Shit, shit!
She just realized the importance of sound and sound to the nobles. It is not enough for her to die a hundred times!
"I’m not going." Jue sat on the bed with fear in his eyes.
Kneeling to the ground, the person’s body trembled, but I didn’t expect the person in the temple to be so angry. His face suddenly turned pale and he quickly slammed his head and even worried for a few minutes. "The temple, the temple said that if the princess doesn’t go, there will be consequences."
Kneeling to the ground, the handmaid suddenly became cruel.
It’s better to offend the unpopular princess in front of her than to offend the temple. After all, the woman in front of her is bitter at best, but if she is incompetent, the temple can kill her if she laughs and laughs!
as expected
Your handmaid is still sitting on the bed, her pupils suddenly shrink, and she even breathes carefully.
Is there any consequence?
What can I do about this?
Your anger seems to be much scarier than she imagined!
a short while
The figure in the bed was stiff, and he got up and hesitated for a long time by the bed. This was a face of reluctance and he always came out of the temple.
"lead the way"
Die early and live early!
The big deal is that she shouldn’t kneel down and cry to the nobles. Anyway, it’s the same with grandpa who cried before. Who doesn’t kneel down to save her life? !
Earth chamber
Looking at the test-bed has been sleepy in the past, looking back at the brain screen data, the fox pupil is slightly narrowed, which seems to be pondering something.
quite a while
Yue sheng walked out of the lab and quickly turned to the corner of the corridor and dialed a word.
"My Lord? !” Just for a moment, there was a nice sound on the other end, but listening carefully shows the excitement and urgency of the host at this time
On sheng corners of the mouth flush sneer at "half an hour later to the main hall I will help you"
"Now now? Tonight? !” I can’t believe the excitement over there.
"Don’t want to?"
"No, no! No! It’s rare for an adult to help. If I can succeed at one stroke, I will definitely repay my adult in the future! What should I do? "
"I will give you a bottle of perfume."
"perfume?" The other person seems to be surprised. It’s more difficult than just trying to get close to that person. What’s worse, what can a bottle of perfume do if you want to climb into each other’s bed? Looking at the whole barren continent, what perfume can she not afford?
"Don’t believe me?"
"no!" In just one second, the first sound becomes firmer than "I absolutely believe in adult ability"
Men’s eyes narrowed and their pupils sneered, especially "Then I wish you good luck"
Chapter 632 Pinch all the peach blossoms (13)
Main hall
When Jue tried all kinds of reasons to delay and came to the main hall slowly, it was already the moon hanging on the branches.
Listen, from time to time, a few frogs croak outside the temple, wandering around the door of the temple for several times, and always stepping into the hall with a strong man’s broken wrist.
The outer hall is dark, and the position of the gate can only be seen in the hall.
"Noble people?" In the hall, the air was weak and the voice was silent, and the trembling raised. Jue carefully looked at the darkness and did not dare to move.
It’s really unusual for a noble person. It’s too late to save such a large palace. It’s really scary to have one or two lights in the temple.
Although the orc’s vision is developed, the dark environment can be used to the light in the palace. Suddenly, when I see this scene, there will always be some discomfort, and I will feel guilty and think about it. I will be punished now. When I see this scene suddenly, I feel that the nobles have to deal with their own means. I am so scared that I dare not even approach the entrance of the hall easily.
Unfortunately, no matter how she called people, there was no movement in the hall, but the dim lights in the hall kept flickering.