Why wouldn’t a witch know?
At any rate, he was also a too, although it was a little long at that time.
But …
How can a group of lies that deceive ordinary people believe too much?
This is like the big lie that the ancient people also believed that heaven broke the law and the common people were guilty of the same crime.
Equally ridiculous
Ridiculous …
Chapter 52 Send Wu demons home
Ridiculous to ridiculous.
But it’s inevitable that witch demons think so.
After all, I have been a teacher for 90 years.
People have bad habits.
Especially in hell, the strong have all the environment, and all kinds of bad habits will be limited and amplified.
Witch demons are demons to some extent.
But no matter how the body drops, there is also a part of human blood, so it will naturally have this inferiority.
quite a while
Not far away to roar.
Dressed in a suit, with a small face and a serious appearance, Wu Xin-mo seems to be displaying peerless martial arts, and his body is approaching this cemetery as quickly as a ghost.
Wind, magic and water are tied around.
Both face with a hint of invisible strange smile.
A little while
About 100 meters away from the cemetery
Wu demons look a change directly stopped his footsteps.
something wrong/ smell a rat
The witch looked at the cemetery hidden in the dark, and the sense of panic in her heart increased.
soon afterwards
Wu Xin-mo, with his demon talent, saw the yellow mud around the place …
One second
Wu demons face directly turned to look at the water demon, by the way, and opened his mouth like a crow being strangled.
Wu Xin-mo’s original handsome and somewhat cool-looking face expression is also extremely gloomy and horrible. As the mouth opens, the jaw is directly separated …