Kaida didn’t answer, but looked behind Qin Shaojie. Several people said, "This is not a place to talk. The other boss wants to see you. You have to go."
"Eldest brother? Which boss? " Qin Shaojie asked in a daze.
Kay laughed and said nothing but pointed to the sky, and Qin Shaojie immediately understood.
Feelings, he said that the boss is Yan Long Teng Yan Lao.
Qin Shaojie also knows the seriousness of the matter, so let it go for the time being. Anyway, he has endured it for two months and doesn’t care if he endures it for a few more hours.
"Chelsea, you go back with the two of them first. I have some things to do." Qin Shaojie looked at Chelsea and said that the North Ghost War must take good care of her, otherwise she was really afraid that she would make something.
"Brother, where are you going? What are you going to lose me? " Chelsea see Qin Shaojie to leave suddenly some nasty.
"Don’t worry, I have something to deal with, and I will pick you up soon and take you to play." Qin Shaojie patted Chelsea’s head as if comforting a child. "You must be obedient and don’t run around."
"I know my brother," Chelsea replied softly to her face, but she couldn’t help but flash a trace of loss.
North Ghost War and Doure Mei confessed that they followed Kay out of the airport hall and there was a humble zhonghua car waiting for them outside.
Che is a man in his thirties, not from S.H.I.E.L.E.L.D. Qin Shaojie has never seen him, but he is a soldier from his sitting posture and movement.
After nodding with the driver, I went to Kaida and sat in the back seat.
The car slowly drove out of the parking lot before Qin Shaojie looked at Kay and asked, "What’s the big deal in the spiritual world? Why did you disturb Yan Lao? And how did you know I was coming back today? I didn’t tell anyone. "
"Hey boss, when you ask so many questions, which one do you want me to answer first?" Kiah laughed and asked.
"First of all, how did you know I was coming back today?"
"It’s simple," Kay shrugged and said, "You are the boss of S.H.I.E.L.D., and you will naturally be noticed by Yan Lao. Since you disappeared, we have been looking for you and tracked your words, but we can’t find you. However, we also tracked your ID card information, asking you to stay in a hotel or take a train or plane to know what you left behind."
"We just found out that your ID card information was registered at Hainan Airport, and then we checked it and came here."
Qin Shaojie nodded his head, but he understood that it would be more detailed and easier for SHIELD to check these if the ID card was made available to the general police.
"What happened in the spiritual world?" Qin Shaojie took a look at the driver and asked.
Kay laughed and said, "Boss, it’s okay. This car is very safe. The driver is Yan Lao’s escort."
Qin Shaojie nodded his head. After all, these things should not be agreed in front of ordinary people, or it will be bad to be listened to. Even if he doesn’t believe in anything in the spiritual world, he will treat himself as an idiot.
"The thing is," Kay said it again after thinking about it and organizing a language to besiege Shu Mountain with the magic way and then want to destroy the seal.
"Bang" Qin Shaojie thumped on the seat in a circle, but for his control, I’m afraid the car wouldn’t have been able to sit.
"This group of people are idiots? It’s so simple, you can’t even see it? Thanks to the fact that they have lived for hundreds of years, have they all lived to the dog? " Qin Shaojie said angrily, "They don’t know what will happen if the sacred stone is destroyed, regardless of their own interests and the spiritual world to comfort these fools?"
"This can’t be helped," Kay said with a sigh. "Those sects have been developing for hundreds of years. Of course, the head of the sects must pay attention to their own safety and interests."
"It is said that you are their leader?" Kay laughed and asked, "Why don’t you just come back now?"
"Fart leader" Qin Shaojie said depressed, speaking of this leader, he came to be angry with himself. army of one is still the leader alone.
"By the way, what does Yan Lao want with me?" Qin Shaojie asked
"I don’t know that," Kay laughed and shook his head and said, "You are the director, Yan Lao, and you are the one who has something to find. How can we know? But I think it should be related to this matter."
Qin Shaojie was shocked. "Does Yan Lao still care about spiritual affairs?"
"Otherwise, what about you?" Kai Da explained to this confused director that "the struggle between the yogi and the secular world has never happened in China because the country is of course in the country, and it may not be able to resist the yogi mainly by the mysterious three old guys."
"Mysterious three old guys?" Qin Shaojie asked doubtfully that he vaguely remembered hearing about it.
"Who are those three old guys? What repair? " Qin Shaojie asked
"I don’t know about this," Kay shook his head and said, "I heard that there are three people who are who they are, what they are and where they are. It’s not clear. Knowing that they are the patron saint of China, people who practice with them dare not mess around in the secular world."
"oh? Are these three old guys so powerful? " Qin Shaojie asked in surprise that three people can make the whole spiritual world afraid. It seems that there must be some stories.
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Chapter 619 Three old guys said
Curious, Qin Shaojie asked, "Did something happen?"
"Hey, hey, boss, you really guessed it," Kay grinned and said, "There are some stories in it."
"Let’s hear it." Qin Shaojie asked urgently what he liked best, especially such a mysterious thing.