In the fifth minute and 27 seconds of the fourth quarter, McGrady was ready to attack with the ball. At this time, the score of the two teams was 92-9, and the Rockets had narrowed the difference to 2 points.
Adelman sat in the coach’s seat and curled his lips. He was not satisfied with the way the team played, but what else could he do if they could win the game like this?
He is not a very tough head coach, otherwise, the pioneers he led would not have led by 13 points in the fourth quarter of the final battle of Tianwangshan, and Jordan led the Bulls to win their championship.
Adelman doesn’t have a strong constraint on players. He is not the head coach like Larry Brown, but it is O ‘Brien who is more anxious than Adelman at this time. Now his O ‘Brien team has gradually fallen into the wind. According to this situation, they will lose this game.
O’ Brien has got up from the coach’s seat. He called Hart to discuss with Hart that a team needs to change next, and just then McGrady hit a hard three-pointer in front of Granger. This unreasonable three-pointer is really impossible to prevent.
"Damn it! Call a time-out! " O’ Brien scold a way
Now there is nothing O ‘Brien can do, and the game is out of his control. Now he can hope that Yao has physical problems, but when he sees Li Cheng’s state, an impulse to blame his mother rises from his heart.
"Li, how do you feel now?"
Li Cheng looked at O ‘Brien and said, "No problem, coach, don’t worry!"
O’ Brien sighed. "Take a rest first!" After that, he has already talked about substitution.
Li Cheng wants to refuse, but he is really tired now. Battier is not much better now, and now Battier has collapsed in his chair.
In these five minutes, Li Cheng and Battier have been pestering each other. Li Cheng has indeed increased his personal shots, but he has done his best in every shot. He has never been as relaxed and enjoyable as before. Although his last shots have given people a overbearing beauty, it really consumes a lot of physical strength.
Sitting on the bench, Li Cheng slowly accumulated strength, but sitting on the bench watching his teammates play, he suddenly remembered one thing; A very important thing; A matt that concerns his life.
Li Cheng instantly broke out in a cold sweat and pestered Battier, almost forgetting the most important thing.
"How many points has Hartmaddy scored now?" Li Cheng hurriedly asked the assistant coach of the team.
"Why do you ask?" Hart frowned, but still answered him "39 points"
"How many assists?"
"What the fuck about me?"
"31 points and 6 assists"
"Mom, coach, I want a show."
Li Cheng conveniently took off his training coat and directly called out the screen interface of "Basketball Top System" in his mind, found the "explosive potion" and gave it to him without hesitation.
After Li Chengchang, the Pacers have been suppressed by the Rockets for four times in the scene. They are five points behind the Rockets. The importance of Li Cheng to the Pacers is fully reflected at this time. Unconsciously, this Pacer can’t live without this China shooter.
O’ Brien is eager to stamp his feet on the scene. This game is very important to them. Many media say that now this walker can bully the weak team and become dumb when he meets the strong team. But he is trying to prove himself in Toyota Center. He doesn’t want to leave with a defeat like this.
At this time, Li Cheng took a breeze and ran to O ‘Brien’s side to ask for the field.
"Are you physically fit?" O ‘Brien really wanted to send Li Cheng, but he just saw Li Cheng in a bad state.
"I spent too much physical energy for a short time, so I’ll just take a rest." Li Cheng said that he was in a hurry and worried about his life.
O’ Brien gave him a puzzled look. The more he played, the happier he became. After another breakthrough, McGrady scored and assisted Hayes to hit a basket to wipe the cricket. The score difference has reached 7 points. He gritted his teeth and called a timeout. This time he is going to change Li Cheng.
"McGrady has been playing crazy. He went to play a triple-double today. He has 39 points, assists and 7 rebounds now."
"It’s bad luck for the pacers to touch McGrady like this."
The commentator is praising McGrady, and Li Cheng is already preparing for the show at this time.
At this time, there are 5 minutes before the end of the game. In the last 5 minutes, Li Cheng will play the final hurricane …
Chapter seventy-two The last hurricane ()
"Sean, are you physically okay?" See Li cheng and Adelman called Battier to the side and asked.
Battier scratched his head and said, "I’ve been trying to fight that little fight just now. In that case, he still has to shoot. He will consume more than me, even if he is younger than me. Now we should be about the same physical strength."
"Well, then I’ll leave it to you to defend him," Adelman said, patting Battier on the shoulder. Obviously, now he gives Battier the key to whether the Rockets can win tonight
Battier gently nodded and took off his training preparation field.
The short pause quickly ended the final confrontation between the two teams. It was an ordinary regular season, but it also played a bit of a tragic atmosphere. Who is the professional player who can’t win? Who will give up at this time?
Even if the best player in this league is Kobe Bryant, no one will admit that their competitiveness is worse than Kobe Bryant.
Yu Yang took the last can of beer and took a big sip, then stared at the camera intently.
Pete Jr. is also watching the ball in an ordinary fan bar in Indianapolis led by his father. At this moment, the pacers’ fans are surrounded by the big screen camera in the bar. After the middle of the whole season, they can see their favorite team rise again, which is happiness for all those who love the pacers.
Now it’s the Pacers’ attack. Li Cheng just got stuck on the left side of the penalty line and reached for the ball.
"Mom this little physical strength recovered so quickly? He wants to drag me down? " Battier gritted his teeth and tightened them a little.
This time, Li Cheng made a move that surprised Battier again. He saw Li Cheng fake a shot and then turned sharply to the left. Zhang Zhang blocked Battier’s progress again. In fact, his left hand didn’t block Battier’s progress, and he won’t pose a threat again. He just turned around for the first time and squeezed Battier abruptly.
"breakthrough! Li cheng breaks through! Beautiful. He pushed Battier into the penalty area. Yao Ding came here. This is the first collision of Li Cheng Yao’s game. "
In the face of Yao’s top defense, Li Cheng didn’t give in, and he rushed to the basket at an unabated speed.
At this time, Li Cheng felt that the gas bound him a lot less, and now it seems more like blowing a breeze.
Li Cheng, the first step in the instant explosion, showed unprecedented combat effectiveness.
Battier just felt that his defender was not Li Cheng, but LeBron James. The root of his strong body is not that his physical strength is almost exhausted, and he can defend.
"Is this still the same person?" Battier wondered, but he chased after Li Cheng.
By this time, Li Cheng had touched Yao’s body. His shoulders sank, his preparation was insufficient, and his physical exertion was huge. Yao’s unstable feet actually took a step backwards.
Yao’s heart sank and he quickly reached out and hugged Li Cheng, trying to stop Li Cheng from attacking, but Li Cheng just jumped and twisted his waist at a suitable pace to throw the ball out.
The ball hit the backboard and fell into the basket, and at the same time the referee sounded the whistle.
"Beautiful 2+1 Li Chengzhen is a magic walker! A three-pointer as soon as he appeared helped the Pacers stabilize the situation and look at his free throws. "
"The penalty shooters have once again narrowed the difference to 4 points, which is really a ups and downs game."
In turn, McGrady also hit a very beautiful dry jump shot.
"7 points short!" Li Cheng gritted his teeth and calculated that this was his McGrady score gap.
Maybe it’s much better for him to mix a few balls and assists at this time, but now if he returns to the ball, the Pacers will definitely not win the game. Now he must score by himself and let the team lead again and win the game by himself.
In McGrady, Li Cheng’s competitive spirit was also aroused. He gritted his teeth and vowed to win McGrady’s battle and win the whole game.