However, that man is taboo about it. It is not a good thing to worship the world like that, which will lead to great disaster!
In the end, the other party repeatedly asked them to stop.
However, in order to express their vision, they changed their race name [Nora Golinger] to mean Guangmin.
So after a long time.
Nora Grinther knows more about that name-[Noah]
He is not that life of this world.
But was sucked in by some huge gap.
At that time, he appeared with a dark crack to avoid some terrible enemies …
There are some reasons why he would let himself and others not worship him too much.
But even though Noah had been cautious for hundreds of years, one day the enemy he was fleeing found him.
According to the record
At that time, Nora Grinther was holding a grand festival.
Suddenly accompanied by a
"Found you …"
Appear in everyone’s brain at the same time
Just like a bird’s claws, it broke through the shackles of time and fell from the sky to [Noah]
Fierce fighting will also show here …
The result of the incident may be that there is no reason for even being qualified to watch the war. It is not recorded in Nora Goringsewen’s records.
But when they arrived at the battlefield, they found some golden blood.
Through the medium light, they can tell that it is from Noah’s blood.
And in the following years, I tried my best to integrate it into my own blood.
Benefiting from the benign transformation of oneself by light power
The body and soul are far superior to other mortal races [Nora Golingser], and a country named Guangguo has been established. Those with good qualifications can complete the transformation of light fighters with the help of physical light, which is far beyond the imagination of most races!
Chapter 545 [Light Power]
When Valend was about to lead the team to retreat,
As if feel their intentions.
The original offensive fierce zerg gradually posing for the battle through.
Finish is a plan to leave their department here.
Although according to the proportion of casualties at this time, even if they are all dead, they may not be able to leave each other …
But the deep-pocketed Zerg have no idea about this.
Anyway, the loss of hundreds of trillions of troops is nothing to them, and the zerg proliferates more than that every second.
When this [Light Warrior] encounters a miner’s army, it is a posture that will cause more casualties for each other at all costs!
At that time, the pressure on this unit in Guangguo was increasing.
Casualties have also increased.
"Class Warrior", "Intermediate Warrior", "Class Warrior" and "Super Warrior"
This is the division of the strength of the light warrior by Guangguo. It is said that the strength of the super warrior is close to the original body-Noah. Even in the hundreds of thousands of years of history of Guangguo, there have been four or five cases.
And the highest strength in the field [Light Warrior] is just dozens of [Level Warrior]
The [level soldiers] account for 10% of the total number of troops. When they face the swarm attack, they will easily suffer casualties without the help of high-level soldiers.
The eye worms’ offensive became more and more fierce at all costs, and their strength was a bit dwarfed. Every casualty made Valentine feel uncomfortable.
Just when he was a little hesitant to call Guangguo for support remotely.
A green light beam with a diameter of tens of kilometers suddenly came from the distant side!
That kind of feeling is as smooth as a sharp knife across cream, and it is directly in the turbulent sea of worms. Like Moses dividing the sea, a flesh-and-blood road is formed to connect with the outside of the encirclement!
Seeing this scene, although some people don’t understand who helped themselves and others, Valentine didn’t hesitate to rush out with his troops.
Then it took a little time to get rid of the swarm
A few warships braved the green glory appeared in front of them.
In one of the most magnificent and magnificent huge warships, a figure dressed in costumes and holding a sword slowly came out, and he introduced himself 2.
"You can call me" King of Silence "when you come from afar …"
At the same time
The zerg troops who failed to pursue the enemy were cleaning up the battlefield just now.
I didn’t pay much attention to those similar bodies. In their eyes, that’s just resources to be recycled. Their main attention was on those bodies that were bitten and mutilated [light fighters]
As zerg continue to nibble at their bodies.
Their body that contains [light] strange genes have also been forcibly ingested!
With its own strength, it is possible to compete with eldrazi Legion for biotechnology, zerg gene theft, and reverse genetic engineering to try to crack the heritage information contained in it.