evening, Tianyu received the information comparison of the two libraries again.
"… I’ll go!" Tianyu looked at Khan today library trends to the brain can not help but call way
Tianyu marveled that it was Khan’s more than one loudspeaker that directly hit Shui Piao.
"It’s really awesome to dare to brush horns with local tyrants in the area at this juncture. If these more than 1,000 horns are sold as game coins, it should cost 80,000 yuan, right?" Tianyu heart thought to pay a way
"80,000 can definitely affect the results of the competition … is it difficult for Khan to give up on himself?" Tianyu heart continue to thoughts.
Tianyu didn’t see the Khan overlord brushing his horn. Of course, he didn’t know that Khan had an appointment with the overlord to fight again the next day.
So Tianyu didn’t think of Khan’s other libraries, and he stared at Khan’s remaining horn and shook his head and sighed, "Maybe Khan’s true qi is exhausted."
Then Tianyu checked a judge’s account and checked a judge’s assets and library.
Judge: At present, the number of belts with enchanted orbs in the auction house remains the same, but the number of other seven protective gear has obviously decreased.
Tianyu saw the price of 7 bearing armor in an auction house. The price of the judge in the auction house is generally lower than others. No wonder the market is so good.
The enchanted orb bearing belt Tianyu looked at the judge and nodded his head.
"The sales of enchanted year of the snake orb belts are much better than those of other seven bearing armor. The number of racks in the auction house has not changed much, mainly because the judge collected a lot of enchanted orbs today, reaching a level of buying." Tianyu affirmed the judge’s current actions.
If there is no big change in the sky, it is a bit difficult to counterattack on January 1 ST.
January 31st is like a match point. If anyone can win later, it is estimated that the match will be almost settled.
On the other side, Tianyu’s team has already started to take out the library and have a sale.
And they have begun to cash in the existing game funds.
I came to the next day, January 31st.
It’s still the afternoon. It’s terrible to pick things up again.
"Paralysis, are you tired? If you want to brush your horn, have a good time. Don’t let Nima put a few like farting every day. "Overlord can’t stand the’ sex’ and immediately blow the horn."
"I’ll fight you first today." Brushing this horn is none other than the id of "Wang Daqian"
"Ha ha, you will also be able to play tricks on your lips. What’s better than what? Speak quickly," cried the overlord horn.
"Then let’s warm up a speaker first, for example?" Khan horn brush path
"I’m speechless … after all, aren’t you still going to count the horns?" After the bully issued this horn, another horn sarcastically said, "Have you brought enough horns today? Don’t just brush a thousand and fuck off again. "
"Let’s start without ink." After issuing this horn, Khan immediately began to count.
At this time, of course, the judge also saw "Wang Daqian" in the game and subconsciously thought that he was Khan.
Now it is obvious that he is going to speculate on the price of horns.
Compared with yesterday, the price of fried horn today is natural.
What is it?
Khan brushed a horn yesterday and agreed to fight again today, not only to make adequate preparations.