Dinggan refers to the Yuan Sect, a master of Xuanjing, who can create martial arts with amazing power. Duan Xingwen practiced Dinggan refers to the fact that the strength of Dinggan refers to the fact that the Yuan Sect does not say the enemy, which is also the top true Dan Sect. There are very few people who can compete.
But now Xingwen’s display of "Dinggan Finger" was defeated by Yun Fan’s display of an ordinary Wushu. This result is unbelievable.
There is one possibility that Xuan Yue’s big handprint is better than Dinggan Finger-Xuan Yue’s big handprint is more accomplished.
But Yun Fan’s age Duan Xingwen is quite early teens.
It’s amazing that a factional force has a younger brother who returned to the peak of Yuanjing at the age of 10, and this younger brother can also defeat fellow practitioners of the same age, which is even more terrible!
Factional power resources can’t be compared with the teaching power, but it’s even better if the resources are not equal. Isn’t it even more awesome for Yun Fan?
The three great practitioners watched Yun Fan repel Duan Xingwen with a palm like a ghost.
Duan Xingwen withdrew from more than ten feet and put his finger on the stem for the second time before pushing it horizontally and Xuan Yue’s handprint was defeated.
Yun Fan split a palm and closed his hand. "You are not weak but far worse than me. It’s not too much to pick some’ condensed fruits’ with my strength, is it?"
There are transcendental kings in the three major religions of Ganyuan mainland.
According to the condensed gas environment, it is equivalent to the earth’s ancient Wubi environment, and the return to Yuan environment is equivalent to the earth’s Gu Wu congenital. It is equivalent to the earth’s Gu Wu’ King Kong is not bad’
King Kong is not bad, which is the ninth realm of Gu Wu on earth. Yun Fan has seen this realm and introduced it.
The strongest fighters in the first-class family of the earth are just five spirits returning to the yuan, and there is no unity of spirit and martial arts, let alone King Kong is not bad.
Yun Fan just returned to Yuan’s territory for repair, and then he was able to slap hundreds of meters and burst into tens of thousands of kilograms of attack power, as well as the true Dan territory, the spiritual sea territory and the Tong Xuan territory, and then he reached the transcendental realm.
It is hard to imagine that the king of the transcendental realm will be so strong!
Therefore, Yun Fan still has some fears about the creation of teaching-level forces by the king of the transcendental realm, and his disciples dare not kill them at will.
If Duan Xingwen is a door-to-door power, it is absolutely impossible for him to reveal murder just now. Yun Fan will definitely kill Duan Xingwen in a row.
Duan Xingwen was defeated by Yun Fan with a palm, and he didn’t appreciate Yun Fan’s stop attacking. Instead, he looked furious and his eyes were red with blood.
Duan Xingwen shouted, "Lin Bo killed this little boy for me!"
The only old man among the practitioners of Ganyuan congregation came out.
The old man saw that last year, about 60 years ago, the cultivation breath was the peak of Guiyuan’s territory, but when his momentum broke out, the cultivation breath instantly surpassed Guiyuan’s territory and reached a new height.
Yun Fan eyebrows a wrinkly "fake Dan strong?"
Returning to the peak of Yuan State is the true Dan State. It is the true Dan State to condense Dantian into an elixir.
However, not every peak of Guiyuan’s territory can be condensed into the territory of then, but 99% of them are stuck in this step.
Zhendan has a history of 200 years. Every peak of Guiyuan in Shou Yuan wants to break through Zhendan, but the road to martial arts is difficult. Zhendan does not want to break through.
There are too few medicines to help Guiyuan achieve peak breakthrough. Most of them accumulate breakthroughs by long-term repair, and the probability of such breakthroughs is particularly low.
Some Gui Yuan’s peak repair reached the extreme, forcibly impacting the true Dan’s territory, which was unsuccessful but failed. An’ Dan’ was refined in the Dantian, but it was not then. The fighters were called’ fake Dan’ strong.
The false Dan is not the true Dan, but the strength close to the true Dan is higher than that of Guiyuan’s peak.
Even if it is refined, Wushu will return to the peak of Yuan’s territory, and the martial arts wizards are not fake Dan’s strong opponents.
There is an old man in each of the three major practitioners who is a fake Dan.
False strong Dan is not true Dan territory, but it can’t be divided into true Dan territory according to budo realm. Naturally, it also belongs to Guiyuan territory, so fighters can enter Guiyuan territory to enter the second floor of medicine mystery territory.
Dry yuan taught fake Dan the strong came out with sharp eyes like a knife on Yun Fan.
Yun Fan gave me a dignified color.
False Dan The strength of the strong is not true, but it is not far away, and it is extremely difficult to deal with.
However, Yun Fan is still scared.
Don’t say it’s a fake Dan, the strong one, even if Ganyuan teaches 30 fighters, but Yun Fan is not afraid.
I really want to make Yun Fan angry, and Yun Fan will fight to offend the king of Extraordinary Realm. I also need to equip 31 to kill them easily.
Jiang Xia Ding, a young man in Gankun Sect, winked at the old man aside.
This old man is the strong man who taught fake Dan by Gan Kun, and broke out from the strong man who taught fighters by Gan Kun. The spirit locked the strong man who taught fake Dan by Gan Yuan.
Jiang Xiading also stepped forward and said, "This red brother is better than me, Jiang Xia Ding, and you are better than Duan Xingwen Tianyuan to teach Mo Xun. You are qualified to assign a’ Ning Zhen Dan’."
Duan Xingwen nu way, "Jiang Xiading, what kind of good man are you pretending to be? You should divide it from your share of Gankun teaching."
Jiang Xiading took a look at Tianyuan’s teaching Mo Xun.
The newly established Ganyuan Sect became the first force in Ganyuan Mainland, which suppressed two old-fashioned teaching forces that had stood in Ganyuan Mainland for thousands of years.
In order to compete with Ganyuan teaching, Gankun teaching and Tianyuan teaching have to join hands.
Although Tianyuan teaches Mo Xun, he doesn’t want to get involved in this matter, but Jiang Xia Ding has shown his position. He can’t stand by with Gan Kun and Tianyuan.
Mo Xun said, "Jiang Xiading has a point. He can get a share of’ Ning Zhen Dan’, but he has one person, and there are 30 people in each of our three major religions."
Jiang Xiading said, "But Duan Xingwen, if you have any opinions and want to move this red brother, ask us first whether Gankun Sect and Tianyuan Sect will agree!"
Duan Xingwen squinted and thought for a moment. "If it’s good, give him a piece of it!"
Say to dry yuan teach true Dan the strong recruit waved.