It was just after midnight when Yan Chixia came back.
Chen Yanshi’s room is set with dining tables.
"Master Yan, you came back so soon because of your high efficiency." Arihiko said to Yan Chixia with a smile, "I haven’t eaten yet. Let’s sit together and have a snack."
Yanchixia laughed. "Well, I’m a little hungry."
"Is Zhao Yushuang’s mother settled down?" Chen Yan asked
Yanchixia nodded, "Zhao touts promised to take care of their mother and grandchildren from time to time, and they would definitely not dare to bully them again."
Doing smiled and nodded, "that’s good."
Two people talk over dinner.
Wine leads three rounds and vegetables leads five flavors.
Yan Yan suddenly said, "Master Yan is full. I’m going to visit Lanre Temple at night. We know too little about the old witch and don’t know her weakness. Although we have to take a long-term view, we must also know ourselves and ourselves."
Yanchixia one leng asked "tonight? We just had a fight with the old hag at dark. Isn’t it a little too hasty? "
Chen Yan said, "It is only by surprise that we can have a chance to find out the secret of the old hag. The old hag was slapped by Xia Yan, and I must have been hurt a little, but I was completely damaged. Tonight is just right."
Yanchixia said, "Why don’t I go? It’s too dangerous for you to go alone. That old hag is not easy to mess with."
Chen Yan said, "I’m no match for the old witch, but I can still do it if I want to run for my life. Let’s not argue, Master Yan. Let me go. If we really fight, we need you as the main force."
They came to Lanre Temple.
Although it is dark at the moment, Yan Yan and Yan Chixia saw someone in the backyard of Lanre Temple at a glance.
"It’s Ning Caichen that small," said Ulrich.
Yan Chixia frowned and said, "The backyard of Lanre Temple is a mass grave where many dead people are buried. What did Ning Caichen dig?"
Chen Yan said, "Go and have a look."
Walk into the backyard
Chen Yan shouted softly, "Ning Caichen, what are you doing?"
Ning Caichen was so scared that he exclaimed once, and he quickly covered his mouth again.
Yanchixia grumpily said, "Ning Caichen, you are just fooling around and letting you go. What are you digging for in Lanre Temple with that female ghost in the middle of the night? Why didn’t I know there were treasures in Lanruo Temple? "
Ning Caichen knew that things could not be concealed and said, "I dug a small golden pagoda."
Chen Yan asked, "What is a golden pagoda?"
Yan Chixia explained that "it is the urn"
Ning Caichen said, "I know that Xiaoqian is a female ghost, but she died under the control of her grandmother. Xiaoqian told me that grandma would marry her some day. The old demon in Montenegro asked me to take her urn away from Lanre Temple, so I could get rid of her control and not marry the old demon in Montenegro. When I got to Xiaoqian’s urn, I would leave at dawn."
Arihiko had an idea.
"Ning Caichen, you didn’t wait until dawn to find Miss Xiaoqian’s urn. You and Yan Daxia left Lanre Temple immediately," said Chen Yan.
Yan Chixia asked, "We are away from Lanruo Temple. What about Brother Chen?"
Chen Yan said, "I’m going to visit the old hag’s small courtyard at night and take Miss Xiaoqian away. Without the bride, the old hag is sure that she can come and rob Miss Xiaoqian. Then we can fight the old hag fair and square to get rid of her!"
Yan Chixia’s eyes flashed off and nodded, "Good idea. Brother Chen really has you, but you must be careful when you go here."
Ning Caichen finally dug into the urn of Nie Xiaoqian.
Chen Yan said, "Master Yan, let’s split up. You leave Lanre Temple first, and I’ll catch up with Miss Xiaoqian."
Looking at Yanchixia and Ning Caichen’s back from time to time, Ulrich consciousness shook the hilt.
Ulrich convergence body breath into the bottom of the stream and slowly dive to the yard next to Lanre Temple.
Demons have a much stronger sense of smell than humans.
Arihiko even if the breath converges, but the body odor can’t converge
It is possible to deceive grandma when there is water under the water.
Chen Yan can hold his breath underwater for an hour after finishing his training. If he enters the dormant "living dead" state, Chen Yan can stay underwater for longer.
Outside the yard
Underwater Daniel can’t hear grandma talking to Xiaoqian, but he knows Xiaoqing is in the yard.
The explosion on the surface of the water splashed several feet high.
"The old witch is dead!"
Arihiko jumped out of the water.
Qiang Qiang! A sword drawn with a milky white firm but gentle attack to the yard.
"Ah …" Grandma screamed bitterly, "Chen Yan, you stinking life, dare to die. Grandma, I will never let you go today."
Grandma out of the small dean long tongue frantically to Chen Yangong.
But Chen Yan’s real goal at the moment is not grandma but Nie Xiaoqian.
Chen Yan pursued Nie Xiaoqian with flying skill.
Just as Nie Xiaoqian was going to attack, Chen Yan said, "Miss Xiaoqian, don’t do it. Ning Caichen asked me to pick you up. He has your urn and has left Lanre Temple. Come with me!"
In order to let Nie Xiaoqian go with himself, Daniel chan can tell the truth that Ning Caichen let himself come, otherwise Nie Xiaoqian will definitely not leave.
Ulrich grabbed Nie Xiaoqian’s wrist and raised the speed to the extreme. When he flashed several times for a second, he reached 90 meters away.
"Xiaoqian didn’t expect you to betray me," grandma growled. "Doing will let Xiaoqian’s bitch go to grandma and let you go."
The importance of Xiaoqian is very clear to grandma.
If Xiaoqian’s wedding can’t be held normally, she will bear the anger of the old demon in Montenegro, and the old demon in Montenegro will definitely kill her.