"Burning the mountain and cooking the sea" is also known to Han Chen in front of him, so soon he will also take back the inflammation, but then his eyes will be cold and his vitality will suddenly rise, and the hot purple flame will also come out in an instant, and the instantaneous around Han Chen will become a sea of purple flames.
Cold so smile Han Chen is also quietly looking at the front to see at this time the resin incarnate like not desperately generally mercilessly rushed to the purple flame instant is purple shenhuo evaporated into a void.
"What is that flame? Why is it so powerful?" At this time, staying in the black light film will kill those resin incarnations like killing a god. His face has also changed a little. He also wants to use those resin incarnations to make the latter cause some injuries, but now it seems that his plan seems to be falling.
"Ha ha finish" smiled indifferently. Han Chen’s figure flashed in front of the black light film, and then quickly leaned out of the palm of his hand. The purple flame in the palm of his hand filled with faint heat.
Buzz …
Quickly put the palm of your hand against the black light film, and the black light film will disappear.
"Brother Han Chen is really amazing, but I don’t know what you just made the flame?" With a quick smile on his face, Xiang Ruyue was still immersed in the shock just now. He didn’t expect that it had just been promoted to the realm of god, so small it was so severe.
"Everyone has his own secret hope, so don’t ask Ruyue." At the side, he said to Ruyue faintly that Ziling was going to Han Chen and asked, "Brother Han Chen, are you all right?"
"I’m okay. Ha ha, these little things are still nai. I can’t." Han Chen shrugged his shoulders and not only looked at it without trace, but his face was livid and Ruyue couldn’t help laughing coldly.
"Brother Han Chen, I’m sorry I shouldn’t ask more questions." It was a smile to disappear like a moon’s face was livid, and then it was a slow smile. "Brother Han Chen, now we should look for that soul-eating stick."
"Brother Ha ha is right, but I still have things unfinished." A mysterious smile, Han Chen’s face suddenly turned cold and his body flashed, which means that a punch in front of Ruyue was blasted at the latter.
"Brother Han Chen, what are you doing?" Seeing Han Chen’s sudden Tathagata scene, his face changed slightly, but he seemed to see that Han Chen’s attack direction was not directed at himself, so he also gave up resistance.
At this time, a dull sound suddenly came out from behind the moon, followed by a loud bang to the ground and a quick pass.
"Ha ha, this thing must be the leader of those ghosts?" A cold smile Han Chen looked at the figure of a suit of black armor, and a cold color appeared on his face.
"Is this the king of thousands of corpses?" Quickly turned around that to Ruyue’s face is also quite changing. "I didn’t expect this thousand resin king to be really in this thousand resin cave. Chapter four hundred and forty-two Against the resin king."
"What is the king of thousands of corpses?" See the armor black figure Han Chen face is also quite changed, he can feel a little oppression from the former.
"The king of thousands of corpses is the guardian of the soul-eating stick in this thousand corpse grottoes. He said that this guy had a strong fighting capacity before his death, but after his death, he constantly absorbed the black gas here and finally became a master of the realm of god. Looking at the guy’s appearance, his strength is absolutely in the double realm of becoming a god." I can see that he was pale as a moon, and he didn’t expect this change to happen suddenly
"Those who trespass into the cave of thousands of corpses die" and at this time, the so-called king of thousands of corpses has got up and rolled around in black, rendering the armor more evil than evil.
"The teacher elder sister Ziling depends on you now." His eyes mused that Ruyue’s face changed slightly. His eyes looked at Ziling and seemed to have a hint of discussion.
"Ha ha, let me come." Han Chen’s figure stepped slowly with a light smile.
"Teacher Han Chen is no laughing matter now. This big guy is a double realm of becoming a god, and you have just been promoted to the realm of becoming a god. I am afraid …" At this time, Xiang Ruyue also knows the seriousness of the matter, and of course he dare not rashly try.
"Ha ha, don’t worry, if I can’t beat Ziling, let’s do it again." With a faint smile, Han Chen’s face flashed with a rather dignified smile. When he was also in the heart, his breath rose instantly and his breath swelled, and the dragons were also lingering around Han Chen.
"ghost change"
"dragon physiognomy"
Heart suddenly a drink Han Chen face is flashing with a cold meaning.
Now, his physical combat effectiveness can be comparable to that of a master of becoming a god after he has performed the operation of changing his mind into a dragon, but he still has some strength for this master of becoming a god.
"Hey, hey, you, the king of thousands of corpses, are a little weird, but for me, you are going to be restrained by me." Touching your mouth, Han Chen’s face has also become a bit ponder.
Buzz …
The purple flame jumps slowly and then wraps Han Chen. At this time, he is as majestic as an ancient Vulcan.
"Sister Ziling, do you know what this purple flame of Han Chen is?" Not far away, I asked the purple spirit beside Ruyue, whose face was quite strange.
"Everyone has their own secrets. Do you want me to ask you about the map of ten thousand people’s burial?" Purple spirit suddenly replied
"…" See purple spirit so answer that to Ruyue is also embarrassed to smile, and then look at the thousand resin king fighting Han Chen.
"Hum, this guy is in the double realm of becoming a god, but in my eyes, it can be equivalent to a peak realm of becoming a god." The corners of his mouth slightly lift Han Chen and guess the strength of the thousand resin kings in his heart. Of course, Han Chen has his own reasons for saying this.
Boom …
Shape flashing moment Han Chen shape is appeared in front of the thousand resin king hands bulging mixed with light purple flame is to the thousand resin king mercilessly boom.
Seems to be afraid of Han Chen’s purple shenhuo. Generally, the king of thousands of corpses suddenly regressed and his foot on the ground was smashed into a crack. It was horrible.
"Hum, I knew you guys were terrified of purple shenhuo." Hey, hey, smile, Han Chen’s figure once again shot at the thousand resin kings and went to the palm of his hand. A purple energy ball is gathered and then Han Chen will shoot at the thousand resin kings.
"Thousand resin palms" and when Han Chen’s palm is about to hit the thousand resin king, suddenly the latter is carrying a harsh sound with a palm, but there are bursts of sounds like brotherhood of the Wolf that make people feel a little shocked.
Whew …
Black palm black gas rolling is disgusting, and the foul smell is handed to the king of thousands of corpses. One palm seems to be focused on pulling out the mountain, and the general strength is against Han Chen. If it flashes quickly, it will attack the terror, and the strength will instantly collide with Han Chen’s palms.
Boom …
An explosion rang out, one purple and one black, and two smells rolled and collided, giving off bursts of burnt smell, followed by this energy strong breeze blowing away.
Soon the burning smell has dissipated, and at this time, the two of them are not far apart. A crack like a cliff suddenly appears there, as if telling the tragic story before.