A lot of people can save a lot of rations when they are sent out. Cai Wulang is in a particularly good mood, and even Fangzhou’s price is very reasonable-mainly because Qin Feng and Su Ji’s eyes are too sharp to make him dare not speculate on wild speculations.
The final transaction price is twelve people, one person and two silver. The family of four has a total of thirty-three liang-if Zhang Xiuer is worth fourteen liang.
Looking at Zhang Xiuer’s beautiful face, white skin and slim figure, even Fang Zhou’s heart secretly scolded Cai Wulang, and he knew what he was up to.
Zhang Xiuer’s mother, Lee, and her father, Zhang Xiaojun, were so nervous that they were afraid that even Fangzhou would not want Zhang Xiuer.
Hear even Fang Zhou agreed to two and Zhang Xiuer greatly spit out a sigh of relief. Lee got up and struggled to rush even Fang Zhou to knock his head and repeatedly said, "Thank you, girl! Thank you for your kindness! " It made Lian Fangzhou feel sad.
Bought people out has been carved in the bidding, so Qin Feng and Su Ji led this bunch of people to the tea shop at the city gate to wait for themselves and even Ze, Jane also called Lee and Zhang Xiuer to buy and settle these people’s lives
Clothes, shoes and socks, blankets, buckets, basins and so on should be prepared, otherwise these people will go back to life. There is nothing in my hands except my clothes when I come out of my teeth!
There are pots and pans, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, food, rice and noodles, etc. You have to buy them together. If you come tonight, forget it. When you buy some steamed bread and cakes from the street, you will have to get up and make breakfast the next day!
These things are trivial and trivial. Did you buy them with the help of two people or did you spend a lot of time?
I brought my own donkey cart roots, and even Fangzhou hired two donkey carts, which barely installed 198. Chapter 198 Settle a new servant (1)
I went to the furniture store again and paid for delivery.
A total of four donkey carts marched out of the gate, and Qin Feng and Su Ji met.
A Simple told Lian Fangzhou, "Why don’t you and Azeri and the Zhang family go home with the car? Qin Feng and Su Ji and I will take these people back and walk back in less than an hour."
Even Fangzhou wanted to hire two more cars. When Jane said this, think about it, too. If you don’t even want to go this far, it’s useless for such people to keep it. It’s better to see the quality and deal with it as early as possible!
Even Fang Zhou nodded and smiled. "Well, let’s go back first! I’m relieved to have you with those people. When you get back, I believe the compound is also decorated! "
Jane smiled. "Go ahead and I’ll tell them!"
Even Fang Zhou smiled and said yes, so he called Zhang Guren and Lian Ze to go ahead in four cars.
The donkey cart staggered all the way to the warehouse compound at the entrance of the village, and even Fangzhou jumped to open the door and let the car drive in.
The door opened and drove in, and everyone’s eyes were not a little surprised.
Obviously, I didn’t expect that behind this high fence and heavy gate, it was such a wide and clean courtyard and such a brand-new house.
Even fangzhou guided the car all the way to the living area, drove in and stopped in the Intermediate People’s Court and laughed. "This is it!" Just bother to help you unload things here! "
They promised to September 17th hands and feet busy.
Although there are many things, they are not trivial. They are all big bags and bundles, and they are all made soon.
Lian Fangzhou thanked the driver for his hard work, gave him a reward, and sent the happy driver away, so he came to arrange it.
There is another side door on this side of the living area leading to the outside near the door. There are three bedrooms and two bedrooms, which can be used for people to live and can also be used as a porter by the way.
Even Fangzhou has already thought it over and arranged for the Zhang family to live in it.
Now the compound is still open and has not started. Even Fangzhou doesn’t want those people hanging around here all day. With that side door in and out, the door connecting the compound and the living area can be passed in and out from there in the future.
After a brief talk with the four members of the Zhang family, she gave a key to Zhang Xiaojun. "I won’t come back until it’s dark the next day. I’ll register and order someone to draw this door. I’ll give it to your family. If you become a thief or something happens, I’ll look for you!"
Zhang Xiaojun two hurriedly agreed.
Even Fangzhou ordered them to give them their own living clothes, bedding, etc. and move back to the concierge first. It was predicted from the beginning that someone was needed, so everything such as beds, cabinets, tables, stools and so on have been prepared before they can move in.
Zhang Xiaojun four people will things in the past in a hurry glanced at and hurriedly came again.
Even Fangzhou will take the initiative to come over when he sees that they are not busy cleaning their own houses, and he will be somewhat satisfied with directing them to start work together and pile up their lives in piles according to their types, so that they can collect them themselves when the workers come.
Qin Feng and Su Ji’s bed cabinets and other furniture are also piled up here. When people come back, ask a few people to carry them in soon.
Leftover pots, pans, barrels, bottles, jars, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, rice noodles and other trivial things are all kitchens. Move these things into the kitchen, and even Fang Zhou gave the kitchen key to Li Shidao. "Everything in the kitchen will be handed over to you in the future. You NianLia will take care of the kitchen! It’s late today, even if it’s early in the morning, I’ll come over and explain to you clearly, and I’ll show you around! "
Lee smiled and agreed.
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "You should put these broken things away first! The well-drilling master promised not to come here until three days later. If you want water these days, you can pick it from the river! Don’t drink raw water in the river, drink water. The pot is boiling and then drink it. So are the workers! "
Lee promised one by one.
Lian Fangzhou sent Lian Ze’s donkey cart back to pull a cart of firewood and let her aunt steam the steamed bread and pancakes she bought and burn a big pot of hot soup again and again.
Even ze promised to go.
Lee and Zhang Xiuer neatly put the pots and pans in place, and Zhang Xiaojun said that they picked up the pole and went to carry water in the river.
Sean looked here and there and didn’t find anything he could do. There, he seemed to feel bad and uneasy. He twisted his fingers and asked Lian Fangzhou, "Girl, what am I doing?"
Even Fang Zhou’s Zheng felt a soft smile in his heart. "Wait while you wait. When firewood comes, help move it."
Zhang Liangxin this just settled to face also reveal two points smile loudly should be "yes" to the side to let.
Not long after, Lian Ze came with the donkey cart, and Lian Fangqing and Lian Che were far away, and even Fang Zhou heard her sister calling "Sister, Sister!" Her face couldn’t help smiling and Yang agreed.
"Sister!" Even Fang Qing ran up and pulled her sleeve, curiously looking at Li’s mother and daughter and Zhang Liang’s charming smile and asked, "Sister, who are they?" Will you live in our house like brother Jane in the future? "
Even fangzhou told her to ask a slight delay.
Lee busy smile apologetically "girl this is …"
"It’s four girls!" Even fangzhou favour say with smile