Su Yiming got up from the bath bucket at the moment and his body was a little red, but he still felt that he couldn’t completely wash away the cold Kunyang and leave his body breath. At the thought of the villain reaching out in front of himself and trying to solve his own problems, Su Yiming made no secret of his eyes when he looked at himself. 【 Rain Hope 】 At the thought of the villain spraying his face breath, Su Yiming felt nauseous.
Soaking in hot water, he kept rubbing himself and wanted to wash away his disgust and disdain for himself. Su Yiming felt that he had split his personality. From the day he decided to take revenge, he knew that one day he would fight with this cold Kunyang. Although he made all kinds of preparations, his power was still too weak in the face of cold Kunyang.
Su Yiming didn’t have the military method to confront Kunyang head-on. If he was assassinated, he would be an enemy at most, but he would take back the Khmer emperor from the royal family. No one would recognize him in court, and he would never achieve his goal unless he could board Dabao in a justified way.
Su Yiming focused on the only way is to approach Leng Kunyang, get recognition from Leng Kunyang, and then try to buy off and control the etiquette around him. However, when Leng Kunyang meets him, he may suspect that he may have some wrong ideas for him. Today, seeing it proved that Su Yiming had previously worried about Leng Kunyang’s obsession with his mother and transferred this morbid feeling to him.
Su Yiming admitted that he deliberately took the sachet with special spices to [confuse] cold Kunyang, but if cold Kunyang didn’t have the mind, he wouldn’t be moved. After all, he was a man again, but he didn’t expect cold Kunyang to be so obsessed, even though he knew he was a man or his eyes leaked evil.
This is what Su Yiming hopes to achieve. This is also a shortcut for him to calculate that Leng Kunyang should approach him step by step and control him. However, Su Yiming can’t be disgusted with himself, and he can’t be disgusted with himself. He always feels that he is betraying his mother’s similar face to [hook] Leng Kunyang to charm Leng Kunyang and achieve his goal. This is really a shame!
But is there a better way for Su Yiming? He was born in the royal family, but he grew up in Xiaoyao Gate. What else does he have besides Dan medicine and a few spirit beasts, besides laying hidden stakes for many years? What did he fight against the cold Kunyang army? If you want to defeat Leng Kunyang without a single soldier, his best weapon is himself.
Maybe in the end, the worst possibility is that he will really get revenge and climb the dragon bed of Leng Kunyang. He wants to completely dispel Leng Kunyang’s doubts about himself. If he wants to win Leng Kunyang’s trust, Su Yiming may have to pay for it. The thought of some kind of sacrifice may be ordinary people’s way. When he thinks of this Su Yiming, he really looks down on himself. He wants to escape from the palace with his mother and hide the people from revenge.
However, during that month in the palace, I watched Leng Kunyang do those things to my mother with my own eyes. Su Yiming’s hatred was even worse. He once wavered and his thoughts of revenge became stronger and stronger. He not only wanted to avenge his father, but also to rescue his mother. Leng Kunyang also had to be covered with Leng Kunyang. It was necessary to remove the female part of Leng Kunyang and make her the most distinguished Khmer. The Queen Mother had to double her suffering for many years and give it back to Leng Kunyang. All this had to get that position. He had to bear all these great sacrifices!
It’s revenge. Although a firm heart is still more contemptuous of oneself, Su Yiming has a deep sense of betrayal and strength at the thought of Qiu Er’s feelings and commitment to her. What would Qiu Er think if she knew that she would take revenge in this way? She must look down on herself and dislike herself, right? Su Yiming felt torn at the thought of here. Chapter four hundred and sixteen Ambiguous mood!
Silently dry the body and wear clothes Su Yiming walked out of the bathroom.
Xiao Bai, although he always looks a little nervous, likes to play tricks. In fact, he has been following Su Yiming for many years, and he can still guess Su Yiming’s mood. Today, seeing Su Yiming’s worries, Xiao Bai burned a grain of plain incense and made a pot of tea in the house early. Fu Su Yiming lay on the couch and covered the door, but he didn’t speak.
The fine carbon in the charcoal stove burns to warm the room. Su Yiming leans on the couch and leans on his body with one hand. His head is black and his clothes are half like jade. His chest is as lazy as in the past, but he has a different entanglement and depression. He has an indescribable nai and sadness.
"This Chata is light for wine." Su Yiming is picky and looks at the soft and charming tea sound placed by the couch.
"Is it not into the palace? Maybe the emperor can’t see you? It’s also that you can refine some Dan medicine. What’s so special about you? " Xiao Bai’s pouting tongue makes the eyeliner outside the door tongue-tied.
"But the main door you are open seven feet tall even if the emperor can’t see you don’t drink? Haven’t you heard that it’s more worrying to drown your sorrows by drinking? !” The house is still noisy.
"Say it again for wine!" Su Yiming suddenly became a little cold.
Then the door snapped and Xiaobai stormed out and walked towards the kitchen, whining and cursing, "I’ll follow your surname if I don’t add some wine mother to the wine today!"
Hiding in the dark, the eyeliner immediately wore a black line, and the master and servant were going to be noisy again.
It didn’t take long for Xiaobai to rush into the room with an altar of wine in his arms. He walked quickly, brought up a burst of Yukikaze, rolled up a lot of snowflakes and was dumped by him.
Su Yiming was not acting. He started drinking slowly for himself. Xiaobai tried to talk several times and finally chose silence.
I don’t know how many cups Su Yiming drank when he wanted to go home. He lowered his eyes and gently spit out this sentence.
"The main door do you have a home? Where is our home? " Xiaobai is not very clear about what happened to Su Yiming, but he is clear about his responsibilities.
When the old master singled him out as Su Yiming’s confidant, he told him that Su Yiming had to take revenge on his parents in his life, and his biggest duty was not to protect Su Yiming, but to encourage Su Yiming whenever he flinched and wanted to give up until he realized his revenge.
Over the years, no matter how bitter and tired, no matter how difficult, Su Yiming has never backed out, but today he has always been high-spirited and seems to have been hit. A word from Xiaobai successfully made Su Yiming look up at Xiaobai’s long and narrow peach blossom with a trace of inexplicable emotion in his eyes.
"The main door where is your home? Xiaoyaomen took you in, but Xiaoyaomen is not your home! Your mother Khmer, your father is dead, Khmer, this is your home! Leng Kunyang personally destroyed your home. If you just let him go, can you be worthy of your mother who suffered day and night? Can you be worthy of your tragic death, dad? Can you be worthy of bringing you up as an old master? " Xiao Bai Li’s words are not aggressive, but they also make Su Yiming think deeply
"Yes, have you ever had a home? !” Su Yiming sighed for a second, but remembered something. "If you sit with Qiu Er and You, you will feel at home. If you have Qiu Er, you will feel at home! Want to go back to the high son … "
"Door Lord, you miss Miss Qiu girl too much." Xiaobai also sighed that the door Lord is getting more and more interested in Qiu girl. Is this Qiu girl a door Lord robbery or a door Lord? Even if she can’t help the door master, I hope she won’t be a stumbling block to the door master’s revenge.
"I really want her to come back to her immediately." Su Yiming lowered his eyes to cover the deep eyes. "Sometimes I want to take my mother away with Qiu Er and You, and never take revenge again. Never plot to take the throne, even if you live in seclusion in the mountains, but you can stay with your favorite person and belong to your own home."
"Master, even if you can escape from the palace and live in seclusion in the mountains with your mother today, you are still young. Will you and Miss Qiu live in seclusion in the mountains forever?" Xiao Bai took a look at Su Yiming and continued, "Remember that the old master said before his death that the best way to protect his loved ones is not to avoid the world, but to strive to become the most powerful person in this world. When you are fighting for power, you can get the greatest security when you are strong enough to make people fear your loved ones."
"This is true. Where is power so easy to get?" Over the years, this is the first time that Su Yiming has talked about this issue, and there is a weak smile on the corners of his mouth. "No matter how much you pay for this seat, you feel at ease. You have never loved a woman to take part in accidental amusement, and you don’t feel wrong. But now, when you think that the throne is going to be cold, you feel bad. If you know that you will really meet, will you look down on the seat? Will she still keep her seat around? "
"The main door what are you trying to say? What the hell happened? " Listen to Su Yiming’s faint words. What’s wrong with Xiao Bai’s intuition? His brain is spinning rapidly. Think about Su Yiming’s dress today. Is it like absolute beauty’s [sister confused] sentient beings?
"Little White is now wondering if it is wrong for you to enter the palace like this today?" Su Yiming lowered his head and covered his eyes slightly, so that people couldn’t see the emotion in his eyes. But he clenched his fist and revealed the secret of his heart. "Will this appearance of Leng Kunyang doubly torture his mother?" That beast is inferior to things. What kind of human relations has he tasted in his heart? "
"Door Lord, you mean …" A terrible thought flashed through Xiao Bai’s mind when he was surprised, and then he shook his head quickly to deny that it was impossible to be cold. Although Kunyang was lewd, he was not ashamed to this extent, was he? The door owner is a man no matter how seductive he is!
"Xiaobai, you didn’t guess the wrong seat. Dressed up like that today, I want him to know that although the mother has similar facial features, she is not a kind of person in her bones at all. There is no mother’s elegant and noble seat, and there is an evil spirit. The S-curve seat shows the mother’s different temperament. She told her adoptive father that she made up her story for her seat in the past and wanted him to know whether she believed it or not, but she saw Guoguo Hong’s shameful thoughts from his eyes [Rain Hope] …" Su Yiming became more and more erratic.
"Leng Kunyang is simply not a person!" Xiao Bai blushed instantly. He was finally struggling with Bai Su Yiming. He revenged himself before meeting Miss Qiu. Su Yiming never mind dealing with all kinds of women. If it is really necessary, he will not refuse to deal with rolled sheets.