"Good-bye!" White housekeeper rubbed her hair and turned and walked out.
Yuan Gungun knelt and sat quietly watching the suitcase stunned and couldn’t help but think of what she had just said.
If you meet him, he will hit you like a golf ball, and you will be the one who gets hit.
She hit a shaky brother. You’re right. That black guy, she must stay away from him.
Yuan Gungun tidied up her luggage, only to find that it was getting more and more messy. Just when she was about to give up, there was a knock at the door.
"Come in," she said
As she finished speaking, the door was knocked out and two beautiful girls dressed as maids came in. One of them was holding neatly folded clothes and the other was holding a pair of new shoes.
"Hello, Miss Yuan." Two beautiful girls bent politely and Oriole-like voice made people like it from the bottom of their hearts.
"Don’t call me miss, just call me rolling. What should I call you?" Yuan Gungun got up and walked towards them.
"My name is Bai Bai Yajing, you can just call me Yajing." The girl who looks more gentle introduces herself with a smile.
"My name is Bai Bai Ya Wen, too. You can just call me Ya Wen." The girl who looks lively waved to her.
"Your names seem to be oh, are they sisters?" Yuan Gungun took them to sit on the bed.
"Yes, I’m a sister, and she’s a sister." Bai Yawen sat in a lovely big bed and kicked her ass.
"We are the daughters of Bai Guanjia, and you can call us sister when I am 19 years older than you." Bai Yajing smiled gently at her, and this smile completely collected Yuan Gungun.
"Sister Jing and Sister Wen" Yuan Gungun called them sweetly.
"Wow … you’re so cute. Your face is soft and elastic in vain." Bai Yawen sighed.
"Yawen, stop!" Bai Yajing took off Bai Yawen’s "sadistic" hand and looked at Yuan Gungun with a pinch and blushed.
Bai Yawen looked at her wronged, but she obeyed.
"No, my family also likes to pinch my flesh." Yuan Gungun walked over and said.
"Let’s roll and change clothes. We’ll take you to the master room." Bai Yajing gently handed her the clothes.
"Good" Yuan Gungun took the clothes and went into the bathroom.
Bai Yajing looked at the stall and smiled. It seems that this little guy is also a child who can’t take care of himself.
Chapter 3 Role-playing?
After a while Yuan Gungun knocked on the door and came out.
Bai Yawen rushed to hold her in her heart and squeezed her mouth with excitement. "Rolling is so cute and cute. What should I do if I really want to bully you?" You are suitable for a maid’s costume. If you wear a lace hairband on your head, you can go to role play. It must be the lovely maid who is abused by her master. "
"What if abused …" Yuan Gungun smell speech is not startled.
"Because of your appearance, people really want to bully you." Bai Yawen said with her face in her arms.
"Really?" Yuan Gungun looked at her carefully.
"Don’t listen to her nonsense, put on your shoes and we’ll take you to the young master’s room." Bai Yajing put her shoes at her feet and soothed her head.
Yuan Gungun wears heels behind them.
"Roll on, let me help you sort things out later." Bai Yajing said with a light smile.
"Can you? Sister Jing, will you be very busy? " Yuan Gungun embarrassed to look at her.
"Don’t worry," Bai Yajing couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and pinch her face … It feels really good.
"Thank you, Sister Jing." Yuan Gungun took her arm.
Fifteen minutes later, they came to a purple-gold luxury door, the front door of which was meters high and beautifully carved with unknown totems.
"Go away and remember never to touch the young master’s body." Bai Yajing emphasized the bass.
Yuan Gungun nodded and gently knocked on the door and went in.
The room is so big. Isn’t he afraid to live alone? Yuan Gungun looked around, scratching his head and walking, and finally a super big bed saw the young master.
He lay quietly in bed, his thin waist was gently covered, his facial features were three-dimensional, or rather perfect, a pair of knife-shaped eyebrows looked domineering and eyelashes were longer than her, his nose was very straight and his lips were sexy, and his hair was silver? ! So beautiful, I really want to touch his skin, so white and fine that I can’t even see his pores. He’s so beautiful. He’s much more beautiful than those actresses. He’s even more beautiful than Brother Rui …
Yuan Gungun gawked at the beautiful man in bed, but he didn’t react until he lost his mind. "Young master got up and basked in the sun!"
No response …
"Master, if you don’t get up, I’ll eat all the light and leave it to you." Yuan Gungun lured her brother to wake up at ordinary times.