Listening to people’s hearts, Wen Mingyuan is a little relieved, but he also knows that the other party is probably because Wen Mingyuan is good with him.
My beloved Wu Wu just asked.
But this time it was him who led the rescue team.
What can I say to make ega less worried?
After thinking about it, I can’t make up a lie. Just tell the truth. "This time, he is in charge of commanding the crew of the cruise ship. He is the captain of the PA Falcon Secret Service."
Su Mo’s heart thumped when he thought of the tall alpha who wore a black T-shirt and looked as beautiful as ega on National Day. Was the other party so powerful that he was an agent?
Oh, but I’m still not worried
After all, apart from this man and his grandfather, I hardly heard Mr. Wang have any other relatives.
Alpha obviously guessed his mind and said to him at the moment, "Madam, don’t worry about my cousin. He is very powerful and he will handle all the more dangerous things and finish them smoothly."
I don’t know how I became alpha to comfort myself. Su Mo felt a little embarrassed. I remembered getting up this morning and wanted to change the subject and say something about alpha, but I soon remembered that I promised alpha last night.
Say what the other person wants to do to him.
"…" EGA always felt awkward when she bit her lip, but she was a little angry and ashamed.
Forget it. It seems that I’m worried too much, sir. Cousin should be fine.
I also hope that the other party will complete the rescue safely and smoothly.
Now let’s look at the painting and draw it for a while.
With a little gas in my heart, Su Mo thought like this and didn’t say goodbye to alpha. Du Yi cut off the words.
The other end was suddenly hung up by ega. Yan Shuhan was stunned. The original "Du" was auditory hallucination. After more than ten seconds, nothing happened. I took my mobile phone to my eyes and looked at it and found that the truth was hung up.
be over; be doomed
Yan Shu cold suddenly felt very panic.
Ma ‘am, isn’t he angry at what he just said?
But ….. that’s the north. It really doesn’t belong to his jurisdiction.
Alpha was a little wronged, and at the same time, he really said that the problem pointed out by ega just now was equally unacceptable, so he called there.
The opposite side picked up the sincere fear "Sir Yan?"
"When will you be in charge of this session?"
"Ah?" That middle-aged alpha obviously wants to fish in troubled waters
Yan Shuhan didn’t give the other party this opportunity to throw a cold word "huh?"
The other side is going to intervene in the end. "Today, the end of this year, October and December."
The person who didn’t answer was a little panicked. "Sir, is it the hijacking of a civilian ship on the high seas?"
"They didn’t do it well, but you have to understand, sir. They retired this year. There can be no stains on this and that, and they will be caught." The last few words are extremely small, as if they can’t say anything.
Yan Shuhan felt that he had heard the funniest joke in history.
He replied slowly, "I, forgive and understand?"
Clear pronunciation and mellow voice slowly jumped out one by one, and the other party was afraid to squeak again.
Yan Shu-han smiled again and again, and his tone plummeted by two degrees.
"All right, tell one of your managers that I’m in charge of this matter, not in the name of FDM’s chief executive, but in the name of former excellent members of PA Falcon Special Team, invited representatives of Yan City Council and Yan City Wen Gu."
Then the middle-aged alpha broke out in a cold sweat and his scalp was numb
And the office this head Yan Shu cold no longer say more words will flow.
"Attention, passengers to K City in North America. Your flight CA759 is now boarding. Please take your belongings and show your boarding pass …"
The broadcast of Terminal 2 of Jiangshi International Airport repeatedly plays the audio of urging boarding.
"Young man!"
A middle-aged lady across the street seems to be waving at him. Zheng Feng let go of his information and looked at people. "What can I do for you?"
"Are you going to board the plane? I see your luggage tag says K City? "