What earthy praise is not foreign at all!
Xu Dafa’s eyes lit up, and his face lit up and asked, "Does mom really want to send it?"
Xu wife black face nodded.
Li Chunfeng stared at her man with a face of disbelief.
"Xu Dafa! Are you really going to send me to my parents’ house? !”
Xu Dafa’s eyes are like eating people with his daughter-in-law, and he finally has a pleasure of turning over as a master.
He pretended to appease his daughter-in-law. "Daughter-in-law, don’t blame me for being your mother. I’ll let you go back to your mother’s house for a few days, and I’ll pick you up with your childhood when mom is angry."
Let him relax for a few days. This bitch has crushed him for a generation. It’s time for him to catch his breath for two days.
Li Chunfeng looked distorted. "Xu Dafa, you are not a person!"
When Xu Qingmei was caught by Xu Dafa, the whole person was dumbfounded.
She struggled wildly "Dad! What are you doing? You let me go! "
Xu Dafa pretends to be deaf and dumb as if he didn’t hear her cry, dragging NianLia away with his hands on each side.
Seeing that milk and dad are really coming, Xu Qinglan is in a hurry.
She was anxious to plead with the old Xu family. "Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, my mother and Qingmei didn’t mean it. Brother-in-law, brother-in-law Guohua, Guoqiang, Lily and Taotao, please beg for milk and don’t send my mother and Qingmei away!"
Xu Changqi, who has been on the side and doesn’t talk with shame, is utterly confused at this time.
Xu Changqi didn’t want his mother to be sent back to her parents, and she was upset and angry with her mother for looking for her little cousin four times.
He clenched his fist and looked right.
The old Xu family did not plead for Li Chunfeng because of Xu Qinglan’s words.
Li Chunfeng didn’t care about what she did before, but she was really angry today.
Their little girl’s help was finally wrong?
Who’s in the way of their eldest daughter’s ugliness?
Xu Daguang is very hot.
What? His daughter is not good-looking. Is her niece good-looking by herself?
The old Xu family is not an ugly ghost except his little girl who is beautiful!
Why she Xu Qingmei will insult his eldest daughter!
It’s not good for him to be a brother-in-law, so it’s just right for her to teach him a lesson!
Xu Lili head high plo cold hum.
Xu Taotao did speak, but it added fuel to the fire.
"Milk I see send uncle niang is back to her family for two days, she still dare to come back.
You have said that I am the old Xu Family Golden Phoenix, so don’t be unhappy with my golden phoenix today. "
Xu wife immediately like a different person.
She smiled at Xu Taotao. "Milk is listening. Xiaobao, the most promising person in our family, is happy to listen to you. How can milk be unhappy?" If you have something to say, you say it! "
Now she has her heart set on this beautiful and promising little granddaughter, and there is no one else in her eyes
The words spoken by the most promising younger generation of the old Xu family are more reasonable than those of an old woman who is illiterate.
She has to listen!
Xu Taotao covers her chest.
The old woman is so bored when she talks!
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Afraid of you Oh come on
It is said that the wicked have their own wicked wives who are Li Chunfeng’s nemesis.