Later, at the beginning of the incarnation, Dai Chu Dai ‘an sent Shen Menglu, believing that other people in Shenyang were relieved, but Shen Mengyao still didn’t trust to know that Chu Dai ‘an was coming to this epidemic area, so she begged Chu Dai ‘an to bring her.
"Have you told anyone about this?" So that’s it. Shen Menglu sighed. As Chu Dai ‘an said, there is no such thing as an airtight wall, and Cai Zhong’s tight-lipped tone is sometimes a secret.
"No big sister, I swear that no one will know except me. I went to the ancestral temple on my own that night. I have never told anyone about big sister. Trust me!" Shen Mengyao vowed that.
"Well, elder sister believes you." Shen Menglu is not going to tell Shen Mengyao that she has already leaked the secret in her mind, so she really can keep the secret. There are dead people! "Yao son looked at the elder sister"
Shen Mengyao looked up at Shen Menglu in accordance with the words.
"Yao’s son, you had a dream that day. What you saw and heard was an illusion. You went back to that night and carefully recalled that night. You didn’t go anywhere, didn’t go to the ancestral temple and didn’t see Uncle Zhong. You slept by yourself. When you woke up, you woke up. You didn’t remember anything in the dream." Shen Menglu stared at Shen Mengyao closely and said gently.
"Elder sister …" With Shen Menglu whispering, Shen Mengyao felt his eyelids getting heavier and heavier, and then slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep.
Walking to the door of the camp, Chu Daian just saw this scene clearly.
"You hypnotized her?" Chu Dai’ an glanced at Shen Mengyao, who slept deeply, and sighed gently.
"It’s not that you can keep a secret. I can’t kill my own sister if there are dead people!" Shen Menglu answered confidently. Her hypnosis erased Shen Mengyao’s memory of her life. First, it was her own life. Second, it was hard work to help Shen Mengyao put psychological burdens behind her back.
Chu Dai-an can’t deny that hypnosis is also a good thing. "Are you skilled in this?" People will be hypnotized without moving their colors.
At Chu Dai ‘an, Shen Menglu Gherardini said, "Don’t worry, I won’t casually unless necessary."
Hypnotizing outsiders looks plain and it’s not easy to really get up. Shen Mengyao’s mind is simply wary of her, so it’s easy to hypnotize her. Hypnotizing a person with a strong heart defense like Chu Daian may not be successful.
"How did you learn this? Chu Daian was curious that Shen Menglu had so many mysteries that people could not help but want to guess.
Shen Menglu’s eyes were dark. She had learned hypnosis mainly to help her cousin Yan Aoluo get rid of drugs. Yan Aoluo was injected with a large dose of methamphetamine, so ordinary drugs could not afford to become addicted to drugs. Hypnosis could help Yan Aoluo alleviate his pain. She learned hypnosis from others. Unexpectedly, it was all after she was brought across in her previous life.
It suddenly occurred to Shen Menglu that Zhu Yinqi, if he cooperated, might be able to help him quit the harmful mysterious grass with hypnotherapy in the future.
"Why? Can’t say? " Chu Daian looked at Shen Menglu’s unpredictable face. What did she think that made her look so painful?
"interest!" Shen Menglu gave Chu Dai ‘an a cold look and then asked, "How did you learn Yi Shu?"
This yazi will be reported to the girl! Chu Daian chuckled and replied, "Interest!"
No! Shen Menglu rolled his eyes, but no one can’t tell a secret.
"help me find someone who has worked hard and is reliable!" Shen Menglu no longer pesters this question and changes the subject. Positive color way
"Why? That Yan Ruyi is disobedient? " Chu Dai ‘an jokingly went back to the full moon building. He said that he would find some people for Shen Menglu, but she refused. Shen Menglu firmly said that this ready-made Yan Ruyi was good.
"It’s hard to dig into the foundation." I thought of Mo Yu’s private visit to Zhu Yinqi and Shen Menglu gave a wry smile.
Chu looked at Shen Menglu steadily for a while and said faintly, "People don’t doubt people!"
Shen Menglu chuckled when he heard this. "Do you have to reason with me?" Who doesn’t understand the truth? It’s easier said than done. "Help me find a group of reliable people to install in Shenfu. Shenfu’s security is too poor. I don’t trust that every room needs one or two supervisors."
It turned out to be this Shen family, Chu Daian’s heart. "I have to work hard and work hard with your clever words."
"What is your friend doing here?" Shen Menglu hooked her mouth. "Isn’t it a piece of cake for Miss Chu Dai, the most prestigious shopkeeper in Beijing, to find a dozen people?"
"Come on, don’t give me a top hat, just say when you need someone!" A friend easily warmed Chu’s heart.
Shen Menglu sip sip lip "after I go back to Shen Fu! You find more people and I’ll pick them myself. "
"You’re really welcome." Chu Daian shook his head with his tongue.
"Would you like me to be polite to you?" Shen Menglu also smiled. From the moment she decided to believe in Chu Daian, she didn’t intend to be polite to him.
"Ouch! Look at who I’m spreading." Chu Dai’s Ann covered her face with sleeves and gave Shen Menglu a wink.
Shen Menglu do potential shake shake a goose bumps "chu generation Ann you dare to uber point 15 you Yin Zhen?
Shen Menglu shook his goose bumps. "Chu Daian, do you dare to be a little more evil?"
Chu Dai ‘an’s sleeves flicked the orchid fingers, winked at them, and threw a "yuck!"
Shen Menglu really got goose bumps this time. She teased and made a frightened face and shouted, "Master has a monster!"
"Where’s the second brother monster?" Chu Daian fought back not to be outdone.
"You are only the second younger brother, and your family is the second younger brother!" Shen Menglu is angry! What look? She is a girl as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, okay? Shen Menglu took a bitterly white look at Chu Daian.
"Do you think you are a bodhisattva of mercy and compassion?" Chu Dai ‘an’s joking eyes are deeply comforted. Only in this way can this delicate and charming Shen Menglu look like a young girl in cardamom.
The previous estrangement between them vanished in laughter and denunciation.
In order to welcome Taizhu Yinqi, Xie Yuan specially ordered people to prepare dinner, and the doctors were also allowed to eat together. A group of people drank and ate meat around the bonfire.
Chu Daian brought red wine all the way and won everyone’s admiration.
"Miss Dai at the beginning of this wonderful wine! Another day, I will ask you for some "Xie Yuan is amazing."
"Chu Dai Xie, the general, likes Chu Dai to send a bucket of beauty drunk to Anhu Houfu another day." Chu Dai An hid his face and smiled.
"Hey, how dare you?" Xie Yuan waved his hand and declined.