Then Li Feiyang waved again and again. At the moment, a huge anticlimactic monster stepped on the waves and roared at the sword array.
Finally, a white tiger stepped on the rocks and swept away at the sword array with ferocity.
Qinglong Yunping Xuanwu Present White Tiger Mountain
Three skills at the same time, several people find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, and even the face of the South Beastmaster is also extraordinary in admiration.
With divine power, the three great beasts rushed into the sword array and burst out with great power. When the huge sword array was about to be torn away, thousands of swords were left to hit Li Feiyang.
Li Feiyang’s body trembled greatly, and Yuan Shen was bursting with blood, flying out and slamming into the city of Langnuo, with almost no breath.
But South BM is suddenly a quiver and breathing is heavy. He stretched out his hand and brushed a red light on his body before he gradually slowed down and looked complicated at the party.
There was a brief silence in the post-throwing city. When everyone was desperate to recognize that Li Feiyang was dead, the whole world suddenly became darker and darker.
The earth slowly quivered and the rich air quickly accumulated towards the place where Li Feiyang fell. It looked like waves gathered in a whirlwind disaster.
Li Feiyang slowly flew out of the whirlpool and pointed at the South BM.
"Beast concubine, try this trick of mine."
The South Beastmaster’s face turned big and his heart shook, and then the news disappeared. The whole world saw a virtual shadow, and he couldn’t tell where the South Beastmaster was.
But Li Feiyang pointed out that regardless of whether it was at the virtual point
It’s like the earth suddenly turned over, and everyone was violently poured out of the ground and screamed like a thunderbolt. Then everyone was shocked to see that the huge body of the South Beastmaster suddenly slammed into the ground and a loud noise stirred up a huge dust.
Li Feiyang stopped and stood in a half-gasp. His face was happy and sad, but he could feel the joy and ease in his heart when he looked carefully.
South Beastmaster’s hoarse voice sounded in people’s eyes. He slowly rose from the ruins, and his armor had been shattered. A large pool of blood on his chest and even his look had withered a lot.
"I haven’t been so seriously injured in the last 100 thousand years." Hello Li Feiyang. "
Chapter 227 Honghuang HarmonyOS
Bbm year mercy float in the sky grateful not Li Feiyang respectful toward the province SiHun said face no smug.
South BM smile "lost is lost, in fact, from the first blow I have been injured is not as serious as the blow now" Li Feiyang you really bad I keep my word, would you like me to be brothers? "
Li Feiyang ha ha a smile and leaned over towards the South Beastmaster to give a deep gift to the younger brother Li Feiyang to visit the eldest brother! "
After the South Beastmaster lost the bet, Li Feiyang became sworn brothers, and the two brothers had a big drink and a big banquet in Langya City. After three days, the South Beastmaster’s hands and beasts from all walks of life will come together to enjoy the imperial city.
In the past three days, Li Feiyang had a long talk with the South BM, and finally learned some top secrets of the celestial world and solved a mystery that has been lingering in his heart.
Origin of celestial beings
It is said that hundreds of millions of years ago, chaos was born in the early days of heaven and earth, and a world was created, which is now the celestial world.
There are many wild animals living in the celestial world, birds in the sky and birds in the middle reaches of the sea, animals in the fish mountains, and there are all kinds of animals in this small world except human beings.
Because the vitality of heaven and earth is extremely pure, these wild animals are born with magical powers, which can absorb the vitality of heaven and earth and take advantage of nature to cultivate immortality.
Every day, the animals are practicing without killing or fighting, with abundant vitality and rich treasures of genius. Every animal they live is very comfortable.
But not long after this, the world suddenly changed.
I don’t know, maybe it’s the natural nature of heaven and earth that caused the abundant vitality of heaven and earth to suddenly decrease, but I still can’t feel anything, but after trillions of years, the degree of vitality reduction has reached a horrible level.
At this time, many top genius treasures were withered and extinct because of the lack of vitality. They should have been fully enjoyed by all animals, and even the land of genius is becoming less and less blessed.
It has been almost exhausted, and it has been reduced due to the lack of sufficient vitality.
Large numbers of animals died.
At this time, there was a struggle for energy.
The whole world was plunged into the former tragic war.
This cruel and bloody battle lasted for hundreds of millions of years, and the number of species in the whole world has been greatly reduced. During the flood period, a large number of animals were wiped out.
At this time, the four animals stepped forward and swept the whole world by great means, which completely ended the endless struggle.
Of these four animals, the blood pupil of magic dragon Quedi bird dominates the mysterious turtle and the red tiger, the blood pupil of magic dragon is the weakest, and the red tiger is the weakest.
The whole world war ended, and from then on, the Taiping remnant species rested.
However, the world is like chess, which makes people wonder what strange creatures were born by crossbreeding, and once again breaks the balance of the whole world.
This animal is called "Yan You"
This animal is shaped like an earthworm, 100 feet long, like a dragon, like a snake, with a one-eyed nose and ears on its forehead.
The biggest catharsis of this beast is that it can create dreams that are more powerful than hallucinations, and it can enhance its strength in dreams. It is said that its one-eyed eye can distinguish between good and bad luck in the past and the future, and seek treasure and trace.
This beast incited a group of so-called last-stream monsters in the Archaic War, that is, all kinds of apes left this world, and no one knows where they went.
It was only later that the world’s great magical powers realized that Yan You had mastered the basic rules, and it was also the first monster to master such rules.
Since the ancient war, the ape monster beast has taken on the role of logistics, collecting food, asking for information, mining and making exotic treasures to take care of other monster beasts, and a large number of them have been connected with Yan’s seclusion, resulting in some crises in the wild world.
It has to be said that ape monster beasts are not too tough in nature, but their intelligence is the easiest and most flexible of all monster beasts, and they have unique advantages in offering magic weapons, creating a paradise and building a magic circle, and so on. Their large number of departures directly caused the decline of the whole world.
So the other monsters were disgruntled and vented their anger on the remaining ape monsters.
I don’t know how many years these ape monsters have suffered, but they suddenly changed.
These apes have become human beings, which is the origin and origin of human beings in the whole world.
At that time, human beings did not pay attention to it. The more fragile their bodies and weak magical powers made other monster beasts, the ape monster beast, extinct, because many ancient and earth monsters had mutated before extinction.
But this time all the monsters were wrong.
After being bullied and oppressed, the ape monster beast suffered a more tragic fate when it became a human.
Because their magical powers are even smaller, the more degraded their abilities, such as refining treasures and cultivating spiritual roots, become.