The word’ elder’ is common in the field of repairing truth.
Almost no demon race in the demon race world will suddenly sound harsh.
Sue ink eyes swept away the old ape brow wrinkled.
The demon race around this small problem may not think much.
But it is likely to arouse the suspicion of this old ape!
I don’t know how many years this old ape has lived. What are the tricks of eyelashes? What have you never seen before?
Su Mo did not move but secretly woke himself up.
This place is not Whistling Moon Mountain. Be careful in the future!
"So it’s you ants!"
At this time side to a sneer at.
Eagle Li turned his head and looked cold. "I remember I just warned you outside Ape Tiling not to let me see you. It seems that you dare to come here and don’t want to live!"
Behind the old ape, a dharma protector came out and shouted at one
This big fellow has a white face and beard, but his body is tall and his eyes are as rough as copper ringtones.
The white-faced man looked at the eagle coldly and said, "You can’t talk when the overlord asks questions!"
The overlord talks to the group of demons.
Don’t say that Eagle Li is a middle-class demon, even the field protector can’t interrupt at will.
Eagle Li was scared by the white-faced man yelling at one momentum and one weakness.
After all, the other party is a high-order demon. You can kill him with one finger!
But the eagle looked behind the old ape and turned around. Suddenly, he stood up and said, "Why can’t I speak as one of the top ten lords?"
"This group of ants are just low-level demons coming over to join in the fun. I think they are looking for death!"
There was a stir in the demon group.
Just now, the old ape praised Su Mo and others with special respect. The eagle suddenly jumped out and said these words, which is simply a hegemony!
The old ape didn’t seem to hear the face-to-face argument, and his body sank deep into the back of the chair, his eyebrows lowered as if he had fallen asleep.
The white-faced man’s face sank and glared slightly at the nearby dharma protector before turning to the cold so way, "How dare you! Who gives you the confidence to dare to look at the overlord and contradict me! "
It has long been said that the great protector of the ape crow ridge is related to the eagle.
Now a look at this matter should be true.
This sentence of the white-faced man is aimed at the great protector beside him!
The Great Protector also lowered his eyes like an old monk sitting in a meditation, as if he had not heard the accusation of a white-faced man.
The white-faced man became more and more angry in his heart. The soles of his feet shook on the high platform and the dust was everywhere staring at the eagle. "I think you are the one who really wants to die!"
A wave of coercion came crashing!
This is too much for the high-order demon to bully the eagle.
The color in his face faded and he almost fell to his knees.
"Shine, you’re exaggerating."
At this moment, another dharma protector came out and waved his robe sleeve to easily disperse the white-faced man’s intimidation.
"What do you mean by the Four Protectors?"
The white-faced man frowned and looked at the protector around him and asked, "Isn’t this eagle so arrogant because some people don’t punish him?"
"The overlord didn’t say anything. What’s your hurry?"
Another dharma mouth said simply
"Ha ha, someone must be used to saying that Grandpa is the overlord and won’t even let others say anything," said another dharma keeper, got.
"Two protectors and three protectors protect you?"
The white-faced man trembled with anger when he looked at several dharma protectors around him in disbelief.
I heard that Sue ink suddenly in my heart.
It turns out that this white-faced man is an old ape and his grandchildren are directly related.
But now I’m afraid the situation is not a question of hegemony dignity.
Look at this posture. Something bigger is going to happen in Ape Tiling!
The white-faced man also vaguely realized that something was wrong. He looked at the four protectors beside him and asked, "What do you want to do today!"
At this time, there was no talk. Suddenly, the protector opened his eyes and the cold light flashed.
The great dharma protector came to the old ape’s side, and the palm of his hand fell on the old ape’s shoulder and sighed, "overlord, you are old."
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine An decisive war
You’re old.
Simple three words make the demons feel a freezing chill!
The implication is that you should step aside when you are old!