Minister Qin’s words have been sent to his office. Is it not clear what they mean? That’s the intention of the leaders!
However, due to their own bad direct transfer.
He didn’t scruple directly, "what are you talking about? Vice Minister Jiang and Lao Tan are both here, so I’ll leave the words here. Jamlom is a member of our meat joint factory. The old money owner of the personnel department of our meat joint factory personally recruited us to cultivate Jamlom’s esteem for Jamlom in the past six months. Now you have made achievements. Do you have this reason with me? "
In the office, there are not only Minister Qin, but also Vice Minister Jiang and Director Tan of the provincial non-staple food factory.
Director Tan deliberately said, "Zhu, what you mean by this is wrong. Jamlom is a nice person in your meat joint factory, but we are all brothers. Our non-staple food factory is in trouble now. Deputy director Xu can’t be in from ruin for this, can he?
The leader also wants her to exercise. What happened when she was seconded to our non-staple food factory for a while? She came to my non-staple food factory in your unit, and I also gave her what position and all aspects of treatment. I can also give a higher level than you. "
Say that finish some truth and he played the emotional card "Zhu, if it weren’t for our non-staple food factory really in trouble, how could I compensate me for this old face and secondment to Jamlom with you!
Look at your slaughterhouse. It’s approaching the Chinese New Year. Orders are flying every day. Workers in our grocery store are almost peeling their fingernails.
This worker’s treatment is linked to the factory’s benefit, and our non-staple food factory’s benefit is not good, and all the workers’ bonuses and benefits will be reduced by one grade.
There is a family to support me, and the factory director really can’t bear to have so many people at hand! "
Director Tan sighed and said that his heart was sour to death.
In fact, their non-staple food factory has difficulties, but it is not as exaggerated as Director Tan said.
However, he is jealous of the meat joint factory’s current scenery and can’t see the factory director Zhu’s smug face. Plus, the non-staple food factory is really tempted by Xu Taotao’s ability, which is why it is out today.
Director Tan’s "crying" stood up. Minister Qin and Vice Minister Jiang frowned.
No one thought that the situation of the provincial non-staple food factory had reached this level.
Director Zhu is going to be furious.
This Tan Guobin is just farting!
If the workers’ day in the state-owned factory can’t pass this half of the Chinese people, don’t live!
To be realistic, workers in state-owned factories are officially established, commonly known as the’ iron rice bowl’. Even if the benefits of the factory are so bad, it will not delay their salary.
Director Zhu was stopped by Xu Taotao when he spoke.
Chapter three hundred and seventy Stealing chickens and costly rice
Ranging from Tan Guobin show up and listen to Xu Taotao then says
"After all, you can’t watch the workers idle. The non-staple food factory is in name only. It’s better to leave before it’s too late."
Minister Qin ""
Vice minister Jiang
Director Zhu’s small expert line for mending knives "Ha ha ha right! Tan Guobin, you are a factory director who can’t even manage the factory well. How about taking this factory director position or you let Jamlom take your place and I immediately agree to Jamlom’s going to the non-staple food factory? "
Xu Taotao backhand is a compliment.
Either she likes Zhu or she has a heart in her heart!
One of her little comrades can’t talk. Zhu has let it out.
Coldly looking at Tan Guobin suddenly ugly face Xu Taotao sarcasm in my heart.
It’s really a lot of ability not to tear this old skin apart
Director Tan’s mouth is out of breath.
He can see that this old man is here to sabotage his plan today.
And this one dared to show his face before he entered his factory. Xu Taotao, a little comrade, really thinks of himself as a root onion.
When people enter his grocery store to see if he doesn’t give this little comrade a good break, he will be smelly with Zhu Xue!
Holding up his anger, he pulled a long face. "My ability is limited. I need the help of Xu, the deputy director. Zhu, you forgot what happened before the slaughterhouse was crushed to death by our non-staple food factory. Now you look down on your brother unit with the help of Xu, the deputy director." Jamlom, if you think that a deputy factory director has wronged you, you can come to the non-staple food factory, even if my position is given to you. I am willing to give up this old face when I leave the factory! "
Xu Taotao and Director Zhu glances.
Director Zhu is shameless!
Xu Taotao smells like that white lotus.
Director Zhu was so anxious that his forehead was sweating. What should I do now?
Xu Taotao winked at me at him!