"Strictly speaking, it can be said that the simple increase in strength and speed does not represent their understanding of their own strength." The principal nodded. "I wonder if this way will cause great harm to the human body?"
"The damage is not a big problem." Zhao Li still has some confidence in this point. Since Professor Hans dares Li Mengdie and ten female secretaries to move this way, it will be said that this way has been verified by two generations, and there will be no big problem. "Do you mean that there are different realms when you say that you have the strength to understand?"
"oh? Have you noticed the realm? " The headmaster looked at Zhao Li with a bright eye, and his eyes seemed a little different, but then the horse laughed at himself. "I’m not asking nonsense, am I?" How can a person taught by that old thing not even understand this? "
"To tell the truth, I also know a concept about this. You should bring more when you are old." This sentence is true, and Zhao Li didn’t hide it from the principal.
"Then how do you know the realm?" The headmaster didn’t think Zhao Li’s words were self-deprecating, but asked him, obviously this is really going to give Zhao Li advice.
"I think to put it bluntly, it’s just my opinion on something." Zhao Lixiao smiled and described this in a less serious tone and language. "Sometimes it seems to be open-minded and broaden my horizons. If you are obsessed with a little petty profit, it will be a state, but it’s not that grade."
"To tell the truth, even I am a little envious of that old guy." The headmaster took two steps forward after hearing Zhao Li’s answer. Zhao Li quickly followed.
"I heard that you didn’t have that old thing to climb to this position once. When I was your age, I was just an ordinary second lieutenant." The principal laughed at himself. "People have different positions and naturally have different horizons. Now will you be obsessed with a duel victory? However, some people will be like my abrasive student Li Xiuyuan, which is also the realm difference. "
"What kind of realm does a level-9 master need to support in order to reach level-9?" Zhao Li smiled shyly. The headmaster praised him and felt a little ashamed.
"There is no necessary standard, but at least you should have a master’s demeanor and pride." The principal smiled. "In fact, many times we are divided by pure strength standards without boundary standards. Real masters are disdainful to do something self-deprecating. Speaking of this, the guards you brought back from the elf planet are a little bit like this. They have ideals, struggles and sacrifices, so that talents are real masters."
Actually, the principal said it was not much and it was very common, but Zhao Li suddenly had some white principal’s meaning. From this point of view, the principal has always insisted on not being involved in power disputes, and the principal of a gifted school has been committed to studying various methods. Perhaps this is his concern for persistence, struggle and sacrifice! I wonder what the old warden insisted on. Zhao Li is curious.
Zhao Li turned her head and looked at Corqin. Then her skill may have reached the peak of Grade 9, but does she really have a matching realm? The headmaster seemed to feel Zhao Li’s move and twist, and also set his eyes on Corqin.
"She is in a special situation, but one thing is certain: the strength of your guards can definitely rank among the top three." Zhao Li, the principal, sounded.
"Is physical strength really so strong?" Zhao Li wants to know what these are. After all, Corqin is made in the laboratory, but modern technology has not yet reached the level of studying the true qi. Then Corqin’s possession is definitely the physical strength of the earth and the increase brought by practice. The basic strength is very high, and the increase brought by natural practice is also terrible.
"Apart from physical strength, her mind is single and there are no distractions, which is also a very rare state." The headmaster’s words made Zhao Li vaguely understand that "in fact, this state of her is much better than what we insist on. Unless you can really reach that kind of state of view, it is really not as confusing as her. Instead, she has not talked about what to look at. She has no such concept at all."
So that’s it. Zhao Li looked at Corqin, and she felt lucky, but at the same time she couldn’t help sighing. But Zhao immediately remembered that she seemed to want her to return to normal. If she returned to normal, could she have such a state? So let her think for herself. Is it to help her or harm her?
On second thought, Zhao Li put the idea behind her. She didn’t become like this by her own choice. Even if she was taller, Zhao Li didn’t think she would be happier than being herself. There is nothing wrong with doing it herself.
Considering the problem of Corqin, what does Zhao Li want to insist on? It seems that everything has been done by myself from now on, and it seems that I am lucky. At the same time, I have gained great benefits. However, the strength of the seven-to-seven period has been enhanced, but what is the state? What is the mess because of the principal’s true spirit?
Thought of here, Zhao Li suddenly stayed for another time. It is also a way to integrate the principal’s true spirit and realize the trend after the luck. Is this also a state?
Combined with his later battle with Li Xiuyuan, he slowly realized the way to attack according to the circumstances. Zhao Li suddenly had a vast world in front of him, but he couldn’t catch it at the moment.
Before you know it, Zhao Li has followed the headmaster for a long time. He didn’t pay much attention to where he had arrived. When the headmaster had stopped for a long time, Zhao Li was still thinking about his own affairs and didn’t return to the absolute being.
For the first time, Corqin suddenly poked him behind Zhao Li, which made Zhao immediately wake up. It seemed a bit rude to apologize quickly.
"I’m sorry for the headmaster. I’m a little distracted." Zhao Li said that before he realized that it was Corqin who woke himself up and turned to look at Corqin. At that time, he found that Corqin was still the same as before, as if it had not changed.
"This little girl is very interesting, too." The headmaster felt amazing what was happening around him. How could he not feel it? However, he also knew that Corqin was surprised that Corqin could take the initiative to wake Zhao Li up.
"I don’t know if she can regain her original consciousness." Zhao Li also responded with the headmaster’s words
"There is no one else here to try your recent progress." The headmaster smiled. "I will defend you!"
"Me?" Zhao Li got a fright on the spot. Just now, the headmaster beat off more than 20 people in a blink of an eye, and he started to attack the headmaster by himself. Isn’t that teaching fish to swim?
"Come on, I’m in the middle of the ninth grade." The headmaster gave Zhao Li a little encouragement and gave himself a limit to signal Zhao Li to rest assured and attack boldly.
"Then I’m presumptuous." Zhao Li bowed to the headmaster and then stepped back and told Corqin to retreat to the edge. At this time, Zhao Licai found that they were already in a big training room. When did they walk in? Of course, it was when Zhao Li was absent.
The headmaster just stood there, not even posing. Zhao Like denied the headmaster, which was a contempt for him, but that people did have such strength.
At this time, Zhao Li never thought about being polite to the principal, and people didn’t have to think about the attack method in situ, and then woke up and jumped at the principal.
This time, Zhao Li didn’t move his muscles and bones, just like Li Xiuyuan’s contest. The difference is that his opponent’s level is higher than Zhao Li’s, forcing him to deal with it with 100% energy. Besides, Zhao Li knows that this is the principal’s examination, and his kung fu is nothing to hide. He just realized that a little fur is used to attack, so he put it to good use.
Several attacks in a row were gently blocked by the principal as if the root had no strength, and the flies around him did not move. However, when Zhao Li failed to attack for several times in a row, he quickly made a new round of attacks through the principal’s provocative strength, and the principal also saw a little difference.
"It’s a little interesting." The principal’s face showed a little smile, and it was even more prosperous with a few smiles. "It’s not ordinary borrowing and another mystery is good!"
Can get the headmaster a good Zhao Li has been quite satisfied, but also make every effort to greet the headmaster. It is an absolute disregard for staying behind, and it is absolutely impossible and impossible to hurt the opponent. Compared with Zhao Li and Li Xiuyuan, Zhao Li can be more relaxed.
The continuous attack also made the headmaster have some addiction. This time, he is no longer different in situ, but gradually gives some counterattacks. However, the speed of counterattacks is not as fast as that of Zhao Li’s attacks, and the means are not to force people, but to become like two people learning from each other.
There are frequent fist and fist exchanges, and Zhao Li is more manual. It is no longer so simple to attack the principal. From time to time, we have to consider cracking the principal’s counterattack, but the more so, the more excited Zhao Li is
The headmaster’s counterattack is always a direct attack on the key, so that Zhao Li can avoid it and try his best to resolve the excitement of Zhao Li’s battle. Some subtle cracking methods are also like mercury pouring out naturally, making it more and more convenient.
Even Zhao Li’s way of attacking by taking advantage of the situation is becoming more and more clear. Every time the headmaster thrills back, it seems to inspire Zhao Li’s skills. Every time he cracks the headmaster’s counterattack, Zhao Li can feel that he is proficient in the new attack technique again.
This way can no longer be simple and hearty, and it is simply handy. When Zhao Li suddenly hit back at the headmaster after an attack, he never hit back again. He just sat down on the spot and put on a standard practice posture, so he slowly realized that he had just got advice.
The headmaster didn’t have to be annoyed to look at Zhao Li, then his feet kept coming directly to Corqin’s front and then he attacked with one punch.
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Fight instructor
Although Korqin has no initiative, it can protect itself. As soon as the headmaster handed out his fist, Korqin could feel the threat and fight back quickly.
Not long ago, Corqinna was repelled by the principal one by one, that is, Corqinna had the courage to attack the principal at this time.
The headmaster also deliberately suppressed his own strength and controlled himself in the middle of the ninth grade, which was equal to that of Korqin.
Actually, the headmaster is also selfish, and immediately feels that the most powerful one after genetic modification is Corqin, Li Mengdie and ten beautiful women. To put it bluntly, they are all genius schools. If you really want to make a detailed investigation, the headmaster can ask Zhao Li to cooperate for 10 thousand reasons, but different principals of Corqin can also find ways to learn more from this contact attack.
It is estimated that Corqin, if conscious, will wonder how the old man’s strength is so much worse than when he first started. It is simply heaven and earth.
The two men banged each other for hundreds of times, and the headmaster became more and more confident in his heart. The whole person flew uncontrollably and fell to the edge of the training room, and Korqin was about to continue to rush to Zhao Liyin.
Zhao Li closed his eyes and plunged himself into that state of conscious acrobatics. After nine consecutive sundays, his mood was completely relaxed, and he remembered that he had just fought with the principal.
The headmaster seems to have completely understood what Zhao Li is doing, and every wave is just right to guide Zhao Li to exert his greatest power and make him understand his own things more deeply.
It seems that the situation of fighting with the principal before seems to have been profound. Every movement in Zhao Li’s mind is clearer than that of letting Zhao Like last longer. The principal has not broken his word and has been controlling himself in the middle of the ninth grade. This stage can just completely suppress Zhao Lixian’s play.
Zhao Li didn’t think that the weak is better than the strong, but in that case, don’t just enter the ninth grade master or maybe the principal has no chance. However, Zhao Li also found that the principal’s attack actually didn’t make the ninth grade strength the same as the high grade, but Zhao Li was able to fight and respond according to the principal’s meaning
This made Zhao Li feel deeply frustrated. Although Zhao Li was able to fight back, he used the principal’s attack momentum to launch some counterattacks, but Zhao Li deeply doubted that even these counterattacks were the only way the principal expected him to fight back.
Is this the overwhelming power? Although Zhao Li didn’t find that there was a suppression line when the principal attacked him, and his attack and defense were also hearty, it was discovered after careful consideration that even if this attack was hearty, the principal allowed it to feel the most terrible.