The emperor of the dark night snorted and said, "Whether it is a production line or a steam engine is a myth! Both of them are sharp weapons of the country, but they were lucky by the Chinese Empire! I bought a steam engine and a production line at a high price from a country in the Yanhuang Alliance, and I have sent people to study it. "
"More than half a month is now a town full of news, and the whole alliance is waiting for me to come up with a steam engine like Yanhuang Alliance! Horace, have you made any achievements in your research? "
The dark night emperor’s cold eyes fell on a minister.
Everyone knows that the public opinion of the night alliance has reached a boiling point, and the steam engine must be obtained! At all costs!
Otherwise, if we don’t talk about the national strength, the Night Alliance will gradually lag behind the Yanhuang Empire, and if we can’t come up with a steam engine, the whole people of the Night Alliance will be completely disappointed with the rulers, which is not conducive to the night emperor to grasp the current situation.
Hearing the words of your emperor, Horace felt a quiver and hurriedly knelt in his mouth and said bitterly, "Can I return this technology to the Law Society?"
Horace is the minister who holds all the craftsmen of the Night Empire, similar to the Ministry of Industry of the Yanhuang Empire, but the steam engine has been thoroughly studied. The Night Emperor specially called the best craftsmen of the whole Night Alliance to gather together, but he got such an answer.
"oh? Law Society "
The night emperor picked his eyebrows and asked faintly.
Spent ten times the price to secretly buy a steam engine and a production line, exhausted the wisdom of all the high-quality craftsmen in the whole alliance, and unexpectedly learned the technology of the Chinese Empire?
This is simply a slap in the face of the night king!
"It’s not difficult to copy the production line of your majesty. It’s just a set of molds and some symbolic tools. It takes a craftsman to copy a set of difficult steam engines."
Horace swallowed nervously and saw that the emperor was not angry. He continued, "A production line needs the power of a steam engine to start, and we can copy many pieces after the steam engine part is disassembled, but we set up a new steam engine to start it!"
Horace couldn’t help feeling bitter after saying this sentence.
I’ve seen a ghost. Why did you build an identical steam engine according to the steam engine of the Yanhuang Empire but start it? Even if it has put the highest energy ore in it, there is no bit!
In fact, all this is due to the fact that the system has transformed the steam engine technology for some reasons, resulting in two key scientific and technological leaves: the combination of people’s livelihood, science and technology, qi and immortality, and the research and development of scientific and technological equipment and the integration of qi, qi and immortality.
These two leaves of science and technology can not only combine science and technology perfectly with the energy minerals in the four continents, but also have a unique science and technology chain. Without complete data and design drawings, people don’t know that theoretical knowledge is the way to form the science and technology of the Yanhuang Empire.
This is equivalent to an anti-shanzhai protection measure.
Unification must be fine! How can it be so easy to be copied?
"So you haven’t worked out anything?"
When there was a little silence, the night king spoke in a low voice.
At the moment, the whole court seemed to be cold for a few minutes, and everyone could feel the temperature drop!
Your majesty is going to be angry!
The elite craftsmen of the whole alliance can’t get together to study one thing of Touyanhuang Empire, which makes the night monarch feel ashamed.
Is it possible that all the wise men in the dark night alliance are not as good as the craftsmen of the Chinese Empire?
Horace immediately panicked. He hurriedly kowtowed, not only hurriedly, but also frightened and explained, "No, no, no! Your majesty, you have heard from me that I have made research findings! I have made a big discovery! "
"oh? Let’s see? "
At night, when the emperor’s eyebrows pick up, the temperature rises in the court, and all the officials will put their hearts back in their stomachs.
Not bad!
Horace this guy didn’t let the emperor down!
When that official secretly admire Horace.
Horace hurriedly relieved. He said with an ingratiating smile, "Report to my monarch, ministers and craftsmen have discovered that the steam engine needs energy ore or crystal nucleus of Warcraft to transport him instead! That is to say, the steam engine without energy ore or Warcraft crystal nucleus is a waste! "
Suddenly, the whole court fell into silence, and all the officials were speechless.
Now every corner of the whole night alliance is talking about steam engines, and even ordinary people know that steam engines need energy minerals to be transported!
Horace, this sentence seems to mean that the meal must be chopsticks or knives and forks. Intelligent creatures must dress, and chickens will hatch in the eggs.
I thought you were talking nonsense! Such a common sense question is also worthy of research findings?
It happened that Horace’s tone was still serious as if it were such a great discovery!
You’re afraid it wasn’t sent by the Chinese Empire to be funny, right?
The officials are in distress situation.
In a flash, the court once again fell into a cold temperature.
46 Chapter 46 Sky-high steam engine
Horace was cold as a falling ice cave when he finished speaking, and he also found himself flustered and said something wrong!
But what can he do!
I can’t help it if it’s so difficult to study things made by the Chinese Empire!
Horace knelt down and watched the silent colleagues feel the cold atmosphere at the court. His smile faded into a sad face.
"Emperor Jun Jun"
Horace swallowed a mouthful of saliva and stammered to open his mouth to explain. He had to open his mouth or the punishment would be inevitable!
It’s stupid for your emperor to provoke anger himself!
That’s stupid!
How can a politician make such a mistake!
However, Horace has not yet returned to normal tone.
The emperor of the night took a deep breath and tried to suppress his anger. A few cold words popped out of his teeth, "Drag and behead!"
"Hua ~!"
A group of court guards walked out with Horace in front of them, each with a discerning steel knife in his hand.
"Your majesty! Your majesty! Don’t kill me! I know I’m wrong! I’m offended! ! !”
Horace’s piercing expression and frightened facial features were twisted together, and his whole body collapsed, and his legs were dragged away by the guards.