Off the Yan Chuang and then let the North Ghost War take good care of the ghost Qin Shaojie. This just stopped a taxi and dialed Dou Re Mei’s words … He was going to see Chelsea.
Qin Shaojie came to a very old courtyard house according to the address that Dou Ruomei told him. When he got into the car, Dou Ruomei and Chelsea were already waiting for him at the door.
Chelsea is no longer wearing her own sportswear, but changed into a female costume. It seems that Dou Ruomei got it for her.
Slim old-color close-fitting jeans with a pair of flat cotton boots are a brown knitted sweater, and a long gray windbreaker is put on the outside. The long hair has also been cut off. Now it is extremely soft and loose at the back, which makes Chelsea less classical but more feminine.
"Brother" Chelsea was happy to run over when he saw Qin Shaojie’s car. He hugged Qin Shaojie’s neck and rubbed his head on Qin Shaojie’s cheek.
Even Qin Shaojie can feel a pair of fullness clinging to his chest.
Grandma … Qin Shaojie sighed that Chelsea is even bigger in a bra.
Feeling that my little guy is about to move again, Qin Shaojie quickly pushed Queer and said, "Queer wants to find something for you. Let’s finish it first and then I’ll take you out to play, okay?"
"Good," Chelsea promised happily, and then said with a complaint, "Sister Ghost Ji won’t let me go out and said it’s dangerous outside. Even my clothes were bought by her, and her hair was trimmed for me."
"Ha ha" Qin Shaojie looked at Chelsea like a little girl and suddenly laughed.
It seems that I really want to take Chelsea out to play during this period … I’m afraid the magic road will move again in a few days.
It’s hard to say what will happen then
After following Dou Re-mei into the living room of the main house, Qin Shaojie sat down and didn’t shy away. Dou Re-mei looked at Chelsea and said, "Chelsea, I have seen Qinglong."
"ah? Brother, have you seen Qinglong? " Chelsea asked in surprise
"Yes," Qin Shaojie nodded. "I’ve seen not only Qinglong but also Xuanwu and White Tiger."
"And they helped me wake up the Xuanyuan sword."
"That’s a good thing," Chelsea said happily. "The awakening of Xuanyuanjian is very helpful to my brother."
Qin Shaojie nodded and said the magic word and Qinglong again before looking at Chelsea without saying a word.
"Brother … I" said Chelsea with some difficulty. "Qinglong is right."
"I’m sorry, brother, I … I can’t help you." Chelsea looked at Qin Shaojie and said with a face of apology.
"Well," Qin Shaojie said, "It seems that I can help myself."
"I can help you, too." Douremei said with a smile.
"You?" Qin Shaojie caught a glimpse of Dou Ruomei. "You must have conditions to help me."
"You’re smart," said Dou Re-mei, giving Qin Shaojie a charming white look. "In fact, the conditions are very simple. Recently, I’ve seen some of Chanel’s latest spring women’s dresses and some bags. How about you buy them for me and I’ll help you?"
"It’s a deal." Qin Shaojie hurriedly agreed to buy some clothes and bags. That will cost a few dollars. It’s better than taking a ghost to find a young lady.
"Come on, Chelsea, I’ll take you out to play." Qin Shaojie looked at Chelsea and laughed.
"Well, thank you for your brother," said Chelsea Jiao. Seeing Qin Shaojie, I don’t blame her for not being able to help, so I wouldn’t blame myself so much.
"By the way, where’s Angie?" Qin Shaojie suddenly turned to look at Dou Re-mei and asked if he had not seen Angie for a long time.
"What do you want with her?" Dou Ruomei asked with a smile, "Don’t you still want the mother and daughter to eat it all?"
"Depend" Qin Shaojie immediately by a depressed said "also mother and daughter winner-take-all? I didn’t eat any of them, okay? "
"I asked her to help," Qin Shaojie told the truth.
"I knew you thought so," said Dou Ruomei, "but you’d better leave her alone. She has gone back to England."
"Back to England?" Qin Shaojie frowned and asked, "It’s almost the New Year. Why did she run back without staying in Beijing with you?"
"Something happened over there."
Qin Shaojie a careful thought in my heart is also a magic trick? In order to let yourself have no help?
With a dark sigh, Qin Shaojie thinks it seems that only by helping himself can he save the spiritual world.
Yes … He never thought that he would play the role of a savior one day.
It seems that those saviors all died in the end, right?
Chapter 635 multiplier
Chelsea doesn’t know how long she has been in that dreamland, and she is more curious about these things outside than Lingyue. She is curious about flowers, grass, bicycles, cars and so on. She keeps asking Qin Shaojie endlessly all the way.
But Qin Shaojie was pleased that although she was curious, she didn’t do anything out of line, and Qin Shaojie was happy to tell her.
Chelsea doesn’t care so much about clothes, bags, cosmetics and jewelry, and she doesn’t show much interest. On the contrary, Dou Re-mei went into the village like a ghost as soon as she entered the mall. Anyway, if she wants to buy whatever she wants, and this woman has a big feature that she never likes to bargain for things, she just asks Qin Shaojie to pay for it.
But then again, if things are ordinary, you can still bargain, but she just enters some big-name shops, where there are discounts and you can’t bargain
Go shopping until more than two o’clock in the afternoon before Dou Ruomei is satisfied and intends to stop.
Qin Shaojie is in distress situation.
The woman not only regarded him as a mobile ATM, but also his dry bag became a portable suitcase.
Qin Shaojie also complained that this thing is to install the multiplier.
As a result, Dou Re-mei said that when she was in the dreamland, she didn’t know who was eating and bedding in the Gankun bag. What’s the matter with the size of the Gankun bag?
This sentence directly choked Qin Shaojie and couldn’t say anything. Dou Re-mei kept filling it with all kinds of advanced cards.
All three of them are practitioners, and even if they don’t eat for hundreds of meals, they won’t feel hungry. The three of them didn’t rest and stopped a taxi and went straight to Panjiayuan antique market.
It’s not that Qin Shaojie likes antiques, but that Chelsea is not very interested in those fashionable things. On the contrary, Qin Shaojie will pay more attention to some window decoration porcelain bottles. After buying some clothes for Chelsea, he decided to take Chelsea to the antique market.
Panjiayuan is located in the southwest of Panjiayuan Bridge, South Third Ring Road, East Beijing, covering an area of 450,000 square meters. The market is divided into six business areas: stall area, ancient building area, classical furniture area, modern collection area, stone carving area and dining area. The annual turnover of antiques, crafts, collection and decoration reaches several hundred million yuan. The market has more than four dealers and nearly 10,000 businessmen, which is the largest antique market in Beijing or China.